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File 131449113955.png - (287.60KB , 838x920 , spybody.png )
4589 No. 4589
A day or two after Meet The Medic came out I drew this. It caught on on Hipstr, so I guess I'll post him here.

Until BLU Spy's head dies, the rest of BLU has to put up with the abomination that is Spybody.
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>> No. 4590
I didn't know you had a Hipstr. Do you mind sharing it?
>> No. 4591
File 131449152198.png - (178.56KB , 752x726 , spybodydata.png )
Posted this in /rpg/ earlier, but I suppose Spy minus his head is not actually an OC. He has a tragic past in which he was separated from the one person that made him feel whole.
>> No. 4592
>> No. 4593
Hah nice!
>> No. 4594
...Why does this make me think of the ever-famous, "Mike the Headless Chicken"?
>> No. 4595
my thoughts exactly
>> No. 5860
File 132520810654.png - (146.56KB , 525x523 , wimminz.png )
We interrupt your regularly-scheduled sausage festival.
>> No. 5868
File 13252460864.jpg - (36.17KB , 600x600 , 1e9xdz.jpg )
... Moar?
This is wonderful and needs to be continued.
>> No. 5869
Is it wrong that I pity the headless spy and want to wrap it in a blanket and make everything better?
Because I do.
I'd keep it as a pathetic little pet or something. And then make love to it every odd day.
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