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File 131668050764.jpg - (235.43KB , 901x1024 , tf2stickman.jpg )
4853 No. 4853
So, even though I have no digital art skills at all thanks to only having my laptop's mousepad, I've been having a BLAST with this website some friends found called drawastickman.com

You create your own stick figure doodle and (s)he goes through some animated challenges, and it's surprisingly a lot of fun! Naturally, my fandom kicked in so I decided to make a meme of sorts out of it. I invite you all to check the site out (its free, no account needed or anything) and make your own stickman!
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>> No. 4854
File 131671654663.png - (315.62KB , 1127x587 , well that was a disappointment.png )
So, I was gonna join in and show you the AMAZING story about stickmanmedic, but after all my hard work it never sent properly at the end. This is all I was able to 'cap. Ah well.
>> No. 4855
I admit, your medic made me laugh.
>> No. 4856
File 131672422879.png - (208.25KB , 1051x495 , 1.png )
Solly and Shovel vs. the Commie-Nazi Dragon.
>> No. 4859
These are beautiful.
>> No. 4861
File 131678809335.jpg - (395.64KB , 529x1893 , SaxtonHaaaaaale.jpg )
The Adventures of Saxton Hale!
>> No. 4862
File 131679157146.jpg - (56.14KB , 908x617 , spy.jpg )
so not really stick-man heavy is more of a blob man
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