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File 131034709919.png - (659.92KB , 974x999 , Snuggleburster2.png )
3864 No. 3864
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>> No. 3866
I... don't understand what the hell is going on here but I like your style. I hope other things, which I can better appreciate, happen to him next.
>> No. 3868
File 131035371320.png - (625.54KB , 1193x932 , scopeeye2.png )
The creature bursting out of him is Snuggletooth. I'm planning on writing about him. Preemptive fanart, if you will.

As for this, well... it's Sniper with an arrow through his eye. Not much to explain there.
>> No. 3869
Your style is perfectly cartoony. Can't wait to see more from you!
Oh dear god that's just painful.
>> No. 3872
>> No. 3873

What- what is it? Is Snuggletooth a manifestation of Sniper's feelings of love and friendship, finally escaping him so they're not a burden on a professional murderer?

Is this why he has enough contempt for humanity to throw jars of piss at people?
>> No. 3891

Snuggletooth is Sniper's Jungian Shadow?
>> No. 5047
File 131824669546.png - (1.84MB , 1269x1388 , HugoWeavingSpy.png )
In my headcanon, Spy is secretly Hugo Weaving
>> No. 5050
File 131826772084.png - (60.74KB , 180x186 , Approving Medic.png )
Niiice! Even though I still have to annoy you about the monkey lip. The way especially the lower lip is shaped just makes me think of monkies immediately ... No need to change your style, I think it's merely a question of shaping them a bit differently and making the coloring fit.

Aside from that, you still rock my socks, Sparks! I will forever love your stlye.
>> No. 5051
SNUGGLETOOTH! Most adorable chestburst in the world.

(I am forever disappointed that the Ol' Snaggletooth cannot be painted Pink As Hell... I would do that in a heartbeat, I love that little guy...)
>> No. 5093
File 131856772045.jpg - (50.92KB , 260x740 , smileref4.jpg )
That is absolutely fine, as frustrating as it is to see such a glaring error after working on it so long, it's always good to add a new rule to my set (See the attached image- even when smiling, the corners of a person's mouth will still always line up with the centre of their eyes).
I think what my problem might be is that my brain tends to over-exaggerate a lot of shapes and features that I see- I remember in high school, the class had to draw a portrait of the teacher as realistically as possible, and indeed, mine was the most cartoony and exaggerated, the teacher actually thought I was taking the piss (I wasn't).
I'm not presenting that as an excuse by any means, I'm simply stating that might be the reason- or one of them, at least- for some of the recurring errors in my art.
I suppose one reason why I like to draw so much TF2 fanart, even after such long periods of not playing it, is because the character models are juuuuuust the right balance between cartoony and realistic for me to draw easily.

Now, as for >5047 in particular, I can't really see the monkey similarity but I can definitely see his mouth is too wide (which led me to find the attached reference pictures. Don't worry about me changing my style, because I actually really really like my style. What I am going to do is draw the same thing over and over, making slight changes each time until he doesn't look like he's a cast member of Planet of the Apes anymore.

TL;DR: God damn it, thank you.
>> No. 5100
File 13186301347.jpg - (19.63KB , 211x174 , wot.jpg )
>even when smiling, the corners of a person's mouth will still always line up with the centre of their eyes

I never ever heard/noticed about this! Interesting! Thanks for this info!
>> No. 5134
File 131882507658.png - (1.08MB , 696x1363 , I probably shouldnt draw when Im ovulating.png )
Aaand the direct result of said redrawing...

No worries! Whatever I find out I'll gladly pass on.
>> No. 5135
MUCH better! Already looks a lot more handsome and fitting for his face. Two thumbs up!
>> No. 5138
Mmm, handsome.
>> No. 5216
No one hits like Gaston
Matches wits like Gaston
>> No. 5228
Whoa, that's definetely way better! Those are some nice studies you got.
>> No. 5499
File 132076558039.png - (0.99MB , 1165x863 , vegemiteonthishotgod.png )
This is quite honestly this single dopiest thing I have ever drawn in my life.

I thought it was funny at the time.
>> No. 5531
File 132097347125.png - (1.23MB , 1459x886 , The stockman and the cowboy_re.png )
I'm rather proud of this one actually!

I call it 'The Stockman and the Cowboy' because I'm very unimaginative.
>> No. 5532
Dammit Sparky
Stop making me laugh out loud in the Starbucks already.
Those hipsters are giving me weird looks and it's all your fault.

Who the fuck am I kidding, I can't stay mad at you when you draw stuff like this.
>> No. 5748
File 132321449870.jpg - (66.45KB , 351x351 , 126819063311.jpg )
Cowboys are the best thing ever. I am so glad you drew this, it's badass!
>> No. 6002
File 13289536869.png - (330.29KB , 704x834 , Great Barrier Reefer.png )
Not gonna lie. I just really wanted to draw Sniper with a stupid look on his face.

Those sunglasses aren't working the way you think they are, Snipes
>> No. 6003
File 132896872663.gif - (519.65KB , 795x718 , awesomepopcornfaster.gif )
I kinda wish I had popcorn now.
>> No. 6004
File 132901790446.jpg - (36.40KB , 360x396 , 131034769763.jpg )
Wasnt paying attention to the fact it was a gif, and then...yeah
>> No. 6005
can i make a spray out of the popcorn one? i love it :)
>> No. 6009
Go right ahead! I'm glad you find it spray-worthy!
>> No. 6010
Thanks. Made it. If you wanna try: http://www.mediafire.com/?du56q5qeii49iuz
Hope you like ;) Me does.
>> No. 6017
File 132931821299.png - (658.00KB , 1236x1072 , Snuggletoothval2.png )
It's still Valentine's Day somewhere, right?
>> No. 6032

Stop being creepy, Sparkyyyy
Don't stop.
>> No. 6079
File 133058395929.png - (971.82KB , 963x990 , Ya Mongrel.png )
Well... have you?
>> No. 6080
Not sure if this breaks the furry rule or not, but I guess since it's a one-off it should be alright.
>> No. 6107
CHEST BURSTER! is it bad that i immediatly thought of AVP when i saw that pic?
>> No. 6169
File 133422479499.jpg - (74.63KB , 621x571 , oh shit medic what are you doing.jpg )
>> No. 6171

I keep trying to figure out if he's grinning or grimacing in pain, but it's funnier to imagine he's grinning.
>> No. 6172
I was hoping he'd look like that. I couldn't tell if the dude in the original material was grinning or grimacing either, so I tried to emulate that.
>> No. 6244
File 133658608615.gif - (1.29MB , 451x487 , Not a WIP2.gif )
I'm not dead!
Sorry 'bout the teeny size... silly file size restrictions...
>> No. 6245

>> No. 6246

I've heard of people taking a piss calling it "Draining the Lizard"... yeeeeah.
>> No. 6257
File 133687360158.gif - (384.83KB , 500x375 , 131540485955.gif )
Words cannot describe how disappoint
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