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File 130924226482.png - (678.38KB , 1100x687 , snoipah.png )
3665 No. 3665
I'm going to go with "yes" and throw a bunch of art at you guys.
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>> No. 3666
File 130924247763.png - (288.47KB , 697x1000 , scootlines.png )
Nevermind the wonky anatomy, have a Scout.
>> No. 3667
File 130924253454.png - (333.88KB , 599x819 , medick2.png )
>> No. 3668
File 130924257658.png - (67.06KB , 392x492 , sheaeete.png )
>> No. 3670
File 130924265929.gif - (51.26KB , 244x332 , pyrothrust.gif )
>> No. 3672
File 130924282525.png - (142.83KB , 564x800 , colinnsnd.png )
Colin and Dean is this even allowed here I have no idea
>> No. 3678
Your style reminds me of makani. That's a good thing. Carry on.
>> No. 3681
Not necessarily (though I love makani's style). When everyone's art starts getting too similar and people keep mimicking the same style, it starts making the entire fandom seem...bland?

Not to say that the art here is bad at all. KEEP GOING.
>> No. 3683
i was wondering who would be a best bet for commissions? any help on names would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!
>> No. 3689
I don't really think of "Makani" with these. to be honest, I think the lines remind me more of Manic, and the last one seems to have some influence from Kibs. but I mean, all of these things are kind of arbitrary to say, so instead of carrying on with this line of thought I'm going to say that your lines are very active and it makes your characters look lively. I recommend doing more action-type poses because it seems like it'd suit your style. the last piece seems to be the strongest because of the full bodies, the bolder colours, and the characters interacting, no matter how minimal that interaction may be. I really like where it's going.

and I love that 2 frame pyro gif ohmygod make more please

why would you ask this in an artist's thread this doesn't even relate to the thread I don't understand
>> No. 3691
Thanks for the feedback! I've been trying to push myself to do more interesting things than "person standing there, looking left" hahah

that pyro gif is the only good thing to come out of my TF2 meme
>> No. 3698

You're complaining about styles blending together and seeming bland when this chan is a shadow of its former self? If everyone here wanted to draw stuff that looked exactly like what makani produces, it would be better than the stagnant lump that we've seen lately.

I'm not saying I condone everyone copying one another, but c'mon. We're in an art drought here due to several factors. Anything that doesn't look like a five year old snotted on some paper and arranged it to look like a TF2 character is welcome by me.
>> No. 3699
Workshop has a good flow of art, though. The jump to Fanart just seems intimidating.
>> No. 3714
Regardless of style, you definitely have the basics down pat. Please post more, try to experiment, don't hesitate to go wild to expand your repertoire!

Also, regarding more interesting pose choices: How about letting yourself get inspired by ingame screenshots? The game features so much action of many different kinds that there should be enough to get your mind jogging.
>> No. 3727
Sorry! I'm not complaining at all about TF2 fanart. But I'm saying that in general, I don't support trying to encourage people to make their styles look like more like, say, makani's. Starting out, yes, I think it's fine to mimic other art styles to get a feel for what you would like to do, but hopefully you don't get stuck in the habit of copying art styles. Over time, if everyone does this, then...bleh.

Anon above me was probably just made an innocent observation and I just made an observation of an observation.

And priatticus, your art didn't actually remind me of anyone in particular in the first place, which is also good thing.
>> No. 3740
Well if that ain't the cutest Sniper I ever did see
>> No. 3797
File 130981042156.png - (582.96KB , 590x1000 , speeeee.png )
This one isn't so interesting in terms of pose, but was fun practice with drawing different body types/body hair.

Spy you are the fanciest.
>> No. 3799

Ooh la la.
>> No. 3801
I like everything about this except his nose... His nose is usually kinda... hawk-ish to me, but here it looks pretty standard. Everything else looks nomlicious.
>> No. 3812

I'm with Anon on the nose. Ignoring the awful attempt at a Sims Spy someone did here, if you look at the picture in the upper right, you'll see Spy has just a bit of a hook nose that is more convex than it is concave in a profile setting. It's more Italian than it is French, but eh.

>> No. 3817
File 130989805781.png - (511.12KB , 559x900 , speeeee.png )
I didn't really notice it until ya'll pointed it out, but I agree the nose seemed a bit off. Here's a tweaked version, which I think looks a lot better!
>> No. 3820
God speed, you magnificent bastard. I salute you.
>> No. 3950
File 131092955527.png - (118.91KB , 900x570 , wertasfhg2.png )
A few younger looking spies here
>> No. 3951
File 131092988284.png - (268.08KB , 542x900 , tatweeees2.png )
Put some cool tattoos on my Spy because tattoos on spies are my favourite things. That bird tattoo is going to say “Medic’s Butt” obviously.
>> No. 3952
both of these, i want to lick them
>> No. 3956

On the left one, scoot his right eye over to the side more, it looks too far back in his head.
>> No. 4024
That hair you put on him is so fancy and perfect aaaaa
>> No. 4644
File 131494052031.png - (236.07KB , 800x579 , sad snipes22.png )
I don't have anything finished to update with, but I have some sad sniper pictures that aren't going anywhere.
>> No. 4645
File 131494058564.png - (176.41KB , 900x659 , sad snipes23.png )
And number two.
>> No. 4647
Aw, poor sad Sniper. Somebody needs a hug...
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