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File 130965740066.png - (1.06MB , 825x1050 , smiths-finished-lowres.png )
3756 No. 3756
Old thread got eaten I guess? Anyway, finished another one, Medic is next.

Demo is the Rook's Pawn.
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>> No. 3757
File 130965746988.png - (1.14MB , 825x1050 , bishops-finished-lowres.png )
Reposting to keep them together -- Spy is the Bishop.
>> No. 3758
File 130965752095.png - (1.15MB , 825x1050 , queens-finished-lowres.png )
Sniper is the Queen.
>> No. 3759
You WERE still working on it! I checked your website and didn't see any updates so I assumed you gave up. What is a Rook's Pawn? I know what a Rook is. I know what a Pawn is. I don't do well at chess. Anyway, it looks amazing!
>> No. 3760
I believe it's the Pawn in front of the Rook. Which can either be King Side or Queen Side.

Regardless, Keep up the amazing work Relia!
>> No. 3761
Oh fuck yes. I love these. Especially Demoman.
>> No. 3762
Oh damn those are some DELICIOUS Demo abs.
>> No. 3776
Oh shit that's amazing. Medic's next? Ooooo man that's going to be great! What's your website?
>> No. 3795
Omfg I love these. I can't wait to see more.
>> No. 3803
Me? Genuinely attracted to a picture of Demoman?

You must be a wizard.
>> No. 3804

Demoman's seriously a hottie. Have you looked at his face? Those lips? Those manly cheekbones? I'll admit that the rampant drunkenness and surly temper sort of dampen his appeal as a person, but....
>> No. 3805
Everything said here. Only I haven't seen much of his surly temper other than "I didn't need your help, yanno." And I inexplicably like that line.
>> No. 3807
Ahhh! You restarted my obsession with the Sniper! Damn you!
>> No. 3845
oh god these are good
>> No. 3940
File 131088475398.png - (1.11MB , 825x1050 , kings-finished-lowres.png )
Medic is the King.

Pyro is next!
>> No. 3941
relia I just love your attention to detail
>> No. 3943

My God... I've been waiting so long for this. I was expecting Medic to be the knight but this... oh gawd, Relia words can not express how much Joy is flowing out of me!

I tip my many hats to you!
>> No. 3947

So fancy! I love all of your chess pieces, and I've loved watching this one come together.
>> No. 3957

Reminds me of that Hamlet poster done by Mucha. :V

Also I feel like Sniper's lips look too feminine
>> No. 3974
I would like to see this poster. I couldn't google find it.
>> No. 3979
File 131099586997.jpg - (262.66KB , 627x1731 , hamlet-huge.jpg )

Most likely referring to this Mucha piece.
>> No. 3981
I was hoping Administrator was the Queen and Saxton Hale was the King, but OH BABY.

Also, is Queen!Sniper's cup full of piss? Because if so, hilarious.
>> No. 3991
medic come back with my heart

I am so in love with that seated pose, and the clothing and the lines

and everything.
>> No. 4963
Medic being the king and Sniper being the queen? Yes please. What a wonderful surprise.

I love the Medic's pose.... simply wonderful.
>> No. 5136

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