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File 13130089788.jpg - (1.45MB , 2364x1080 , tf2__hon_hon_hon_by_denimecho-d4606i3.jpg )
4353 No. 4353
Hey TF2chan. Second time posting here, first time didn't go very well.
Anyway, here's a Tentaspy and a Scout.
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>> No. 4354
I like this. Very much.
>> No. 4355
This is glorious. I love the tentacle details and the white sticky outline you got going.
>> No. 4357
Aw yeah!

Ahem, I am a fan of your tentacles. I just love how they glisten! I'm all a-squeal and a-quiver over them.

And as much as I like seeing the sexy side of tentaspies, I really enjoyed this look at the dangerous side. There's a playful edge to the warning, but I love that feeling, less like flirtation, more like a cat toying with a mouse.

The details are spectacular, the overall look is slick and filled with dark, slinky menace, and I want more.
>> No. 4358
Beautiful. Everything about this is fantastic.

Hello, new wallpaper.
>> No. 4361
well well well, hello new wallpaper. mrow.
>> No. 4363
I love the attention to detail you put into this piece! You did a wonderful job with colors, and catching the scene-- this is just amazing.
I know this is really nit-picky, but it caught my eye because of its color. The red light on the baseball bat seems out of place. Perhaps decrease the saturation of the red? Other than that, fantastic job!
>> No. 4365
File 131304647297.jpg - (238.51KB , 1280x860 , tumblr_lph5k85pVC1qgpyh7o1_1280.jpg )

I've used another computer than my own for colouring this piece, and as so I had to delete the file as soon as I finished it. My computer was taken by my mother when I started going against her treating me like a child and such so... I can't really edit anything on it, but I see what you mean.

Anyway, I don't have much good TF2 work atm since I haven't been able to reach a computer in a long time, but I do have this.
>> No. 4367
Denim I feel your pain. My dad does the same thing! Also, i'm loving your spy without his mask on!
>> No. 4368

I wouldn't recommend doing what I am considering your dad.
Also, this Scout and Spy is actually rp characters based on the normal Scout and Spy. They're basically just Scout and Spy with names.

Though I can't scan anything for the next few days, does anyone have any ideas for what I should draw next?
>> No. 4369
Wow, Denim, your maskless Spy is beautiful. He's just how I picture him in my head. Great job, please continue to post.
>> No. 4370
Oh, wow, your Scouts and Spies are phenomenal, particularly their expressions.

Poor Scout always seem to be the major target for Tentaspies, maybe draw something where Scout has the advantage instead?
>> No. 4372
Hnnng lovin' yer spies
In >>4365 spy looks sort of like RDJ as Sherlock Holmes, though
>> No. 4376
RDJ would be a lovely Spy. Now that you mention it, I think you're right.... hm, I never even thought of that.

Maybe I should draw something with a superior Scout.
>> No. 4378
RDJ Sherlock Holmes is basically my Spy OC, lul

I dig your art, especially the first pic up there. The lighting effects are neat as hell with the details. It really caught my attention when I saw it before on Hipstr or DA or something. Somewhere. It's cool.
>> No. 4829
File 131645158499.jpg - (779.69KB , 1004x967 , Missedmecolour.jpg )
So, after two weeks in Croatia and some shit at home I am finally able to post something again.
First time drawing Sniper for real. (Only sketched him until now)

Aaaand... a dominating Scout.
>> No. 4833

Aggressive Scout and buckets of blood flying around? This has so many things I like.
>> No. 4997
File 131784537458.jpg - (909.16KB , 893x1300 , meetthespy.jpg )
This took me five days...mostly nights. Been up till 4 in the morning almost every day to draw this in complete darkness because that's the way I like it.

Guess how many times I scrolled through meet the spy to draw this.

Now that it's done I feel kinda empty... hm.
>> No. 4998
And I'm a n00b for forgetting to change my name.
>> No. 4999
File 131784814794.png - (31.85KB , 200x200 , Tears of Joy Engie.png )
Wow. This is AWESOME.

I want this on my wall NOW.
>> No. 5000
This is absolutely beautiful.
>> No. 5006
My problem with it is probably the lack of style. I am still in the process of getting anatomy right and see how far I can go so I haven't really focused on style. It looks kinda sterile to me or how to describe it.
>> No. 5007

composition wise, I think scout's ma should be enlarged to fill in the empty space, especially the space between engie and red spy. and this is just personal preference, but perhaps you can arrange the figures so scout's mom is off to the side instead of center? centered pieces are boring to me, but that's just my opinion

anatomy wise I think scout's mom's neck is a little too thick

but this turned out really lovely, your attention to detail is really great
>> No. 5011
Now that you mention it, I think you might be right. The neck I mean. When I look at it now I thing there might be something about her legs too...

About her position in the picture... Well, I'd looked at quite a few posters and covers when I made the sketches for all the characters and I wanted some sort of empty field to add a little text. And I think it might make her look like a giant if I enlarged her. Personally, I don't like centered pictures neither but when it's something like a group picture I don't mind. It's just bringing focus on a particular character.
>> No. 5017
File 131800677899.png - (415.23KB , 333x500 , sit.png )
The only thing I see off about the legs is the curve down the back of the left calf (her right) seems to curve too much and, coupled with the curve between the shins and of the right calf, it makes the left calf appear unnaturally curved overall.

This image was the closest I could find to her pose to kind of show you what I imagine the legs to look like normally.

Other than that, I think it's great. It reminds me of the older movie posters.
>> No. 5018
Thanks for that picture, main. I'll put it into my ref folder.
>> No. 5041
File 131822201185.jpg - (195.66KB , 828x689 , sollyandengie.jpg )
Been reading that fanfic by KGB. Because of him/her I was already hooked on these two but that fic made it all worse. So have some helmets.
>> No. 5048

>> No. 5049
File 131826759068.jpg - (13.88KB , 480x320 , Gay Scout.jpg )
D'aw, so cute! You did really well on capturing the characters and still showing them in your own style. You got lots of talent, mate.
>> No. 5103
File 131864244073.jpg - (527.73KB , 1317x700 , happybdaysara.jpg )
Birthday present for my blood sister. As I recall it she's mad about Pyro.

Is it actually okay to post pictures with other people than those from TF2 in them here? I don't think the rules say anything about putting real life people into the pictures...
Well, Pyro's there so it's okay, right?
>> No. 5105
>> No. 5113
All I can say is UNF.
>> No. 5402
File 132011266390.jpg - (341.38KB , 900x626 , dyingscoutsyellingmedicfinish.jpg )
All I draw these days is Scout abuse. I can't seem to get enough of it.

Okay, this is mainly colouring practice and... that's about all I have to say about it.
>> No. 5403
I think, due to the angle of his head, his chin needs to be raised or else his face needs to be pulled down, otherwise it seems like he has either a strange growth or egregious neck fat. An angle as hellishly difficult to attempt as this one needs to be pulled off consistently, especially because we normally see it during quick movements irl whereas now the viewer has the leisure of scrutinizing it however long they want (and honestly, even photographs of this angle seem "off" sometimes). The best solution is, as always, a reference. Your rendering is fantastic and the palette is consistent, which pleases the eye.

As an aside, if you want to heighten the drama, take a breather after you think you've finished a piece and come back looking for the things that could push the realism. From the blood and bullet holes, it looks like he's been fighting for a while - give him bruising with vile colors, dirt and dust scraping and covering his skin, especially winners like dirt under the nails and rough, filthy and scratched elbows. Tear his hat, bend the mic, have fun with the abuse. Again, just suggestions.
>> No. 5406
Yeah, it is a difficult angle to handle, but I've gotta get it down sometime.

Let's see if I can fix some of it.
>> No. 5407
File 132014351265.jpg - (342.77KB , 914x619 , dyingscoutsyellingmedicfinishedit.jpg )
How about this?
>> No. 5413
Yes, now he looks like he's in a fight.
>> No. 5414
Thank you so much for the concrit!... or suggestions. Was that critizism? Or maybe just part?
>> No. 5419

I fell in love with the no-no finger taunting in the scout's face.


Normally I don't like the way people draw maskless spies, but this actually makes me love the spy even more. Very good!

P.S. I love the way you portray the scout. He's portrayed as boyish and naive most of the time, but your scout actually looks like he knows a thing or two about killing.
>> No. 5425
He gonna get his butt raped!! ^.^

>> No. 5427
>>5407 This scout is best scout
Honestly, your colors are amazing. I especially love the cuts and bruising on his hand.

>>5425 bitch, no
Try to leave that in Deviantfart, thanks.
>> No. 5431
>> No. 5432
All of my hate. ALL OF IT. No, a warning won't do. Permaban. PLEASE.

Very nice, but I would actually like a little more gore, if that's okay. I'm not asking for a gurofagorgasm or anything, but just some more bruising and general grittiness would help a ton.

For example, I more bruising on his shoulders, the bent headset >>5403 suggested would be nice, and maybe a broken nose (more than just bleeding) or a deep bruise of some sort on his forehead. And maybe blood dripping down from the back of his head. I don't know. Go nuts. NUTS, I SAY.

And make things really dusty and grimy! Dustbowl the SHIT out of his clothes and/or skin, homes!
>> No. 5435

Easy guys, they're probably new.
>> No. 5436
Whenever I'm new to a site, I read the rules first.
>> No. 5438
>>5407 >>5432 And bullet wounds! Or maybe some finger bruises on his neck. Or wood splinters in his arm. Great, now you guys have got me thinking
>>5436 ikr
>> No. 5440
Okay the next picture I will be posting is a pool of blood and intestines with a hat and earpiece on it. Is it guro enough for ya?

Actually I wouldn't mind guroing it up a bit. Anyone visiting gurochan ? But aren't there some rules against drawing very gorey pictures?
>> No. 5442
No, not really. Rules about art weigh more on the, "Expect criticism, no furries, and no CP" side. Other than that, go nuts.

I'm not asking for blood and intestines and all that, I'm just asking for more grit. For someone who's spewing blood out of his mouth and nose, he still looks kinda "pristine" in places.

That. And, seriously.
"necrophilia Ninja"?
"He's gonna get his BUTT RAPED"?

That's weeaboo almost to the point of trolling. So it's either some 14 year old who stuck on without her parents knowing or a troll trying to wind us up. Whatever it is, it calls for a ban. PERMA BAN PLX
>> No. 5451
Actually I kept myself from adding more bruises and wounds to let the focus be on the entire picture. It can easily become too much, but to give the blood-spitting a reason I aimed for bullets through his lungs.

About this kawaii desu ne shit, I think I read that some emoticons are actually alright to use here. I must admit I haven't lurked as much as I probably should have before I started posting so I am sort of learning how things work around here on the way. Which emoticons would be considered alright?
>> No. 5452
File 13204491746.jpg - (126.05KB , 561x370 , the_more_you_know2.jpg )
Alright, to clarify, these kind of emotes are bad as they suggest underage weeaboo: X'D <_<; o 3 o =^u^= * A *

oh god, it burned just typing those out.

These kind of emotes are okay when used sparingly, like to help clarify your tone: :) ;P :D <3 :T :3 and even ಠ_ಠ
>> No. 5453
What's the one with the capital A? I'm thinking it's cheerleading, but I have a feeling I'm wrong.
>> No. 5455
Ah, okay. Thank you for giving up your humanity for my sake.
>> No. 5459

I don't think I've seen anyone mention this yet but I am really enjoying his shirt being partially on fire. It hints at a narrow escape.

Also, while he does already look a pretty roughed up, I think TOO much more might be overkill. Maybe bend the headset or add a few more injury-specific bruises (I particularly liked the idea of a hand bruise around his neck), but I feel like adding too much gore would take away from it.
>> No. 5462
File 132050766530.jpg - (874.07KB , 852x1182 , demolass background.jpg )
Remember I said that maskless Spy and the Scout were roleplay characters? This roleplay has gone on for like a year or so and we're now introducing some female characters, which would be fem Pyro and the Demolass.
I'm not particulary fond of genderbend but I kinda liked her design in my head and so I decided to try and draw her.
>> No. 5863
File 132521213761.jpg - (335.97KB , 900x1266 , medic sketches.jpg )
Tried drawing some Medics. It's weird how I've never gotten around to do that when I think he's one of the greatest characters in the game.

I would've made a christmas picture of some sort for you guys, but I've been sorta busy with this huge commission which I had to finish real fast. Sorry.
>> No. 5880
You seem to have his profile down very well, given the strength of his jaw; though his neck seems a little thick in the top picture. For the front-facing image, his features all seem a little too close together on his face, perhaps difficulty with the perspective?
Medic, as a physical character, has slightly smaller eyes than the other team members (that I have noticed), and his nose has a deliciously broad bottom. I do very much enjoy how you draw his uniform, though, and dem eyebrows. Keep at it!
>> No. 5883
Thanks, I'll keep at it. And yes, I do have difficulties with all sorts of perspectives. That's the reason I keep drawing them.
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