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File 131398669511.png - (238.69KB , 438x695 , doneincurredmywrathson.png )
4509 No. 4509
You know what? Fiddle faddle, I say.

Things in this thread might not look so gen in weeks to come, just a warning.
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>> No. 4510
File 131398676034.png - (219.18KB , 679x596 , scootface.png )
Noisy Boston assholes.
>> No. 4511
File 131398691839.png - (314.86KB , 790x776 , faces.png )
Hm. Think I like drawing him. I'll assume it's the feminine familiarity of his frame and face. No offense intended.
>> No. 4519
your art is incredibly expressive! i love it!
>> No. 4520
And then there was Delena!art HERE, too.

Never stop drawing. Ever.
>> No. 4528

Scout is a mean little bastard and I like the way you draw him- just remember that even though he's a lot more slender than the other characters, he's still a post-pubescebt male. The only slightly 'girlish' looking Scout you drew is the one with his arms crossed, though; you seem to have a good grasp of his proportions.
>> No. 4540
File 131407743525.jpg - (166.89KB , 952x862 , plant yerself on the point mister.jpg )
So this... Uh. This was actually a response to a question I got on the hipster blog about what I... About what I ship in TF2. This is one of three responses. It's pretty gen by all appearances, though. Think I might colour it with my pencils; been a while since I used them.

Thank you <3. Getting jealous of how amazingly expressive so many of my favourite artists' works are has been a tremendous motivation.

Dohoho, hello there, dear!

Haha, yeah... Drawing men is still a very new concept for me, so it's... challenging. Funnily enough, that kind of girlish scout was actually the first one I'd ever drawn. He got easier to work with after that. I need to remember he has respectably broad shoulders, though!
>> No. 4552
I have no idea why I haven't noticed your art before, it looks really good.
May I ask for your Hipstr name ?
>> No. 4553
Hehe, thanks man! As for Hipstr, the username's delena-hupp.
>> No. 4607
File 131466414657.png - (327.48KB , 719x556 , my art is getting gayer.png )
So. Um. More ship responses for Hipstr. I... I really, really, really ship this. It's mostly the fault of Owl Tiem's old fics.
>> No. 4611

Never ever stop drawing Spy and Engie.

Also Spy why you squishing Engie's face.
>> No. 4614

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