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File 130864538049.jpg - (601.75KB , 732x1084 , tf2noir.jpg )
3496 No. 3496
Hey you! Yes, you! Do you not have a thread in /fanart/, but you want to share something you drew? Do you simply not produce enough content/ are too lazy to make your own thread? Do you think /workshop/ is for chumps? Are you afraid people will MAKE FUN OF YOU if you even go near the Submit (new thread) button? If you answered "Yes" to ANY or ALL of these questions, then this thread is for you!

Welcome to the General Art Thread, and post RIGHT HERE vvvvvvvvvvvv

To start off, here is some art I did, a TF2/L.A. Noire crossover (of sorts) in the style of a movie poster, that was vaguely inspired by Rozo's WIP poster!
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>> No. 3499
File 13086759743.jpg - (360.22KB , 881x844 , medic.jpg )
I approve every point you gave.
So here, have an Medic annoyed by a freaking dove.
(He's too kind to kill it)
>> No. 3512
File 130876338566.png - (27.17KB , 658x604 , scoutdog.png )
Here's a sort-of-Boston-terrier-Scout-dog that's embarrassingly bad...
>> No. 3514
Aw. I want to pet it.

Then violently punt it into a bottomless pit.
>> No. 3517

I don't think his face is nearly squished in enough. Or his eyes buggy enough.
>> No. 3518
File 130878320110.png - (20.67KB , 485x374 , scoutdogderp.png )
The squished face doesn't fit him too well.
>> No. 3519
File 130879072565.png - (55.50KB , 200x200 , shirtlessdjscoot.png )
I started a thread a long time ago and only ended up doing one pic that was half-way decent. That being said, this is the perfect place for my one and only decent picture. Awesome.
>> No. 3539
File 130886630229.png - (523.14KB , 876x414 , medooc.png )
I really need to do more fanart, I love TF2! Here is a doodle of Medic because I am excite for this week.
>> No. 3540
Ooo those eyes are scary!
>> No. 3542
Why hello there handsome.
>> No. 3544

Would it be stupid if I asked for a wallpaper of this?
>> No. 3563
File 130894080847.png - (205.76KB , 915x637 , Lover I Don\'t have to Love.png )
I'm closing my eyes and clicking reply. I know my angles are wrong, I wasn't planning on putting this up.

Dialogue is from 'Lover I don't have to Love' by Bright Eyes.
>> No. 3573
File 130897367761.jpg - (146.28KB , 814x604 , medic.jpg )
I don't tend to do TF2 art, but when I do, it look like this sfadsfadsf
>> No. 3575
File 130898191786.png - (747.60KB , 825x1650 , Medic-a-Day 013.png )
Okay I'll post a couple of mine.
>> No. 3576
File 130898203315.png - (524.75KB , 800x800 , Medic-a-Day 014.png )
Welp. Medics.
>> No. 3579
File 130898495784.jpg - (147.09KB , 432x360 , Pretties.jpg )
When I saw MtM, all I was thinking was Wizard of Oz....
>> No. 3584
I used to think of Medic as an old, grumpy, senile woman before MtM. This is the best of both worlds.
>> No. 3595
File 130902831758.jpg - (409.78KB , 1000x800 , uber.jpg )
Hi guys I need some critique on this WIP. I've been working on it all day and my eyes are too fucked to see errors properly.

So if you can see anything wrong here couldya let me know? Thanks.
>> No. 3600
File 130904408060.png - (248.78KB , 800x708 , arrowd.png )
Quick pchat sketch, legs thrown on with reckless abandon in SAI. Disregard that shitty background, augh.

I might ink and colour this if I ever can be arsed to.
>> No. 3601
There's something about the medic's head that's throwing me off; maybe it's that the back of his skull seems really round or that the hair isn't refined yet.
>> No. 3611
being the fashion nerd that I am, the first things I noticed were Sniper's shoes. Interesting cap toes there...
Anyways. I like the pose, and those legs. They pretty.
>> No. 3620
File 130911011562.png - (184.08KB , 638x825 , archimedesno.png )
Oh hey I haven't been around lately to see one of these threads started up again. And it's great for me because most of my art is OCs so I don't bother making a thread for what little canon fanart I do.

So have a mini dump of stuff I've made lately in conjunction with Meet the Medic.
>> No. 3621
File 130911019156.png - (896.93KB , 1466x897 , medicadayweek1.png )
My first batch of Medics I drew for the 'Waiting for Medic' event on Hipstr.
>> No. 3622
File 130911041714.png - (499.35KB , 1109x1031 , medicaday2.png )
And the rest of them.
>> No. 3624
The is wonderful beyond measures. And my new background. We need more Archimedes fandom.
>> No. 3627
File 13091320849.png - (150.16KB , 574x450 , littlesister.png )
>> No. 3628
>>3627 Wonderful! I suddenly have the image of Sniper with a dove nest on his head, due it probably being the highest spot in the room.
>> No. 3630
File 130915918814.png - (350.58KB , 670x519 , cmerecupcake.png )
Disciplinary Action is an awesome weapon, but Scout doesn't think so.
>> No. 3631
File 130916107052.jpg - (27.68KB , 677x870 , spah.jpg )
Some Red Spy art I did last night.

- Nef
>> No. 3632

His hair looks a teeny weeny bit like it's trying to be a bouffante, but I love the way you draw Sniper's face. And the full body pic of him there is awesomely derpy.


Bah, he could use an ass-whupping.
>> No. 3636
>>3627 yesss sniper with awesomehair
man, U2 started playing in my head
>> No. 3663
File 130922770186.png - (268.97KB , 403x357 , sniperheadshot.png )
I can't draw humans no matter how much I try. ):
>> No. 3675
File 130925316517.png - (287.27KB , 562x562 , For Cosmictuesdays.png )
Lol here have some shitty Demo and Solly.
>> No. 3685
File 130932333813.jpg - (143.33KB , 1000x1000 , tf2 spam 2.jpg )
I apologize in advance for the sketchiness, but I was unable to find a general art thread in workshop (where this probably would've been more appropriate), and still wanted to submit this, so.

Yep. Gestural work. As finished as it'll ever be.
>> No. 3686
File 130932499353.jpg - (38.16KB , 829x539 , IMG_1211.jpg )
I know it says 'drew' at the top, as in stuff that's drawn. But here's a finger puppet.
>> No. 3701

That's freaking adorable.
>> No. 3702
File 130938997742.png - (325.75KB , 595x842 , engineer-web.png )
My thread disappeared so here is an engie. Lazy colouring is lazy.
>> No. 3706
File 130940359572.png - (77.95KB , 328x436 , medic.png )
first time I've ever drawn the Medic, I feel like it could definitely use some work.
>> No. 3707
File 130941320338.jpg - (78.41KB , 837x711 , Dannyboy.jpg )
Finished this just a few minutes ago.
DAT SCOUT... had a bad run in with some blu peeps.

- Nef
>> No. 3725
File 130945961089.jpg - (101.34KB , 949x519 , tf2-nurses.jpg )
Don't know if I even have a thread in /fanart anymore, so here. Now the Medic can saddle his nurses with any runny noses or stubbed toes that show up at the clinic, and save his healing powers for interesting serious wounds.
>> No. 3728
File 130946678251.jpg - (61.88KB , 795x600 , IMG_1215.jpg )
High five!
>> No. 3729

OH GOD YES! The tiny little belts and straps! Spy's tiny little cigarette! THIS IS DELICIOUS

Eh... I mean... well done.
>> No. 3730
File 130947006948.jpg - (6.97KB , 129x125 , Kill Me.jpg )
What is this I don't even...

Have one of my little pen-and-ink sketches. I have been a bit... afraid, of contributing, as much as I love all y'all. My art is better than it used to be in general, though, so as I improve I might contribute more.

(This one's a little smushed, though, because it was actually a filler sketch, and as such, is very small in real life)
>> No. 3745
File 130957174875.png - (385.74KB , 1000x1000 , Helmet-Teddies.png )
So i drew this really infantile drawing and figured I'd post it here I guess.
>> No. 3746
I melted into sugar.
>> No. 3748
>> No. 3763
File 13096694028.png - (122.80KB , 687x425 , heyguyscheckthisout.png )
It's just a simple vector, but I couldn't resist.
>> No. 3764
>> No. 3765
>> No. 3766

Pictures will be coming when it arrives, of course.
Trying to think of a creative Fridgespy design too...
>> No. 3773
Ya know on the backside need to stay. Archimedes, NO! It´s filzhy in zhere!

Just needs to be.
>> No. 3774
>> No. 3777
DOOD if you DO have this, can you sell it on women's shirts too? My sister and i both want.
>> No. 3782
File 130973652876.png - (200.08KB , 438x406 , Helmet-teddies-2.png )
Oh my. My apologies for making it so lewd by accident.
Allow me to remedy this issue with another picture.
>> No. 3784
>> No. 3821
File 13099110407.jpg - (58.13KB , 711x776 , soldier head.jpg )
>> No. 3826
he looks adorable!
>> No. 3848
File 13101113406.png - (1.16MB , 1000x715 , tf2hur.png )
stale jokes are my specialty
>> No. 3870
File 131035466688.jpg - (55.62KB , 660x600 , IMG_1228.jpg )
Made for a commission. Just need to buy a stick for the handle, as it's currently mounted on a flyswatter.
>> No. 3871
File 131035664774.png - (824.67KB , 612x816 , Sergeant Plushie1.png )

Oh yay! More Sgt. Plushie fans! I made mine for my Soldier costume last year as a last minute thing since I had like less than a week before the convention. Ended up getting an e-mail from one of the creators of the skin congratulating me on making a real Sgt. Plushie.
>> No. 3877
File 131039011343.jpg - (133.00KB , 784x750 , untitled.jpg )
So, Newfag was trawling back through the discussion post and came across the most amazing song recommendation for Sniper.


I just needed to MSpaint. Because it is amazing, and my mind was blown.

It makes sense in context, I swear. (runs away)
>> No. 3882
File 131042524910.png - (87.12KB , 449x672 , archimedes-no.png )
Well... Looks like I finally contributed something after 2 years of being here.
Anyway, have a spray:
>> No. 3885
Yeah. Total noob question here, but I don't care. How do I import sprays? I did everything I was supposed to, I even looked up SEVERAL Youtube tutorials, and nothing has helped. The sprays either don't show up in the folder when I try to import them, or will be there, but nothing will happen when I click it. I'm at my wit's end here. I really am.
>> No. 3886
Just use this site. this site make automatically sprays for free and without problems (if you don't animated gifs or Trasparency)
>> No. 3887
Or, if you have a spraysavvy friend, they could do it for you. The spray maker is decent, but adjusting the sprays yourself is going to look better.
>> No. 3890
File 13105031721.jpg - (41.48KB , 640x480 , Photo_00101.jpg )

>> No. 3893
My levels of want have overloaded
>> No. 3894
And, I'm just making sure, but Valve knows about this, right? I don't want anyone to get in trouble.
>> No. 3895
Aww it went away! :(
>> No. 3897

Ah, good point... I'll take them down for the time being and email Valve when I get the time. I'll be busy the next few days.
>> No. 3911
Much want for Archimedes. <3
>> No. 3932
File 131080465099.jpg - (0.98MB , 2312x2094 , wwheowhe.jpg )
A thing I drew that's kind of a parody of a certain photograph/album cover.
>> No. 3934
File 131082203597.jpg - (144.48KB , 1363x1529 , 279647_204667679580339_100001113252309_531272_7792.jpg )
Requested this form my friend who didn't play tf2. He was very confused as to why I'd want this drawn. until I showed him meet the medic.
>> No. 3936
This is so disturbing and yet adorable I can't even.
>> No. 3937
File 13108592776.png - (32.81KB , 450x340 , 1858976_967619.png )
A rough 5 minute sketch I did for a friend at dA Muro but I kinda like it so here you go! ;u;

>> No. 3946

Haha, I instantly imagined that dove is the mastermind behind the Medic, just whispering some things like 'Yeah, you know what would be fun? Slashing people up. C'mon, do it, I know you want to!'

Very cute drawing.
>> No. 3976
File 131097624036.jpg - (476.91KB , 1600x1771 , uiodfhd043.jpg )
>> No. 3978
File 131097923848.jpg - (336.01KB , 1300x1648 , uiodfhd044.jpg )
>> No. 4000
File 131107900255.png - (155.25KB , 613x369 , Need a hand.png )
I rarely draw TF2 things that aren't original characters. So I spent two days doing this with a mouse.
>> No. 4067
File 131145842061.png - (1.32MB , 1094x1435 , pyrod.png )
Just finished pyro fan art
>> No. 4068
File 131145847193.jpg - (84.07KB , 426x842 , I\'ve read Enough Hentai to know where this i.jpg )
There is someone for everyone.

Let's hear it for drawing without reference and having it turn out moderately decent! Woo
>> No. 4072
This officially my headcanon. ILU
>> No. 4074
File 131147185128.jpg - (309.95KB , 1148x1448 , 1.jpg )
my first art post here
>> No. 4075
Thank you for the dirty chuckle (and, let's be honest here, high-pitched squeal) this gave me. Mmm, pretty pictures...
>> No. 4076
Oh, ohh~ Yummy tentaspy.
Definitely continue posting.
>> No. 4078
I want more of this pyro. I don't like the hot/cute pyros people make most of the time.
>> No. 4079
>>4067 I LIEK
4078's right, psycho pyros are much cooler
>> No. 4089
File 131155487341.png - (546.50KB , 1600x1589 , sniper copy.png )
dat ugly snoipah.
>> No. 4090
File 131157506237.jpg - (189.17KB , 1800x1200 , Sniperdile and Spy Head copy.jpg )
I was messing about a bit in Photoshop. I discovered the ability to change opacity for the first time, because I'm clearly an idiot who doesn't read manuals or anything.

I didn't use a reference, which I fear may also be horribly obvious. I drew the Sniper because I was in Target today and saw a stuffed Hello Kitty dressed like an alligator, and my first thought was 'Hello Kitty is a sniper?!'...

I just love Spy's severed head.
>> No. 4099
I love your sharp profiles and penciling in general
>> No. 4116

Is that a hint at Arrested Development?
>> No. 4121
File 131167508391.jpg - (339.43KB , 1200x1800 , pyrosgardenofverses.jpg )

Okay, this happened after I drew a Goldilocks-inspired Spy and the Three Bears picture for the request thread.

I may have to just open up a thread of my own one of these days, since once I had this, there needed to be a 'Little Red Sniper and the Big BLU Spy', and a 'The Little Engie That Could', and a 'The Gingerbread Scout'...
>> No. 4185
File 131207850326.jpg - (259.40KB , 500x851 , DummkomfsV2Resized.jpg )
Taking a deep breath and posting this before I back out. First time doing anything TF2 related.

Time to creep away.
>> No. 4186
Adorable, though Scout's legs aren't foreshortened correctly. Googling a reference shot doesn't take long and goes a long way.

Nope, no creeping away allowed, I want to see more. Only thing I'd keep in mind is the shape of the glasses bc they're not as round as they should be.
>> No. 4189

Hm... couldn't find a reference pic of the right angle, may have to just wind up changing his pose. Or I could force someone to let me photograph them sitting cross-legged on the ground at a 1/4 angle... I'm not sure which will be easier at this point... but at least I know where to fix.
>> No. 4190

Thanks for pointing that out. I'll go back and see if I can fix that.
>> No. 4191
File 131214410930.png - (161.84KB , 787x1209 , whattheheck.png )
Was watching an Avatar marathon with a couple other friends, was talking about the swamp bender's leafy hats, and then THIS HAPPENED.
Remind me not to draw at five in the morning, ahaha...
>> No. 4203
File 131225291840.jpg - (14.98KB , 400x320 , spine.jpg )
You've got some solid, clean lines and excellent variation in line thickness. Biggest thing that's jarring is the eye - its simply not conforming to the semi realistic style going on everywhere else. Doesn't have to be ultra realistic, just keep the style consistent. Also, the spine curves differently in that slumping position and the vertebrae don't protrude uniformly down the entire back. Don't assume you know how to draw something when you've never done it before; always use references.
>> No. 4206
Noted! Thanks! Yes, I need to get better on learning anatomy and looking it up whenever my memory fails me... And, yeah I understand the thingy with the eye. Eyes.... can't decide if I love drawing them or hate drawing them yet.
>> No. 4213
File 131231892899.png - (251.93KB , 486x631 , For MrMundy.png )
Here yah go, have some Trucks 'n' Vans.
>> No. 4219
File 131235389592.jpg - (324.84KB , 800x600 , sktch.jpg )
I need to fix his left arm, but i'm not gonna work on this anymore. Thought i'd share it with you guys though!
>> No. 4244
File 131243554222.jpg - (571.51KB , 600x1000 , crstlphb.jpg )
Can someone help me with anatomy perspective? I used Posemaniacs for the face but it generally sucked.

May I post a Spy a day doing silly daily things?
>> No. 4245
File 131244584432.png - (18.33KB , 451x445 , still.png )
too off-model for my own thread
>> No. 4249
>May I post a Spy a day doing silly daily things?
Please do!
>> No. 4250
File 131248585986.png - (22.64KB , 442x522 , force.png )
>> No. 4251
>> No. 4252
File 13124896534.jpg - (799.49KB , 1000x1059 , kritzkreme_small.jpg )
whoops. sorry about the misclick. also im not sure if this is afanart material due to...implications.
>> No. 4253

Mm, racy. Bonus points for sexy Demoman.
>> No. 4254
File 131250009814.png - (45.60KB , 1272x529 , sniper nosfw.png )
this is horrible and please forgive me

also my first drawing of a human. I think it shows.
>> No. 4264
File 13125217601.jpg - (475.08KB , 600x1000 , go to bed.jpg )

Insomnia Spy complains about not wanting to go to bed. Tomorrow I hope I have the energy to make something more proper.
>> No. 4274
File 131257359124.jpg - (487.08KB , 800x600 , cognac.jpg )

I feel like a lazy bastard for making this. Have a Spy drinking while doing paperwork instead c: I didn't use a reference for this one, but it's something I'd like to redo but in another angle.
>> No. 4310
File 13127948828.png - (875.42KB , 1000x729 , medicdisney.png )
Watching Sword in the Stone and got inspired...
>> No. 4314
My first 'try' at Medic
>> No. 4323
File 131288530340.png - (51.94KB , 491x390 , TF2chibi.png )
spies missing hands
>> No. 4329
File 131292570142.jpg - (300.87KB , 1000x1287 , fish Tank.jpg )
They were excited about acquiring what they thought was a breeding pair of tentaspies. Unfortunately, they soon came to realize that the friendlier one was not female, but a younger male. An easy mistake to make, considering how much sex the two had.
>> No. 4385
File 131328983753.png - (153.17KB , 521x783 , hooby.png )
pchat conversations spawn the best things.
>> No. 4394
This is amazingly done, Scout's face is perfect! I also love your smooth and clean lines, it's hard to find linerats that are not sketchy yet they still have volume and depth.
>> No. 4425
File 131363961469.jpg - (18.14KB , 332x514 , Evil Catipillar.jpg )
>> No. 4426
File 131363974717.jpg - (18.20KB , 195x352 , excellent.jpg )
I agree. Very nice engi. Nice lines and colors overall
>> No. 4435
Oh, Engie... why so handsome? I just want to cuddle up to him/gnaw on his wrist/steal his cowboy hat.
>> No. 4438
File 131371225222.jpg - (173.37KB , 900x900 , Heavy Self Portrait.jpg )
This was for tumbling purposes. Enjoy a Hoovy.
>> No. 4482
File 131389673038.png - (30.74KB , 684x364 , MedicTroll&Spy.png )
I was having some fun yesterday with a friend spy, because I got teamswitched. Trololo.
>> No. 4487
File 13139210162.jpg - (171.28KB , 900x900 , Pyro self portrait.jpg )
Also for tumbling purposes. Figured I'd go ahead and share it.

I was showing it to my brother, and since it's more of a clean graphic thing than anything with the usual hallmarks of my style, he didn't realize it was mine and said 'That's cool, they should make a stencil of that. I... I don't even like graffiti, but that Pyro should be spraypainted someplace'

I'm not really the kind of person who creates street art. If I knew how to make it a spray, I might, I guess, but I am terminally stupid because I started life as a console player.

Anyway, people would I suppose be free to use this Pyro graphic in any way they liked, though I don't know that anybody would.
>> No. 4488
Here you go Anne!
>> No. 4494
Yay! I feel special.
>> No. 4560
File 131421598723.jpg - (204.64KB , 867x650 , Mudic.jpg )
Long time no see, Chan folk! In a state of exam result-induced panic I have spawned the first bit of TF2 fanarts for months. Bluh bluh how do I art.

Keep being awesome, everyone. Love you all.
>> No. 4606
File 131460441060.jpg - (397.93KB , 937x881 , medic2.jpg )
I haven't done much TF2 fanart yet, always struggling with 'argh I hate my art! everyone's so much better than me!' but I do want to draw more fanart, so I started up a Hipstr specifically for it, link to it is on the picture. I'd like to know if my stuff is any good, thank you.

Why is Medic so hard to drawwww?! that face, that damned handsome face.

>> No. 4637
File 131491859350.jpg - (320.35KB , 659x1104 , scout_tumblr02.jpg )
For the first time ever, I am completely satisfied with something I've drawn! probably cause BLU Scout is too damn cute.
>> No. 4639
File 131493086575.png - (113.18KB , 500x500 , octoberfest.png )
I had to make a new avatar for myself on tf2 since my old one was of Solid Snake-in-a-box.

I'm relatively new to drawing tf2, so I guess I'll just post this picture for now?
>> No. 4640
File 131493109413.png - (186.67KB , 1024x1280 , femspy copy.png )
and a femspy.

big hand because trying to keep in the style of tf2 large handed syndrome.
>> No. 4642
File 131493599816.png - (359.34KB , 737x1000 , bonjour.png )
I had to work up so much courage to post this here you have no idea
So... have a tentaspy
>> No. 4643
love the little half smile/smirk thing!

Aww it's like a cute little 10 year scout before he joined the war and shit

I like her expression the best I think

You guys make me wish I had some talent.
>> No. 4646
File 131494891915.jpg - (758.35KB , 1920x1080 , BLU_scout_wallpaper2.jpg )
Oh man I love it!

Love this fem!spy, very nice, gonna color it any?

Dude, the water effect on that look SO good, like wow, can't stop admiring it, very good picture. You got any more stuff? should keep it up.

Also, I made a wallpaper out of that BLU Scout of mine if anyone wants a cute desktop, feel free to enjoy.
>> No. 4648

I have a color version that isn't very good (just got the color codes down) I'm currently working on her though. Also have a femgineer but she looks too much like Rosie the Riverter
>> No. 4649
File 13149662473.png - (667.69KB , 1024x1280 , femspy copy.png )
Femspy ahoooyyyy

I really need to get back into my funk.
>> No. 4654
File 131500510143.jpg - (89.24KB , 596x820 , sniper_sketch2.jpg )
Looks great so far, love the smooth shading.

Here's a Sniper sketch I need to finish sometime, or just practice more of, I'm learning to draw the TF2 classes one character at a time.
>> No. 4673
File 131525663950.jpg - (90.68KB , 558x556 , laughter is the best medicine.jpg )
Here, have a medic face.
>> No. 4711
The best insomnia cure.
>> No. 4717

It's so calming. Kritzkalmen.
>> No. 4722
I like this. I can't tell if he wants to eat my face or steal my soul.
>> No. 4785
File 131609262787.png - (111.61KB , 620x1050 , uh oh spy.png )
Another one: an illustration of an askheavy.Hipstr.com response (can be found at http://tinyurl.com/3tf556s )
>> No. 4786
File 131609270914.png - (73.67KB , 620x382 , uh oh spy2.png )
Aaaaand silly version
>> No. 4787
File 131609347954.png - (18.24KB , 720x450 , entire team is.png )
And a femmedic and a femhoovy.
>> No. 4789
Oh man that's wonderful hah! I was hoping someone would draw that response.
>> No. 4810
File 131633737384.jpg - (237.21KB , 302x900 , tf2pinupbm2medic.jpg )
Hey all, OP here. I'm having a print sale of my stuff on DA http://serain.Sparkledog Central.com/journal/44043324/ including the OP picture. I'll be throwing in free bookmarks like this one, or the scout/spy one for anyone that found the sale through tf2chan (just type tf2chan in the subject of the note, or email me if you don't have a dA). Sale ends next monday on the 26th. 11x17 prints are $10 each, 2 for $15, which is an even better rate than I give at conventions. Check the journal for more info. Thanks!
>> No. 4814
File 131637525125.png - (56.93KB , 536x801 , 9-17-11_sexypyro.png )
Went searching through the /fanart/ archives for a picture I could swear I'd saved, and I ran across this: http://tf2chan.net/archives/fanart/4-16-10%20archives/images/124745801437.jpg
Rolled for the hell of it and got a 79, then immediately wondered how much of a challenge it would be to draw a sexy Pyro without showing any skin.

And this is how Pyro got a new, ah, uniform. Plus a two-handed, double-headed fire axe which looks like it's made out of paper because I am just that goddamn bad at drawing weapons.
>> No. 4817
I rolled and got 38. Genderbent Engineer. BITCH THAT'S ALL I EVER DRAW
>> No. 4820
File 131641121465.png - (152.89KB , 591x580 , thebestinsomniacure.png )
Tweaked the shape of Medic's head slightly.

*steepled fingers* Eeeexcellent. Any others you'd like?
>> No. 4822
File 131641186416.png - (30.93KB , 720x450 , bebby.png )
Medic isn't sure what to make of this latest development.
>> No. 4824
File 131642435055.png - (130.24KB , 620x1832 , tf2 young\'uns.png )
Entire team is teenagers! Except Scout, who already is one.
>> No. 4827
this pic is credit to team. I LOVE Sniper sans mustache- I really wish people would do more with the fact that he's the only mustacheless australian on the planet. Also, dat Jane. And the scootbrothers. The entire thing makes me grin.
>> No. 4828

Jane cracked me up. Pooooor Solly...

I sometimes wonder if his name is the reason he was rejected from the military. Kind of the opposite of my grandmother Douglas who received a draft letter during WWII, but was let off when they found out she was a woman.
>> No. 4832
File 131647895993.jpg - (110.06KB , 386x556 , Tentaspy Fight.jpg )
Spent some time last night turning this from a pencil-sketch skeleton into this. I don't love it, but I love aspects of it. (I think it looks better small...)
>> No. 4849
File 131665859848.png - (237.30KB , 550x400 , lollypop.png )
Because the damn song was on repeat and I wanted to play tf2 but can't because I lack my glasses.
>> No. 4850

This picture is awesome. It just captures all of the TF2 cast so well as teenagers; their adult personalities are all still there, but mixed with the pressures and insecurities of teenage life(except for Engie there, but I'm willing to bet good money that the Engie was a teacher's pet throughout school. Who knows, he might actually be in university by the time he was a teenager).

Would you please consider drawing one where they're all in elementary school?
>> No. 4851
File 131667112132.png - (107.97KB , 450x367 , anny.png )
hmmm... so my tablet finally decided to start working after a year. my first doodle is homage to an RP. maybe i will do more, or i will just go back to living in a debris hut in the forest where i belong. heh. enjoy, if you can.
>> No. 4852
I enjoy this, stay in the light

his facial expression is great, as even though I'm lacking my vision could tell it was embarrassment!
>> No. 4860

The mouth says no, but the rosy cheeks say yes.

I can't get over how adorable this little guy is.
>> No. 4874
File 131684935689.jpg - (822.17KB , 2681x2091 , ArchimedesStitch.jpg )
I didn't really know where else to put this...

I've been doing some freehand embroidery, and so far, about a third of what I've done has wound up Medic's birds...

Now I just need to find someplace filthy to keep him...
>> No. 4903
File 131711787387.png - (185.43KB , 620x2368 , tf2 young\'uns 2.png )
Oh joy! I've always wanted to produce credit to team. Some more no-moustache Sniper shenanigans for you.

I wonder if then, after the initial rejection in the mail, Soldier drove over to the conscription office and tried to enlist that way? Being rejected twice can't be fun.

Thanks! I tried to get as much backstory in as I could. I gave Engie a happy vignette for some variety with the others, but when I tried to think of a sad Engie moment for this post, all I could think of was that he might be mocked for being smart. But that'd never affect him much because his grandfather and presumably father as well are similar, and would be nurturing his interests. Yah, if Engie started university in his teens it gives him more time to get those 11 PHDs.

Here's that elementary school picture! (I hope you meant elementary school age rather than actually being in school)
>> No. 4904
I like how you painted the water froth, so that it doesn't just sit around Tentaspy and Sniper but passes in front of them as well and affects their skin colouring. The whitish skin colours with orange for shadows gives an interesting watercolour effect.
>> No. 4905
File 131711886594.png - (63.88KB , 256x256 , my-panis-approves-5440_preview.png )
I love everything about this
>> No. 4915
So what's Sniper's Dad's excuse for not having a mustache? I love this pic, it's so cute and funny. What's medic doing where it looks like his hands are bleeding?
>> No. 4917
Wait...Did Soldier use to be a little girl? Or was he just a cross-dresser?
>> No. 4920
There's a noncannon theory that Soldier (Jane Doe) was dressed as a girl by his mom and he hated it.
>> No. 4928
File 131729315362.jpg - (38.67KB , 593x189 , comeforthehats-stayforthechan.jpg )

I couldn't find a canon reason for Sniper's parents not having moustaches; perhaps they're English but moved to Australia after Sniper was born?

As for Medic, he be trippin'. In a scientific fascination sort of way.

>> No. 4949
File 131748181550.jpg - (168.43KB , 500x685 , medic oktoberfeest- copy.jpg )
Heyyyyyy I did this today. IT'S OCTOBER
>> No. 4956
File 131752650696.png - (255.73KB , 504x307 , YES.png )
Two days before Oktoberfest ends. I raise my beer glass to this.
>> No. 4970
I swear we need more of these. I was planning on doing a version with Medic in Kentucky and experiencing the one day Oktoberfest on my homestown mainstreet. Also those hairy legs...HAIRY LEGS OF JUSTICE!
>> No. 5039
File 131821042416.png - (235.73KB , 1280x1024 , sdcsdgsrhgdf copy.png )
I got a mask, go me!
>> No. 5061
File 131839703028.png - (168.65KB , 1280x1024 , imsofresh.png )
>> No. 5062

I think this is a good start, but that perfectly round nipple is weirding me out and I think his right leg could actually stand to be a little longer?

I would like to see this finished.
>> No. 5065
Glad someone noticed. I tossed it on here for some advice, and yes, I was having problems with that blasted leg. I'll make it longer and proportion the feet better. His nipple? Man nipples are always hard for me draw, silly little circles and rings.
>> No. 5125
File 131873529297.png - (204.69KB , 456x594 , PAGINDOCTORFAGGOT.png )
First time with PaintSAI, first TF2 Art!!! 8D

It's never easy being a doctor.
>> No. 5243
File 131934061334.png - (229.95KB , 600x644 , snipcomic.png )
maybe i should start my own... but i feel like i just don't post enough yet. anyways. this was a trick i pulled on a friend of mine that also plays Sniper a lot. i like to use the "missing you because my lost scope" lines on people. i might make a valentines version of this when February rolls around.
>> No. 5244
Okay, I chuckled. Pretty nice art!
>> No. 5248
File 13193645277.jpg - (0.98MB , 1500x1588 , kritzkremecolor2.jpg )
Hello. I just finished this a few days ago. I think I posted the sketch here ages back:
>> No. 5251

Okay, everything about Demoman in this picture. I'm sorry, but I didn't even care about Medic. Demoman is just too... too.... HURRRNNNNG
>> No. 5254
I remember seeing the sketch long time ago! Those hands... they are just so beautiful it's unfair they're only a drawing.
>> No. 5255
I love everything about this! Demo's hands, medic's hair. You multi-talented scoundrel.
>> No. 5257
Thank you so much, I am very encouraged right now!
>> No. 5301


My body wasn't ready...

Seriously this looks so good I almost want to tape it to my goddamn WALL.
>> No. 5351
File 131980233323.png - (55.36KB , 737x575 , sharkman.png )
Because apparently in my angry stupor caused by family issues and lack of sleep, I made this. I'm going to make it into a shirt, and I'm going to wear it. Demo Shark Man. I know his legs and arms are wonky.
>> No. 5513
File 132082401249.png - (973.27KB , 1015x840 , TF2---HummingbirdMedic - refined.png )
Okay, so. Filling my own request I made for harpy!medic months ago.

Only when I tried to base him off a vulture, hummingbird!Medic said NOPE and took over. He's kind of an asshole, and a really impatient one to boot. Also, he is a battle medic who likes to prey on scouts (who're usually taller than him) and steal their BONK! drinks, but he'll follow a heavy around so long as he gets a constant stream of Dalokoh's chocolate bars. Or sandviches. He's got a teeny tiny little metabolism, with a sugar-filled bloodstream.

And, annoyingly attracted to bright, colorful objects and people.

His favorite tactic is to attack heavies head on and turn them into pincushions.

His teammates don't mind him, since he's nice enough unless his blood sugar levels drop. They bribe him with sugary foods to get him to heal them in battle.

reference: http://www.gregscott.com/rwscott/rws_021.jpg
BLU coloration: http://www.tsuru-bird.net/a_species/hummingbird_blue-throated/hummingbird_blue-throated_male_spring_arizona_9a.jpg
RED coloration: http://www.wildbirdshop.com/images/RufousHummerByShuman03-P.jpg

Does harpy!Medic count as a furry? I don't draw often, but I was planning on making other species of bird!Medics later, and I'd rather not get on the mods' bad sides.
>> No. 5516
haha whaaat
too good.
>> No. 5687
File 132248610889.jpg - (38.53KB , 290x463 , curioussofa.jpg )
Did some doodling today. This was just a light little thing between me working on serious stuff, but I like how it came out.
>> No. 5690
File 132251692880.jpg - (1.45MB , 1500x1221 , thequeens2a.jpg )
Yesterday I did a livestream with my friend Quiz in which we took microcommisions from the audience to write and illustrate live on Google Docs and Livestream, respectively. Cosmic Tuesdays (Put On Your Face, Stand Aside) requested this illustration to accompany her requested fic, the prompt for which was:

"Sniper and Demoman get into a drunken argument about British imperialism. In the world of Team Fortress 2, as Scotland is still part of the UK and Australia has been an independent country since at least 1850 if not earlier, there's quite a bit to argue about. And in Sniper's case, "My queen can beat up your queen" wouldn't be exaggeration.

(RED team, please.)"

Quiz is posting the fic itself over in /fanfic/. It is called "The Queens".
>> No. 5699
File 132266067956.png - (1.21MB , 1280x762 , HEUT IST MEIN TAG LOL.png )
Okay. This is what happens when I'm not floundering around with 'realism'.
>> No. 5700
File 132266105029.png - (592.53KB , 511x838 , pukey mc pukerson copy.png )
emetophilia? okay.
>> No. 5703

That's pretty psychedelic right there. (Is it bad that I thought that Medic was riding on, uh... something else... at first?)
>> No. 5709
Give yourself some credit, everything about this picture is brilliant.
I love how his butt is sticking up out of the water

Thanks for the tutorial, too. My eyes have been opened.
>> No. 5710
File 132281275861.jpg - (111.79KB , 379x474 , 131784422087.jpg )
The butt was my favorite part, too! lololol
>> No. 5744
File 13231459154.png - (49.84KB , 800x600 , its fucking cold.png )
It's winter once again...
>> No. 5747
File 132318211677.png - (697.87KB , 907x1049 , soldiers.png )
some horribly drawn soldiers
>> No. 5753
File 13234061539.png - (125.19KB , 800x740 , cute shit.png )
Have some helmets.
>> No. 5762
File 132352827517.png - (93.27KB , 620x2477 , plushies.png )
If you don't have several cavities by the time you finish scrolling down this, I have failed as an artist.
>> No. 5772
File 132365205249.png - (530.76KB , 700x800 , spysniper2wip2.png )
Hiya, so, uh...guess this will be my first post to the chan. I know Sniper's glasses are wrong and the lighting on Spy is weird, but I dun wanna work on this pic anymore. But I'm still proud of it, so here ya go.
>> No. 5775
Yeah, I found out real quick apparently certain smilies are replaced here with...things like that. I fixed the post, though.

Yeah, I guess his nose is wrong, but, again, tired of staring at it. it was more of an experiment with lineless artwork and lighting anyway.
>> No. 5776
File 132365274333.gif - (133.02KB , 140x160 , 475730448_1788914.gif )
I'm no artist myself, newcomer. With that said, if you simply changed Spy's nose to be more convex (sloping outward), I'd be a much happier namefag, yes I would. If anyone else wants to critique this, go ahead. I just personally have an obsession to Spy's incredibly Italian profile. (fuk yeh)

Gif kinda-sorta related... I think... I assume.
>> No. 5794
File 132395501333.png - (301.72KB , 687x830 , DEMOFUTURE.png )
fuck everything
>> No. 5805
File 132400180037.png - (10.14KB , 320x77 , hebrew captcha.png )
I like this a lot. The way you incorporated the various parts of Demo's uniform into a mecha construct is really neat. Especially the lit-up class/team icons!
However, I found it a bit odd that the lower part of the leg is longer than the upper part, whereas Demo has exaggerated upper legs. But er, I realize that the longer lower leg is also characteristically part of mechas; maybe there's a balance between the two?

I'm sorry, captcha. I don't have a Hebrew keyboard.
>> No. 5826
Every single one of my OTPs, and in 'team line'-erasing purple! (which happens to be my favourite colour, so... I guess you could say I love everything about this)

(That PYRO! I'm squealing like a tiny girlchild creature over how adorable that Pyro is!)
>> No. 5914
Derp, how I art? Here, have an ickle sadface.

Captcha: provide octcusps. Yes, master!
>> No. 5915
File 13264241241.jpg - (37.87KB , 364x239 , FOTRM 1.jpg )

And of COURSE the file doesn't go through on my first ever art post. Fix'ed.
>> No. 6757
File 135511802798.png - (1.73MB , 1451x787 , NASH.png )
Gosh when was the last time I posted art here? A year ago?
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