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File 130792011271.jpg - (118.95KB , 554x659 , medicvsdovesagainagain.jpg )
3375 No. 3375
Medic vs. Doves 1:0
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>> No. 3376
File 130792017771.jpg - (39.85KB , 296x650 , medicvsdoveagain.jpg )
Medic vs. Doves 2:0
>> No. 3377
File 130792023024.jpg - (94.05KB , 570x638 , doves.jpg )
Medic vs. Doves 3:0
>> No. 3378
File 130792032054.jpg - (164.60KB , 511x754 , medicvsdovesyetagain.jpg )
Medic vs. Doves 3:1
>> No. 3379
This might be my favorite Medic drawing of all time.
>> No. 3380
Ooh Veeeeeit you draw Medic so well ♥ The last one is just..the best. Ever.
>> No. 3381
Get out of there, dove. That is not your house.
>> No. 3382

I like to imagine he bit its head off.
>> No. 3383
>> No. 3385

I thought you were only supposed to do that to bats...
>> No. 3402
Pretty bird...pretty bird...
>> No. 3414
"Nicht da! NO! ...... DUMMKOPFS!"
>> No. 3422
File 130816996896.jpg - (93.85KB , 643x464 , wtfisthisshit.jpg )
i vote for more medics with birds
>> No. 3436
more of medic not exploding the birds

on the offchance valve is just trolling us that they're related to meet the medic and fanartists are "killing" them for no reason
>> No. 3437

For once, I do not approve.
>> No. 3449
File 130830851331.jpg - (457.21KB , 744x892 , medic_ubereddoves_small.jpg )
If you draw people exploding it's hot if you draw birds exploding it's upsetting

Medic vs. Doves 4:1
>> No. 3461

Dat expression, medic you so cray-zay
>> No. 3462
this might be my favorite Medic-a-Day picture.
>> No. 3469
>if you draw birds exploding it's upsetting

Well, yeah. Killing innocent animals as opposed to killing armed soldiers? You gotta expect people not to like it. And you're getting this theme from what...one image of medic with pigeons in the background? I don't get it.
If there was a similar image with puppies in the background instead, would you do the same thing?

I really like the way you draw medic, I just don't like the theme you have going here.
>> No. 3476

calm down bro, don't ruin an awesome thread with unneeded bullshit
>> No. 3477
Honey, I love birds as much as the next guy but seriously? Calm down.
I don't like the recent flood of exploding doves either but when I see a thread based on said premise I don't feel an overwhelming urge to bitch about it. Just, ignore it, it doesn't really matter all that much.
>> No. 3478

the theme comes mainly from the fact that the game now encourages you to shoot doves. Which explode upon impact.
>> No. 3479
File 130849498158.jpg - (58.03KB , 288x288 , Nowhining.jpg )
This is ridiculous. This kind of attitude won't get you far in this place and it gives the Chan a bad name. It's not necessary to create drama over what the artist drew. Also, see rule 6 of Global Rules the next time you feel the need to bitch.
>> No. 3481
Oh come ON, we already had this discussion with Guard Dogs. Why not invest your time and deal with people who shoot dogs, cats and pigeons irl? That's a real issue. If someone is encouraged by a frikking video game to actually kill animals in reality, then it's a different story. Take a chill pill, dude, and enjoy Veit's drawings for what they are.
>> No. 3482
I quiet enjoy all these new medics! pleas keep it up! the video is supposed to be out in a few days so its something to look forward to. I was reading over some peoples comments about the exploding birds. its all in good fun, no animals get really hurt! I must admit though, with Valve dressing up their site with the birds has made me wonder if there is something bigger about the birds i missed or is it a silly joke that this side of the fandom came up with and valve happened to find it funny too? i had been a way for while and i would love to find out, i came back after a few weeks to play and a fricking bird EXPLODED when i touched it!
>> No. 3500
What people aren't taking into account here is the fact that the Medic is and always has been a crazy sadistic bastard. As much as people may not like it, him being cruel to birds that are quite honestly just annoying props is very much a canon action for him to undertake. I'm honestly surprised that Veit was the only one to actually come to this conclusion and try to have fun with it.
>> No. 3520
Is it weird that I actually haven't seen any birds in the game? Are they rare and well-hidden or am I just unlucky?
>> No. 3526
I haven't either, other people are probably killing them first.
>> No. 3532
there's one in Degroot Keep that spawns at the beginning of every map load on the top of the RED base overlooking the inner coutyard from the right-hand side (near capture point A)
>> No. 3558
So does this mean he had to put tiny uberchargers in them? I bet bird hearts could stand up to it, they're proportionally pretty huge.
>> No. 3560
I'm a little unnerved by the bird business but 1, it's the artist's choice and 2, Medic is apparently a sick and twisted mofo in so many ways so I'm not surprised if he experimented on/tortured/target practiced on the birds.

Also, Veitstanz, I've always wondered, is your name pronounced like "vite" like "bite" or "veet" like "wheat"? I usually find myself mentally saying it like the latter, but I realized I didn't know what was actually correct.
>> No. 3561
Will you make more of these drawings even if Meet The Medic is here? Because these are really, really good.
>> No. 3578
Should be vite, as in bite. In German, ei sounds like eye, ie sounds like whee.
>> No. 3581
More of this. I don't even care if you decide to keep blowing birds up instead of pertaining to canon.
>> No. 4156
File 131188193145.jpg - (213.53KB , 486x695 , bathtimeswip.jpg )
I thought I owe Archimedes a little apology, in light of Meet the Medic. WHOOPS.
Maybe all his doves are called Archimedes and he still kills some of them off for science

Thanks for your comments, everyone. And yes, my name is pronounced like "Vite" :)
>> No. 4158
That is the cutest thing ever. I think my heart melted. Oh, Medic...
>> No. 4729
File 131560024315.jpg - (336.65KB , 838x545 , commishten_small.jpg )
Wait what is the Spy doing there am I not supposed to just draw Medic all the time mhhh

>> No. 4735

Is that a jar of eyebaaaaaalls

I love the way you draw Medic. And I love your color choices too, all very medical and cold and professional.
>> No. 4737

Goddamnit, you're making all of my secret fetishes come alive.

Love this! Love it so much, it hurts.
>> No. 4741
I like this pic. It's well done and I love how spy is handling the situation. I wanna know what happens next! I'd be terrified if I was him. I'm kinda a wuss though.
>> No. 4743
I'm sorry if that has been asked already before, but do you have an online gallery like Sparkledog Central or similar?
>> No. 4752

On Sparkledog Central my name is fenomena and you can find me on tumbler as veitstanz or, if you want to see ALL OF MY STUFF and not only the pretty finished things, "creepyeverything".

Thanks everyone for your comments
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