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File 131287200641.jpg - (231.26KB , 600x1000 , Destorted Peace2.jpg )
4321 No. 4321
Finaly got up the nerves to make my own art thread
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>> No. 4322
File 131287220930.jpg - (65.73KB , 800x1000 , mercy.jpg )
Fanart for the awesome adult fanfiction 'Mercy' by AnnetheCatDetective http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/3784.html
>> No. 4344
This makes me ludicrously happy. I also love your Medic, with the bloodstains and the doves and the general loveliness, but unf, fanart for my fic, and it's gorgeous.

Thank you so much.
>> No. 4345
File 131296709212.jpg - (114.14KB , 500x1000 , you are velcome.jpg )

you are welcome, spy looks like hes enjoying this a little too much tho ^^;
>> No. 4346

Please cut down on the weeaboo emoticons, most of us came here to get away from that sort of crap.

(Your art is quite gorgeous however, don't get scared off)
>> No. 4349

i try not to use emoticons but i use them on my msn as shortcuts to actual image emotes so they slip in here and there. believe me im not fond of them either bro.

(dont worry, i doesn't afraid of anything)
>> No. 4441
File 131372762535.jpg - (1.04MB , 1383x1041 , MorningMediccoloured.jpg )
a collab done with niphridell. she did the awesome lines and i took on the colouring. niphridell is credit to team.
>> No. 4444
Ooh, lines and colours are both pretty. I love the rust spots on the mirror and fixtures, it adds a lot of the sense of place.
>> No. 4466
FC your art is gorgeous! I have to say you're currently an inspiration for me. I've been slowly shifting from bad animu to more...non-animu...

I absolutely adore this piece, his eyes look so fierce and sharp. It's VERY suiting.

I also love all of your medic work! He looks just so great in your style.
Never stop drawing!
>> No. 4471
Wow, I'm super flattered that you would use me as an inspiration! It's also good to hear you are breaking from anime and moving forward with a more western style. If you would like any tips I can offer my humble knowledge.
>> No. 4481

I didn't realize it was you who did that Tentaspy/Scout picture in afanart until I wandered over here! You're phenomenal. I'll post a thread when I draw something...decent and ask for help.

I'd really love some protips on face structure/nose/eyes since anime raped that for me.
>> No. 4523
File 131400309297.png - (576.55KB , 600x1000 , lickylicky.png )
I dont even know. It's 5am.
>> No. 4524
yes, that was me. thank you for the compliment and I would be happy to assist you.
>> No. 4544
Well then, you ought to draw more often at 5am.
The perspective on the spectacles is a little wonky, but I like the glassy effect. I also dig how pale he is, it sets off your lines, the colour of his eyes, and his tongue (oh god his tongue that blend of colours and that shape is so nice) really well.
His nose and his teeth and his tongue. Ahhhh.
The ubersaw is a little wonky.. sorry I can't be more specific than that, it's hard to tell exactly it's placement with the crop. The blood on it, also, would probably run in slightly thicker lines than you've got it, but more freely.
Anyways, it's late for me too, and I expect this crit got a little out of hand. Hope it at least made some sense!
>> No. 4555
yeah i just noticed the glasses look like they are broken and pasted oddly low on his cheeks, the blood was a last minute lazy thaught about when i was thinking "fuck this i need sleep" but you are right it is running very thin now that i look at it. the ubersaw is at an odd angle that he would have to be holding it very aquardly for as well.
>> No. 4706
File 131545194050.jpg - (236.02KB , 1000x1500 , scout in da hood.jpg )
art is getting lazier and lazier as of late. i've got to relax and find time to REALY work on something. but for now have quick-draw wangster scout.
>> No. 4707
File 131545254430.jpg - (144.74KB , 900x1350 , blu_snipers_get_more_head_by_feicoon-d39p8md.jpg )
also, have an updated version of my snipers get more head poster. fixed the nose and a few other things (also you will notice these are all signed IP, this is because i have just recently changed my artist alias, im trying to escape my old stuff)

would anyone be interested in the red version, should I put that up as well? or should I just leave it at this?
>> No. 4709
Heck yes I would be interested in a RED version of this. I love it.
>> No. 4713
File 131547647237.jpg - (109.80KB , 730x1095 , red_snipers_get_more_head_by_feicoon-d39p8w7.jpg )
annethecatdetective, i love you so much. have my babies?

here is the red version~
>> No. 4714

And I love you! suddenly, babies!
>> No. 5420
File 132035553860.jpg - (26.27KB , 581x449 , lethal_tf2_pumpkin_duo_by_identitypolution-d4emsi5.jpg )
It's a bit late, I haven't been on TF2chan lately as I've been so busy with real life things (those some times happen to me some how), But here are my Halloween pumpkins for this year. Photo taken with a realy crapy old camera for lack of charging my good one, Un-fortunately you can't see the light effect very well here.
>> No. 5421
>> No. 5423
File 132037256231.png - (372.38KB , 637x353 , spy finds a new hat.png )
yes this is wonderful
>> No. 5426
FC is definitely credit to team.
>> No. 5429

This is pretty excellent. His expression is relaxed and natural, and the coloring of the picture looks somewhat steamy.

Like, shower steamy. I swear.

P.S. Dat ducky towel.

P.S.S. HA. DOVE SOAP. HA. Hoo boy.
>> No. 5444
Thank you all, I wasn't expecting anyone to comment at all so I'm quite flattered this many people where excited about my pumpkin art. Also, Ginger, I wish i was a wizard. That would be boss.
Get it? Because he's a *que drum roll* quack doctor!
>> No. 5448
File 13204454287.jpg - (86.46KB , 700x1000 , deku pyro.jpg )
I decided to take a skim through the most recent requests, For lack of creative ideas myself, And I came across Kino's request for a "Pyro as a Deku Scrub? Because that would be really awesome." >>5446

Of course I couldn't resist. Here you go Kino.

(I made a few edits and took down the old one, Sorry for any confusion that might have caused)
>> No. 5454

Oh my gosh. I love you. No, you don't understand. I FREAKING LOVE YOU.

Thank you so much for filling my request! I shall now shed happy tears.

Beautiful art, by the way. And AWESOME pumpkin carvings. I love what you did with them!
>> No. 5456
Deku Pyros. My life is complete.
>> No. 5457
I'm glad you guys liked it, I dont usualy draw little 'cute' thingers but pyro... so much awesome chub.
>> No. 5458
File 132047010976.jpg - (4.12KB , 219x230 , images.jpg )
>Get it? Because he's a *que drum roll* quack doctor!

No words... lol.
>> No. 5463
wubububu how is it possible to be that adorable
>> No. 5467
>>5458 Wun wun wuuuuuuuhhh~
>>5463 The answer is it just isn't possible. *throws real life anatomy in the trash*

Oh, I forgot to add unless you are a kitten, I dare say they are pretty adorable.

That aside, Thank you both!
>> No. 5492
File 132073275993.jpg - (191.51KB , 1000x2000 , rememberance medic.jpg )
I don`t even like this picture. I finished it out of some weird spite. What ever, Have a Medic with some poppies, Because Remembrance Day is creeping up.

Also, There`s a big space at the top, I couldn`t be bothered to think of anything to write there. If you have an idea shoot it my way.
>> No. 5522
File 132089137245.jpg - (46.17KB , 900x300 , Heavy Plush.jpg )
Sometimes I make stuffies.
>> No. 5523
Can't think of anything better than the opening line/lines of "In Flanders Fields"

"In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place, and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amidst the guns below."
>> No. 5664
File 13221893653.jpg - (168.49KB , 1500x1000 , mein~.jpg )
Yeah, decided to actually pick up my tablet again. I know, *Le gasp*. Just a simple one, trying to get back on track as far as the character’s actual proportions and features. Used all the reference. Anyways, have this winter Heavy and Medic.
>> No. 5665

Adorable, as per usual with these two.
>> No. 5666
Adorable works. I have been obsessing over the merc's pride scarf for a while now, and with winter rolling in i found this relevant.
>> No. 5667
So amazing. This is wonderful and adorable and it inspires me.
>> No. 5669
I would love to see what this inspires you to make~ Feel free to link me if you create some awesome.
>> No. 5672
File 132233971035.jpg - (98.04KB , 1000x700 , boston winter.jpg )
Just a BLU scout in winter attire. I plan on continuing with these, If you have ideas I'd love to hear 'em.
>> No. 5972
File 132789719583.jpg - (112.56KB , 1100x900 , pyros.jpg )
Time to re-kindle my dead art thread with some Pyros.
>> No. 5975
wonderful colours
>> No. 5976
Thank you, I was trying out a painting style again ( like in >>5448 ).
Also to anyone who is unaware/unsure IP and FC are BOTH me. I changed my artist name.
>> No. 5984
File 132839158257.jpg - (74.07KB , 600x960 , freaking valentine.jpg )
A valentines card I drew for the hell of it, I've got a few different versions of it on my Tumbl r.
>> No. 6073
File 133054124532.jpg - (396.96KB , 1280x1768 , tumblr_m05izgeGzs1r22xuz.jpg )
My tablet is broken and until i can get a new one I am stuck doodling in my sketch book. Anyways, have some re-spawn Scout.
>> No. 6076
What's the tumblr URL?

This is quite the beauty. Nice work!
>> No. 6078
Thanks, Anon.
My tumbl r page is: http://identitypolution.tumblr.com/
the direct link to that particular work is: http://identitypolution.tumblr.com/post/17045040641/scout-sniper-valentines-cards-reblog-them-for
>> No. 6083
Thank you very much!
Followed. dcftumblr.tumblr.com is my url on there.
Original, no, not really. Sorry 'bout that.
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