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File 131103820390.png - (264.08KB , 770x560 , solardeathray.png )
3990 No. 3990
Old name, new drawings.
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>> No. 3994
oh man I really like your coloring and style
>> No. 3995
Le Gasp! I love your painty style, more plox.
>> No. 3996
>> No. 3997
I'd quite like to see more from you.
That Pyro looks so squishy...
>> No. 4036
File 131131023089.jpg - (231.50KB , 720x1000 , coldcoldcold.jpg )
Trying to make balanced composition


(also hi Sonne.)
>> No. 4045

I am aflame with envy over your painterly style. I'm a little confused, though; is he in the water already, skipping over it, or about to land in it? If he's underwater, he should probably have a blueish cast to his skin just to communicate things better.
>> No. 4047
Massive art failure on my part; he's supposed to be sliding down a snow-covered hill.
>> No. 4056
oh derp, I see it now. The flip flops threw me. I like it!
>> No. 4130
File 131173184321.png - (32.46KB , 420x427 , walleyesarealwaysfunny.png )
Here's some of the weird stuff I draw with pencils.
>> No. 4131
File 131173187934.png - (218.62KB , 981x832 , tf2sketches1.png )
And more
>> No. 4132
Jesus CHROIST I love your style. It's stylized without throwing the basic rules of anatomy and design aside. Please, grace us with more.
>> No. 4134
These make me happy.
>> No. 4275
File 131257460970.png - (955.44KB , 848x1231 , flowerssmall.png )
Why hello there dramatic colour fail
>> No. 4276
Ohmygosh it's so sad!! I just- I want to give him a hug..
No, seriously though, the colors and shading are fantastic.
>> No. 4277
Very pretty, I love the perspective and the shading. One thing though - The white highlights on Sniper's hand contrast so much that they look like mayonnaise or whatever.
>> No. 4279

This made me pull a sadface. Also, drooling over the delicious painterlyness of the colouring.
>> No. 4304
File 131278112632.png - (396.51KB , 1488x798 , the-angersmall.png )
Oh hey, more sniper

This time with an ambiguously white background which was intended to be snow.
>> No. 4312
Assassin's Creed!
well, the hood at least

Love the lighting, feel like the hand is a little small though.
(Oh yeah what program do you use for digital?)
>> No. 4313
Photoshop. CS3, specifically.
>> No. 4561
File 131423164751.jpg - (425.31KB , 1292x1444 , flinchmedic copy.jpg )
I really need to draw medic more often.
>> No. 4566

Oh my, that is lovely. Lovely colours.
>> No. 4569
This is so beautiful that I'm gonna frame it and put it on my wall.

>> No. 4577

Do you have a dA account or a Hipstr, I'm going to fave everything you have on there
>> No. 4578
Vivus's DA http://doodle-master.Sparkledog Central.com/
>> No. 4935
File 131733629652.jpg - (375.82KB , 1050x1040 , toomanysniperfaces.jpg )
Some days I have no idea what goes on in my mind between classes.
>> No. 4936
My boyfriend can make the same face as that HHHH sniper I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP
>> No. 4937
File 131734930530.jpg - (14.47KB , 179x141 , tumblr_lrnutjCDdn1qebmkpo10_250.jpg )

Holy shit I can't stop laughing.
Someone needs to make a Gmod of these.
>> No. 4938
File 131735908631.jpg - (67.66KB , 900x582 , FUCKING APPROVED.jpg )
>> No. 4950
File 131748548082.jpg - (110.07KB , 450x507 , simo-hayha.jpg )
Really? Assassins creed?
First thing I thought of when I saw this my thoughts were instantly of Simo Häyhä. You know. Famous Finnish sniper who was nicknamed the White Death for his camouflage and sheer badassery.

Hm. Quite sad this isn't some subtle tribute art now.
>> No. 4957

>> No. 4993
File 131776885364.jpg - (544.97KB , 1039x1201 , morecorkhats.jpg )
It has been impossible for me to take Sniper seriously lately.
>> No. 4995
your distorted face snipers are the best snipers in the universe
>> No. 4996
I love this so hard.

so hard that I have saved it to my 'cheer yourself up by looking at this' file
>> No. 5107
File 131866774367.jpg - (432.95KB , 1500x750 , pybros-friendgineers.jpg )
I drew a thing.

Also adding an extra i to my name.
>> No. 5111
I find this adorable!
>> No. 5114
I love this more than is healthy.
>> No. 5164
File 13189783893.jpg - (537.43KB , 999x1070 , Ialreadydontrememberthis.jpg )
It is like being in class sucks all the wit from my brain.

Trying to draw winter clothes somehow turns into DEMOPAN?
>> No. 5165
I love your demo! And the hooded sniper
>> No. 5167
Winter wear always makes even the most hardened mercenaries look cuddly somehow... or maybe that's just me.

And I love dat Demopan.
>> No. 5205
Whenever I hear 'winterwear' I always imagine Night owls snow suit from Watchmen.

Keep up the good work!
>> No. 5209
Thank goodness I'm not the only one. Speaking of the snow owl suit, that would be the best pyro misc ever.
>> No. 5559
File 132124901770.png - (723.49KB , 990x1440 , janesjanes.png )
Not sure if crossover art is taboo; posting anyway after some deliberation.
>> No. 5691
What crossover is this? And also, what are you DOING on the second page, you silly? What, what, WHAT are you doing.
>> No. 5692

It's with Homestuck.
>> No. 5693
Haha, I'd just figured that Soldier had been stealing children again.

Ever since I saw this picture, whenever I'm playing Engie and have a Pyro buddy, I automatically think of them as "Py-Bro." It's just so adorable.
>> No. 5707
File 132280312782.png - (1.38MB , 1296x938 , DEMOMAN-DECEMBER.png )
I am ever so slightly late for the first day of DEMOMAN DECEMBER
>> No. 5708
File 132280517897.png - (111.59KB , 400x284 , 132094497581.png )
Thank you, fellow Demomania! I'm so glad that someone actually did this! Thank you, and again, thank you!
>> No. 5712
File 132290155767.png - (930.68KB , 795x617 , demoman-dec-02 copy.png )
Bought some gouache paints today and thought I'd take them for a test run.

Needless to say, I've now realized just how bad a crutch all the shortcuts in photoshop are, because this looks kind of awful. I also couldn't help myself and ran the scan through an overlay layer and some sharpening. And dear god I am even later than I was yesterday. There's also a story behind the random black smudge, I swear.
>> No. 5715
File 132291203044.png - (313.30KB , 362x480 , 132108365442.png )
More traditional art for Democember would be nice! Also, don't kill yourself! A piece of art EVERY DAY for a month? You're crazy!
>> No. 5716

Demo in a suit?
Yes please.
>> No. 5727
File 132295264077.png - (1.73MB , 920x1142 , demoman-dec-03.png )
Another day of gouache, another day of mediocrity.

Going to go back to photoshop tomorrow, probably.
>> No. 5728
Forgot to reply earlier, that I am, in fact, crazy.

However I don't plan on doing something polished every day, mostly I'll crank out doodles and sketches like that last one.
>> No. 5735
File 132304921976.png - (1.70MB , 1200x918 , demoman-dec-04.png )
Feels good to be back in photoshop.
>> No. 5738
File 132305127746.png - (105.00KB , 420x420 , 4a43.png )
I like the Demomans going on here.
Especially these ones.
>> No. 5741
Jesus, I love your Demomans. The smiling one is so cute.
>> No. 5742
I love your style so much. The only crit I can think of is that his face looks a bit too narrow compared to his in-game model.
>> No. 5745
File 13231644377.gif - (23.77KB , 310x310 , why-u-no-guy-meme.gif )

>this drawing is awful
>another day of mediocrity

Y U SAY DIS? I can't even make decent fingerpaint out of gouache, let alone make gorgeous Demo arts with it.
>> No. 5749
File 132322005733.png - (584.81KB , 1072x1168 , derpaderp.png )
I didn't draw demoman yesterday, but I did draw this in philosophy lecture.
>> No. 5752

I am having flashbacks to Schoolhouse Rock and all those early 70's illustrators.

My captcha says "adnewor adoption". Post more or we're putting you up for adoption.
>> No. 5754
File 132341512312.png - (1.26MB , 1078x811 , december2011sample2.png )
Welp, it's not Demoman, but it's something.

Drew this as an art sample for commissions I'm offering on tumblr.
>> No. 5797
File 132398034223.png - (1.32MB , 2049x855 , demoman-dec-05-v3.png )
More Demoman December, finally.
>> No. 5798
Why, Tavish, are you trying to seduce me?

I am so okay with that it's ridiculous.
>> No. 5801
File 132399210838.jpg - (117.51KB , 292x320 , Unf Soldier.jpg )
This is just about PERFECT.
>> No. 5818

That lighting... those fabric wrinkles... my god, it's so beautiful.
>> No. 5877
File 132532445869.png - (558.59KB , 578x825 , merasmus-oldnicksmall.png )
My favourite part of this image is the fish heads.

The more I draw in this style the more plastic-like it becomes.
>> No. 5878
New otp.
>> No. 5879

I like those hairless legs. NICE GAMS, BABE!
>> No. 5932
File 132694022828.png - (526.08KB , 600x1200 , one-hit-kill.png )
Trying out some warped perspective.
>> No. 5937
File 132703590026.png - (251.74KB , 570x540 , whatface-scoot.png )
>> No. 5947
I need this to be EVERYWHERE.
>> No. 5980
File 132799570758.png - (290.05KB , 570x540 , couldnthelpmyself.png )
I... yes. Every time I saw that pic this came to mind. I'm sorry.
>> No. 5981
need to put black lines on the words

I laugh every single time I see this.

captcha: energybou 4,463

>> No. 5996
File 132875739168.png - (432.62KB , 454x1330 , PEE-ON-EVERYTHING.png )
Oh hey look the chan is back.

Time to post things I drew.
>> No. 5997
File 132882009856.jpg - (17.69KB , 422x410 , 131122027238 [1].jpg )
BLU Scoot: M... Ma...?
>> No. 5998
It took me a minute, but once I got it, I lol'd.
>> No. 6053
File 133007779172.gif - (499.79KB , 245x148 , tumblr_lsvnco0Tmo1qg0fg0o6_250.gif )
It... reminded me of this.
Someone's gotta photoshop a slouch hat and aviators on Snape's head now.
>> No. 6129
about him I can tell you one or two things that made
him gain the "White Death"-nickname...first,he
did not use a scope at all on his Russian made
rifle,which was a Mosin-Nagant,a bitter irony
towards the Russians that killed during his
time on the battlefields where he spend his
servitude in the army,and only once a single
Russian soldier was able shoot him in the face
with an explosive bullet...however that did not
kill him there,he survived it and lived with
half of his face being dis formed due to the
explosive bullet that hit him...and thats about
it folks...and yes,I'm from Finland,and this is
my greetings to you TF2-Chan
>> No. 6286
File 133763850516.png - (499.77KB , 738x780 , GB-demo-scout.png )
Oh, my thread is still here? Great.
>> No. 6287
even though you didn't draw polar bear cafe this is still the best request ive requested
>> No. 6359
The engineer strumming his guitar out in the desert at night with his umbreon sleeping nearby
>> No. 6361
this is your art?
This has been my netbook background for ages! (The thing is white so it really fits well together)
>> No. 6373
I had "Medic and the Devil" as my background for months, then I had >>5797 as my background for months; then I realized they were drawn by the same person.
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