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File 130820569058.jpg - (103.53KB , 1086x695 , tf2-birds.jpg )
3433 No. 3433
They'll be dead soon.
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>> No. 3468
File 130843706993.jpg - (87.69KB , 607x887 , tf2-birds2.jpg )
I stole this idea
>> No. 3487
File 130852448245.jpg - (85.29KB , 800x600 , 130471011124.jpg )
The longer I stare at it, the creepier it becomes. There goes my sleep for the night.
>> No. 3793
File 13098071279.jpg - (265.48KB , 1687x915 , tf2-nurses2.jpg )
Oh yeah, here's that thread.
>> No. 3794
Heavy no gusta.

Why does this seem so perfect in my mind?
>> No. 3796
Whaaa? I gusta that Heavy. It's rare I get to see him being harassed. Of course, that's usually because he'd beat whoever did it senseless a moment later... but.. still it's funny when it happens.

Lol I love the scout though. Just sayin'.
>> No. 3827
I think they mean that Heavy doesn't like being smacked in the butt?
>> No. 3828
Ah. My apologies. Lol I get it now.
Well I feel smart.
>> No. 6614
File 134687098969.jpg - (27.74KB , 389x512 , tf-spyface.jpg )
Holy shit, my old thread's still here. Have a Spy trollface I found in my folder. It was going to be the first part of a picture sequence I did ages ago where Spy fucks a bunch of people, but I didn't feel like figuring out a background for it because I got lazy.
>> No. 6615
File 134687128191.jpg - (87.47KB , 693x833 , tf2-sniperfallout.jpg )
Something old, now something new. Over vacation, I finally got myself drawing for the first time since, shit, last year. Some of it was TF2 related. TF2 and Fallout are two flavours that go great together, so here's Sniper all pimped up, post-apocalypse style.
>> No. 6618
Just wondering. Do you have a Tumblr or anything? Just curious to see what you're up to these days.
>> No. 6619
It's http://helpmejesus.tumblr.com This and the porn I posted in /afanart are the first I've drawn since last October. I didn't care to put all the TF2 art I've done on the chan, but if that's what you're after, it's at my y-gallery (my username there is "yaddie"). If you're curious in general, I've at least managed to write TF2 stories since I lost my mojo. They're here on the chan, fanfic.net ("yaddie" again) and y-gallery , and the completed ones are on my dumblr.
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