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File 130794349473.jpg - (95.52KB , 800x373 , tf2medicsoldier.jpg )
3387 No. 3387
Oh wow my thread saged. That's never happened before.

Let's start this off with yet another medic. I'm learning how to not be a crappy medic so I drew my medic with my mentor. Because derp.
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>> No. 3457
File 130836554250.gif - (278.94KB , 600x429 , snipermcleach.gif )
I've been making a lot of stupid .gifs lately.

Here's one of Sniper and my krookodile, McLeach.
>> No. 3458
File 130836558871.gif - (78.74KB , 500x850 , tf2medicwhat.gif )
another stupid animated .gif

I'm sorry Medic. I'm sorry, Medic.
>> No. 3459

I laughed harder then I should have
>> No. 3463

I swear, it's been at least a week since I drew any porn of the Medic!
>> No. 3466
For some reason, that makes me think of the theme song of that kid's show Arthur. "Everyday, when you're walkin' down the street..." That one.
Why, brain.
Captcha: "foreal"
>> No. 3472
File 130845169439.jpg - (107.15KB , 500x700 , tf2medicdove.jpg )
The test results are in and I'm afraid we still don't know what the birds are for.
>> No. 3486
I really enjoy your art style and unique take portraying Medic. Overall it is very simple, and nothing too complex. I also like your use of simple colors, and highlights in your more detailed drawings.
>> No. 3493
I love the idea of mixing TF2 with Pokemon. Mostly beacuse I am a PokeFag. If the Tf2 world consisted of only pokemon and no humans, I'd say Medic would be a Plusle... And his Heavy partner must be an Emboar. Hoo-Ra!
>> No. 3495
File 130862867192.jpg - (232.68KB , 500x668 , tf2conceptmedic.jpg )
Hah hah, why is this in my thread?

I spent a good hour looking at the concept art posted on the TF2 site and tried to see if I could emulate it by any stretch. I figured out some new Photoshop tricks, at least.
>> No. 3536
File 130885054396.gif - (393.42KB , 500x500 , tf2medicanimate.gif )
I am very excited about today.
>> No. 3537

When I imagine that he's supposed to be goose-stepping, it becomes even more hilarious. Your animated .GIFs are a thing of beauty.
>> No. 3546
Thumbnail made me think it was a Medic watch, where his legs tell the time.
>> No. 3547
>> No. 3549
File 130889768670.jpg - (107.25KB , 500x626 , tf2medicrelax.jpg )
I promise I'll start doing "real" art again eventually but for now this sorta stuff is just too much fun.
>> No. 3550
I love you.
>> No. 3557

Would you trust him enough to put your heart in his hand? Don't worry, if he destroys it by accident, he'll just replace it with a better one! You'll never know the difference!
>> No. 3603
File 130905600841.gif - (397.22KB , 500x500 , tf2medicheart.gif )
Nope I'm not done drawing Medics or making animated gifs yet! Hah hah!
>> No. 3605
Marry me
>> No. 3606

Why hello there, new tag.
>> No. 3612
I kind of want that on a t-shirt...
>> No. 4077
File 131147307849.gif - (115.34KB , 400x629 , tf2spy.gif )
I got the spy's turtleneck and it was painted pink and I thought about painting it a different color but then I realized that a pink turtleneck made my Spy sassy as hell.

And then I drew this and animated it for no real good reason.
>> No. 4083
Everything here fills me with love, and loud barking laughter that bothers my family. I'm happy now.
>> No. 4797
File 131622768032.jpg - (219.57KB , 900x420 , ghostgang.jpg )
Hey TF2chan long time no see. The server I play on has two admins with ghost hats and they got together and got me a ghost tyrolean so then I drew all our ghost hats because hats hats hats hats hats!
>> No. 4808
>> No. 4831
File 131646833221.jpg - (18.86KB , 500x432 , 1369853427583.jpg )
>> No. 5052
File 13183145311.png - (234.81KB , 500x700 , pumpkinmedic.png )
Happy October have a Medic.
>> No. 5056

...those fucking pumpkins...
>> No. 5117
Is it just me, or does the button on the dynamite look like a fried egg? Also, that medic's expression cracks me up for some reason.
>> No. 5122
File 13187293962.jpg - (92.25KB , 500x667 , whycantrebeccablackholdallthesefriedeggs.jpg )
>> No. 5124
Yes! I thought it was just me cause I have the graphics turned down.
>> No. 5833
File 132462482643.png - (194.18KB , 590x525 , Screen shot 2011-12-22 at 11_15_44 PM.png )
I haven't had time to draw TF2 stuff in a long while but I wanted to draw some sorta Smissmassy thing. I didn't get that far, but here is a festive Medic sketch!

Now I retreat back into my lurk-hole.
>> No. 5839
That's a damn good lookin' Medic if I do say so myself.
>> No. 5870
File 132527508475.jpg - (203.97KB , 500x900 , tf2spyascot.jpg )
I tried to do a different kind of coloring, but that didn't work so I went with the same old same old. I wish the Intangible Ascot was a regular item because it is my favorite Spy accessory.
>> No. 5872
Hi! This is actually a thread for my own art, but you should start your own thread! Welcome to the chan!
>> No. 5919
File 132666754272.jpg - (174.28KB , 500x574 , snipergladdy.jpg )
>> No. 5922

>> No. 5931

GLADoS's robot glare is the icing on the cake.
>> No. 5939
File 132712782396.jpg - (81.43KB , 500x539 , medicfaces.jpg )
A bunch of Medic faces.
>> No. 6019
File 132933236316.png - (320.83KB , 691x645 , Screen Shot 2012-02-14 at 11_15_39 PM.png )
I teamed up with Doktor to do a comic, don't tell anybody
>> No. 6022
Doctor Who?

>> No. 6040
You rang?

(comic looks awesome btw)
>> No. 6479
File 134492698267.jpg - (278.45KB , 700x1050 , page1.jpg )
Hey I have some TF2 art for the first time in ages. Time for an image dump!

First up is the finished inks for the first page of the comic Doktor wrote that I'm slowly slowly drawing. It's called Spy Infiltration.
>> No. 6480
File 134492702341.jpg - (284.33KB , 750x1125 , page2.jpg )
Here's page 2 of Spy Infiltration.
>> No. 6481
File 134492933916.jpg - (227.38KB , 1000x908 , tf2mvm.jpg )
Help I love the Mann vs Machine update already and it hasn't been released yet.
>> No. 6482
File 134492937520.jpg - (197.66KB , 800x1125 , tf2mvmjarate.jpg )
There are a lot of unanswered questions about this robot.
>> No. 6491
Maybe jarate's molecular structure is closer to that of a sulfuric acid than actual piss? And the Jarabot is able to easily create and dispense it when needed?

I'm thinking way too hard about this

Also, those comics were cuties, ah, I'm so glad to see you back and drawing thingssss!
>> No. 6512
File 13451780401.jpg - (136.89KB , 700x500 , tf2mvmrobowuv.jpg )
Gay Robots
>> No. 6514

Gay robots is best robots.
>> No. 6516
I laugh every time I look at Demobot's eyelashes.
>> No. 6535
Those 8-bit hearts. Robot Love is best love.
>> No. 6569
There definitely needs to be a set in this style.
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