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File 131701811030.png - (391.30KB , 619x545 , how to fill reqs.png )
4881 No. 4881
sup tf2chon i come bearing art
this is BASED ON something from the /r/ thread but i went with my own thing instead whoops

man i keep making threads and forgetting about them and then they keep getting deleted and the whole cycle starts all over again
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>> No. 4882
File 131701814043.png - (264.25KB , 461x785 , uh oh.png )
and then scout abuse
>> No. 4883
Interesting stuff. I like what I see so far!
>> No. 4884
I love your style! Post more stuff, c'mon!
>> No. 4886
Oh, I love your inking style! Wonderful stuff, I'd like to see more.
>> No. 4888
This makes me incredibly happy. Oh man, I love your lines. That is some fine inking, and I love the way the colours on this one pop.

And... hnngh, manly hairy Sniper arm in the foreground, nice depth in the fabric wrinkles, half-dressed Spy... Spy's socks, which also make me happy. The pose is great, I like the perspective/angle on it...

Thank you for sharing, this is awesome.
>> No. 4897
File 131708836216.png - (152.08KB , 417x516 , warning incoming jar warning incoming jar.png )
scout is too easy
brb killing self drawin niggerkilt
>> No. 4902
I really like your style! It is a lot of fun.
>> No. 4908
Oh man I think I'm in love
>> No. 4909
I'm enamoured with your inking style.
What brush and ink are you using?
>> No. 4910
pentel pocket brush w/ speedball ink. my cartridge is empty so i dip it instead
>> No. 4921
Oh man, I love this. More, please!
>> No. 4927
Do you use the brush for the thinner lines, too? Like the ones on >>4881 spy's pants, etc. etc.
>> No. 4945
lord no i'd kill myself trying to get a steady line with the brush. no that one's all tech pen

i feel bad posting with no fanart accompaniment(((
>> No. 4958
File 131753254135.png - (89.63KB , 435x537 , swagga jackn.png )
been watching this badass motherfucker's vids the last hour or so

incoming fanart etc
>> No. 4959
File 131753258317.png - (101.41KB , 366x672 , swagga j-j-j-j-jBRK.png )
this man's dancing is the best reference
>> No. 4960
File 13175357552.png - (62.80KB , 267x564 , searchin for a way to paradise.png )
>> No. 4961
File 131753577854.png - (75.80KB , 324x629 , far away from yo-u.png )
>> No. 4966

Those are freakin' awesome! I always thought there was something hilarious about Scout's short pants and teeny time feet.
>> No. 5037
this is unfuckingbelievable
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