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File 131388771844.jpg - (166.77KB , 566x1000 , IMG_0111.jpg )
4476 No. 4476
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>> No. 4479
File 13138939363.jpg - (457.25KB , 747x1024 , medic_back.jpg )
Use reference. Your medic is barely five heads tall and I can tell you're used to drawing ladies because the entire hips/thigh area is very curvy and feminine. And there had better be a magnificent story behind that melted down bonesaw, a tale of romance and danger and questionable medicinal procedures.
>> No. 5058
I agree with Exac - I don't really see the likeness... that is, unless you're trying to make a Medic OC. On the plus side, you do have a really good art style. I would love to see more of your art!
>> No. 5518
The style is alright, but I wont lie, He resembles an oompa loompa.
>> No. 6592
File 134606293492.jpg - (254.46KB , 430x900 , 13417068548.jpg )
You should try coming up with your own ideas sometimes, too.
>> No. 6593
Is that meant to suggest the pencil sketch above is somehow a ripoff of the female medic picture? Because I've literally seen shitloads of pictures of Medic with his boots together, holding a saw up. Their poses aren't even that similar.
>> No. 6595

OP went to workshop to practice their style.

Do you know how many pics there are of Medic in that pose? Just because it's the same pose doesn't mean it's a trace or ripoff.

I'm sorry, but it seems like you went searching for someone to be a dick to.
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