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File 130782506344.png - (1.32MB , 1500x1078 , medic a day 1.png )
3358 No. 3358
inb4 massive influx of Medic
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>> No. 3359
hi exac

i like this medic and the blood and that doomed scout

will you be drawing more
>> No. 3361
I like that you choose the second style of the medicmask for this picture. ut now i can´t unsee Alfred Hitchcookes the Bird meeting TF2. And i love it. (Yeah i´m so sappy, because i see it more that medic tries to help scout from a mob of crazy birds, rather as that he got interrupted by one as he "treatened" him.)
>> No. 3367
The Birds=the first thing I thought when I saw this
>> No. 3384
File 130793534716.png - (240.39KB , 1700x512 , boom medic.png )

You know, I don't regret making Scout's team ambiguous.
>> No. 3769
File 130969191028.png - (1.46MB , 600x1477 , ubermedics.png )
oh boy another medic
Who could've guessed.....
>> No. 3775
Looks like he's been taking one too many huffs from his Kritz.
But that smirk, oh god that smirk is hot.
>> No. 3789
I really like the detail you put into this, especially with the vertebrae curling around his head.
>> No. 3867
File 131035065451.png - (727.21KB , 900x1035 , tf2profiles.png )
Thanks! Spy and Demo are next in that psychedelic banner theme while I figure out compositions for the rest of the team.

Meanwhile I dick around with silhouettes
>> No. 3925
Spy, Heavy, Pyro, Scout, Medic, Engie, Demo, Sniper, Soldier...

...am I right?
>> No. 4138
File 131176301885.png - (1.94MB , 900x2211 , Spybanner lores.png )
>> No. 4144
Engineer's and Soldier's look a bit too similar, Soldier's should be more cinderblock-like and less protuberant, while Engineer's should be more oblong-like. Also Medic's jaw could go for some enlarging while Heavy's cranium could be a little smaller. Demoman's profile looks like a woman.
>> No. 4145
Oh, damn. That's pretty neat. The black background works exceptionally well to give a daring, bold light to the reds and subtle oranges. Spy himself is looking plenty dapper, too. If I had any crit, it would be that the photographs stand out, but they seem mis-matched given the general colour scheme of the rest of the image. Perhaps if they had been a more sepia shade to match, I wouldn't have minded? Either way, it's plenty nice.
>> No. 4151
I should've mentioned that these were without reference as I was going for them being recognizable faces only. Good points though, thanks.
I did try sepia and monochromatic hues but they seemed to wash into the background when I wanted them to be the focal points right after the eye left Spy's face. A break, maybe, from the stringent red/black everywhere else.
>> No. 4504
File 131398288799.png - (1.45MB , 600x1474 , Heavy Banner lores.png )
I'm sure there is at least one blatantly obvious thing that I goofed on but I'll let it slide for now.
>> No. 4547
File 131411991080.png - (211.25KB , 600x1095 , Spoiler Picture.png )
quick ttmtt spoiler
don't look if you're queasy
>> No. 4550
hot damn, i love that one. it's pretty gruesome, but somehow not gross? i'm usually pretty squeamish but all i can do for this pic is admire your inking...
>> No. 4571

This is even more gory than what I imagined when I read that scene. You've captured the whole thing perfectly, good job! Will you be doing more ttmtt fan art?
>> No. 4572
wwhoaa, that skin
I love how you drew spy's skin
it looks so stretchy.
And guts falling out=pretty guro awesome
>> No. 4582
Maybe. I'll probably stick to suggestions after this, if anyone has any.
>> No. 5814
File 132414056893.png - (1.63MB , 1000x1221 , sakjdl;asldfkasjlkf.png )
Merry Smissmas
>> No. 5815

Aww... now Demoman can have a head full of eyes, too!
>> No. 5816
File 13242163581.png - (1.20MB , 500x1789 , Truce.png )
RED spy probably intended it as an insult but..
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