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File 131537466041.jpg - (5.96KB , 226x166 , GoOnI\'mListening.jpg )
4694 No. 4694
Dear TF2chan,

I have a dilemma of sorts which I hope you can solve. You see I tried to stop drawing all that sparkly animu crap when I turned 14 and learned that every person in my art class wanted to be a manga artist and move to Japan and all that Otaku shit.
And I have been successful so far, as I have been practicing thanks to Team Fortress 2 and this site. Everybody here has helped me tremendously, but after I played Lux-pain and a few other anime games I have had the urge to draw fanart of them, Is it all right for me to do this? Or should I continue as I have?
Do any of you get the urge to draw some anime stuff or are you purely western style artists?

Love, Miss Marie
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>> No. 4695
Shouldn't this rather be in the fanart board? Oh well.

Ontopic: Why do you even feel the need to ask people for permission to draw anime? Anime is not hated or scolded around here. It is simply not accepted as a crutch or all like "IT'S MY STYLE!!!11" - Quite a few of us here love anime/manga and draw things for them, of course. It is a valid style just like all the others, but it has sadly gained the notoriety of being used by 13 year olds on DA as an excuse for not learning how to actually draw.

Man, go ahead and draw whatever the fuck you like. Have fun while doing so, be properly critical of yourself and never fall back onto ANY style, anime or other, as a crutch. Good luck!
>> No. 4696
Jesus, just draw what you want. Don't let the judgment of other people impair what you want to do. Just realise that TF2chan probably isn't the place for that kind of fanart (and this thread would be better in /offtopic/).
>> No. 4697
File 131537991495.jpg - (34.27KB , 400x320 , got2bdiffrnt.jpg )
>I tried to stop drawing all that sparkly animu crap when I turned 14 and learned that every person in my art class was drawing like that

Draw whatever the fuck you want.
>> No. 4698
I will, thanks for responding so quickly...
Maybe when I get a working scanner I'll try to get some crits on my work.
>> No. 4699
It's all good. When I'm drawing fanart for anime/manga/JRPGs, I use a more anime-inspired style, when I draw fanart for Western fandoms, I try to use a less anime style...

(The site's been helping me a lot with improving on the basic anatomy stuff, too! Applying the same principles works under any style)
>> No. 4700
There is no such thing as an "Anime Style" anyway. Maybe things have homogenized a bit in the modern day because of budgetary and/or trending issues, but "anime" in Japan at least just means "animated". Even with specific genres (comics for younger boys, for young men, for girls, for ladies, for adults, etc.), it's not all the same look, either.

Our beef with what I'll call the "Animesque" style is that the artist generally doesn't seem to have any grasp of basic composition or anatomy and don't seem to be willing to accept even constructive criticism. Don't be the kind of person who rests on their laurels, continue to seek improvement and experimentation REGARDLESS OF STYLE, and most of us won't have a problem with you.

Plus, the TF2 world runs on Manry Men Doing Manry Things, so seeing our favorite death-tag playing sociopaths as androgynous pretty boys more interested soap-opera style drama than killing each other is a little off-putting, to say the least. In my opinon, Team Fortress 2 would be an AWESOME anime...one like Dragon Ball Z, Fist of the North Star, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hajime no Ippo...etc. If you want to do TF2 anime-style fanart, do THAT, since it's a relatively unoccupied niche.
>> No. 4701
If you're worried about drawing "anime" (which I wouldn't be, but ok), you could always try to draw fanart in a more western style or something. When well-done, it's really neat to see something drawn in a different style.
>> No. 4702
I know of plenty of artists who draw really well done, realistic art. Then draw chibis. You can do both!
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