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File 131398829213.jpg - (212.44KB , 1202x1017 , what_is_medic_even_doing(lines).jpg )
4512 No. 4512
okay I held off on making a thread with these because I thought I'd do ALL THE REQUESTS but then I got busy (big surprise)

feel free to add to the chain if you'd like.

>captcha: Hope, msYouri (wat)
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>> No. 4513
File 131398837177.jpg - (409.91KB , 1202x1017 , medic_is_singing.jpg )
medic is singing a deep, emotional song
>> No. 4514
File 131398851557.jpg - (258.77KB , 800x1500 , medic_is_eating_a_leaf.jpg )
medic, with the body and neck of a giraffe, is eating a leaf (tenderly)
>> No. 4515
File 131398857095.jpg - (426.69KB , 1202x1532 , medic_is_opening_pickles.jpg )
medic is opening a jar of pickles (maybe he should get heavy to do that)
>> No. 4516
File 131398862329.jpg - (367.37KB , 1078x1359 , medic_is_rubbing_a_salami.jpg )
medic is rubbing a giant salami (on his face)
>> No. 4517

When I was in university, I remember one year they had a promotion in the cafeterias that involved a company that made processed meat. A giant salami was involved, and it hung around in the cafeteria, growing more sweaty and decrepit as the weeks went by and eventually breaking and having to be haphazardly held together with bamboo skewers.

I had a dream that there was a girl in the cafeteria and she was eating the fucking thing.

Just thought I'd like to share. Your Medic is scowling and manly-jawed as ever.
>> No. 4525

I like this medic the most.
>> No. 4526
This is the best thread ever.
>> No. 4527

Every single one of these is beautiful and special in its own way...

But I cannot help picturing things out-of-frame that are better suited for /afanart... My mind has to be in the gutter, because it's attached to my body.

Anyway, love these, can't pick a favourite.
>> No. 4529
I don't regret requesting this
>> No. 4530

This leaf must be the most DELICIOUS leaf in the history of the universe. Just sayin.

Wonderful work!
>> No. 4538
all of these are pretty boss good sir.
>> No. 4542
Trust me, I thought along basically the same lines. Albeit, I would imagine, gorier in my mind.
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