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File 131293844313.png - (588.57KB , 600x700 , derp2finished.png )
4332 No. 4332
I'm new to /fanart/ and TF2chan in general, but, give me your worst, guys.

I think I can handle it :c

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>> No. 4333
Hoovy's face doesn't work that way.

>> No. 4337
I like the stylization but even the most ballsy contortions need to have some semblance of the original material if you want to call it fanart.
You may try shortening the nose and curving it as it looks in dotchan's reference, and moving the mouth up with it.
All jaws line up at the ear so pull yours back until it does that because it makes his face look too narrow as it is now. Also, Heavy has massive hands, and these are hardly bigger than his face. It's understandable, his proportions are far from normal (so use reference PLEASE use reference for EVERYTHING).
>> No. 4339
File 131296046298.png - (248.96KB , 600x700 , derpfix\'d.png )
That's really helpful. I've recently transitioned from doing original art to fanart, so I'm really derp on all the reference stuff. Thanks!

I fix'd it.. kind of. It still looks a bit derpy and I think I just need to scrap that mouth. Working on his hands now. I also moved the eyes a bit farther apart to make his face seem less narrow.
>> No. 4341
File 131296390452.png - (241.33KB , 600x700 , biggerhands.png )
Got really lazy on the claws.. made them bigger, hope it looks okay.
>> No. 4342

also neck muscles, how do they work.

Will fix later.
>> No. 4362
File 131302943546.jpg - (25.61KB , 425x320 , 1310502388044.jpg )
Great progress! Keep using references and train your eye to see details you'd normally overlook.
Nose should still curve in the opposite direction of what you have now. Silly expression aside, the ref I found should give you an idea of what to fix if you examine each feature individually (and then as a whole).
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