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File 131236373842.png - (1.07MB , 1097x790 , gangstersroughsm.png )
4231 No. 4231
Welp, I decided it'd probably be a good time to start posting my art again. I have not been able to draw anything 'new' and finished for a while outside the occasional spy doodle.
So here are some more finished ones and I couple of scribbles for the chan.

Starting off with some Mobster Monday.
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>> No. 4232
File 131236403345.png - (0.97MB , 2160x1435 , Medic copy.png )
A medic I did a while back, well before the Meet the Medic.
>> No. 4233
File 131236425332.png - (83.45KB , 492x443 , response8.png )
And I'll stop spamming with a little something from my AskBLUspy hipstr.
>> No. 4240
I love his expression.

Also digging your Medic, and that mobtastic pic up top, but something about this Spy speaks to me...
>> No. 4272
Love your art Meesh. That Mob one with Heavy and Medic is probably my favorite piece from you. Glad to see you made your own thread! BTW I love your askbluspy, it's amazing!
>> No. 4317
File 131284221594.png - (1.03MB , 1050x1365 , bloodyspooks.png )
Some snoipah from a while back.

Thanks! I'll probably post some of the response pictures on here that I liked making
Thank yah m'dear!
>> No. 4382
File 131326670698.png - (1.05MB , 1073x660 , clovisgrainsm.png )
Attack of the tentaspies I guess on /fanart/ right now. Here is my own. An OC named Clovis. I'll keep the OC's down to a minimum in this thread. I just don't draw him enough to warrant his own thread in the RP/ OC board.

((He has to take a medicine for his weird blood. He's not a druggie I swear!))
>> No. 4383
Meesh, your rendering is fantastic. You can really ramp up the realism if you study some of those materials and how many different hues they actually have that are typically ignored in favor of the obvious, dominant color. Maybe bring in some planks on the floor that are faded or darkened with age, hints of dull blue on his skin from the light bouncing off the tentacles, or bits of flushed purple and maybe a barely visible network of veins in the thin webbing between the tentacle legs. Have fun with it, and don't assume you need to be conservative with your coloring (nature sure as hell isn't).
>> No. 4384
Tentaspies to me are a weird mix of creepy, cute, and fascinating. I dunno.
>> No. 4387
Thanks for the advice! Pulling out colors like that has always been a pain for me.
I'll keep these words in mind to help me out and will try to bring some more colors into more work!
>> No. 4395
File 131344083635.png - (821.32KB , 1080x1320 , engiemad.png )
Had fun with this one.

The Engineer decided to give himself his own weapon update.
>> No. 4396
I love this. So much.
>> No. 4398
You go, boy. Gorgeous work, and I love his little smile.
>> No. 5019
File 131802076834.png - (0.97MB , 875x1342 , portraitint.png )
First TF2 drawing in quite a while!! I just made this from a doodle i did during a lecture. Used it as more brush practice in photoshop!
>> No. 5811
File 132406659042.png - (455.95KB , 619x1152 , spychristmas.png )
Reviving my old dying thread here to just wish everyone a Merry Smissmas! Hopefully your holiday season is a good one. An, oh, here is a Spy.
>> No. 5907
File 132624303614.png - (1.18MB , 960x1363 , scoutforweb.png )
And then I finally got around to drawing the Scout.
>> No. 5909
Didn't want to comment because I was too shy, but I'll say it anyways. I really like your stuff. Okay, back to semi-lurking.
>> No. 5910
His legs are so smooth!
Good work with the drawing, angle looks good.
>> No. 5913
Aw thanks. And don't be too Shy, I like talking with folks!
>> No. 5917
i like it
>> No. 6012
File 132927189326.png - (0.97MB , 942x1386 , soldierforweb.png )
Soldier going blam! blam! blam! and spy going shit! shit! shit!

This one was a bit of a sprint, I wanted to get it done before Katsucon this weekend!
>> No. 6098
File 133115981041.png - (1.80MB , 1470x1701 , tf2elementalsweb.png )
I' gonna update with a commission I got from LadyRhian to have four of the characters represented by the elements!
>> No. 6099
File 133115986521.png - (488.69KB , 891x1317 , heavyheart.png )
And then here is a doodle I did based ons ome of the funny comments the elemental picture received on Hipster
>> No. 6100
>> No. 6101
Danke! The credit for the idea goes completely to Rhian. But it was fucking fun to draw and try to flesh out.
>> No. 6223
File 133557804973.jpg - (80.46KB , 735x1178 , LittleMeesh Tentaspy.jpg )
I found LittleMeesh at ACen 2012 today, and I paid her for a commission while I was there.

You guys know what an atomic explosion looks like, right?

Well, that's was was going on in my brain when she made this for me.

LittleMeesh, all of my love, it goes to you.

FYI, I asked if I could post it up here, and she said yes.
>> No. 6243
File 133651767744.png - (250.59KB , 750x1050 , spy speedpaint.png )
I've been really in a slump after the con, a mix of work and lack of inspiration. I just decided to doodle this up to keep myself drawing.
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