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File 131235844155.png - (250.19KB , 1534x1084 , 333333.png )
4223 No. 4223
I figure I'll come out of hiding and post some of my art.
This is a work in progress. Before you ask, yes, Medic and Scout are floating. It'll make more or less sense when I add the background. It's what happens when I listen to Voodeux for hours straight.
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>> No. 4224
File 131235883141.png - (349.03KB , 1280x1024 , speed.png )
This is a speed-paint of Scout. Drawn mainly to practice my style with his expression... at least I tell myself that since I couldn't be bothered with the hands.
>> No. 4225
File 131235930311.png - (93.17KB , 625x625 , spl3at.png )
I feel like I should be sorry for posting this.
>> No. 4227
File 131236105690.jpg - (843.82KB , 900x2287 , figure_studies_dump.jpg )
Yo. I think I critiqued this at some point, though I don't remember what I said. This looks good, but I don't think you have gotten much farther than when I last saw it. I like the idea! Keep going.

My best advice would be to lose the pillow shading and use hard edges. There's some variation in the tones but not much. I think using a technique like the one on the left (by kakimari on DA, used to/still is a poster here) would help this particular image a lot.

That is adorable <3
>> No. 4228
Ah, well thank you! I've been a bet exhausted from work lately, so I haven't had much time to work on it. I'll use you advice about the shading. Thank you for posting that technique!
>> No. 4229
wow, that is freakin adorable
>> No. 4241
Never, EVER apologize for tentacles.

So cute and chubby! I imagine the little 'pop!' noises the suckers would make when they come off you! I want to keep one in a tiny aquarium and feed him croissants!

Ahem. So yes. Adorable, is what I mean to say.
>> No. 4263
File 13125208631.jpg - (1.11MB , 1280x1280 , wedwsfsdgrtesfdghyrt.jpg )

Never apologize for tentacles? Okay.
>> No. 4302
File 131277869336.png - (114.89KB , 313x432 , leetlemedic.png )

I wanted to draw leedle Medic in an argyle sweater. It sort of looks like his one hand isn't connected to his arm, looking back on it. Bah. I still sort of like it.
>> No. 4379
File 131320840518.png - (194.51KB , 780x975 , tentaskee.png )
I should not be let near my tablet ever again.
>> No. 4380
No, you need to be chained to your tablet. I require more squidgy, chubby ickle tentaspies. I WANT TO HUG HIM LIKE BURNING!
>> No. 4381
File 131325145889.png - (12.64KB , 769x301 , 1290286530109.png )
Oh mein gott, I love that Medic!
I've never been a fan of Animoo-ish eyes, but your facial construction just fits them so well. You have me squee-ing with exitement.
>> No. 4397
so many strange noises were made by me when i saw this, and all of them were made because of the large amounts of adorable.
>> No. 4584
File 131443832261.png - (165.65KB , 960x1280 , engiesomethingoranotehr.png )
Thanks you guys!
Here is a.. well, a result of a very odd livestream.
>> No. 4585
Invader Zim styled Engineer? Day has been made.
>> No. 4588
That is fucking AWESOME. Thank you for making my life, Prae.
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