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File 13175752774.jpg - (220.01KB , 828x694 , helmetteddy.jpg )
4967 No. 4967
I've seen a lot of my art posted on the dumps board, so I thought maybe it is time for me to join here and post something myself. I hope things will go well, and that you enjoy my art!

Here have some sweet helmet party.
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>> No. 4968
I'm happy that you post here now! You are an inpiration to me and encourage me to improve. And your cute pictures brighten my day. and the naughtier ones as well

Welcome to the chan!
>> No. 4969
I believe I posted some of your art, I hope you don't mind too much. Your art is glorious and I'm always looking forward to the next piece.
>> No. 4972
File 131758801023.jpg - (1.13MB , 926x1155 , snipahh.jpg )
bloody snipers are always fun to draw.
>> No. 4973
That's okay, I don't mind. Thank you!
>> No. 4978
File 13176928118.jpg - (65.35KB , 351x351 , 1275159674871.jpg )
FFFUUUUUCK so cyoot.

And I dig the way you handle linework and value.
>> No. 4982
File 131774061213.jpg - (342.83KB , 1043x844 , ridingcrop.jpg )
master faggot

who's ready for a riding crop race?
>> No. 4983
File 131774157129.jpg - (610.11KB , 1600x959 , turtlenecks.jpg )
Maybe I should draw all the classes in turtleneck shirts?
>> No. 4985
is there a turtleneck on the planet that can handle Heavy's neck?

I think you killed me. Or gave me diabeetus.
>> No. 4986
File 131774390361.jpg - (1.85MB , 1800x1037 , demosolly.jpg )
posting some old stuff.
I might draw soldier a bit too much heh.
>> No. 4987
>> No. 4989
Aww. I really like this.
>> No. 4990
I don't know who you are, but I like you.
>> No. 5012
I love how your Soldiers are both manly and insanely cute.
>> No. 5014
File 131799638892.jpg - (595.68KB , 1200x1171 , helmetskiss.jpg )
here, have some fluff
>> No. 5015
File 131799706327.jpg - (219.70KB , 842x684 , toothpick.jpg )
>> No. 5016

Fat Hoovy is the best Hoovy.
>> No. 5032
oh god, i... oh. you have to stop, this is too much!

p.s. more soldier
>> No. 5067
File 131846036198.jpg - (272.44KB , 758x966 , helmetcrap2.jpg )
a massage would feel rather good right now
>> No. 5069
I love your work and I'm so glad you ended up making a thread! hope you end up sticking around!
>> No. 5078
HHhhhhhiiiiii. Just gonna chinhands in this topic for a couple years, don't mind me.

Good to see you on the chan, Lintu!
>> No. 5090
I'm having trouble thinking of the words to describe how much I like this picture... Engineer's expression is so warm.
>> No. 5096
File 131860320627.jpg - (60.34KB , 376x352 , blush.jpg )
aah thank you! I've enjoyed the chan so far, so I'll stick around.

hhhiii I'll just be here for those couple of years, keeping you satisfied.
>> No. 5104

Eeeeee, the cute! I love your Engies.
>> No. 5141
File 13188621313.jpg - (1.84MB , 1263x1754 , snipercroc.jpg )
babu croc
>> No. 5143
File 131888106191.jpg - (1.37MB , 1406x1420 , medics.jpg )
a bunch of medics to cheer up your monday. i haven't drawn him in a while, so it was fun to doodle these. i have to say that expressions are my favorite thing to draw.
>> No. 5144

Draw more Medics.

Draw more Medics forever.
>> No. 5145
Ha I especially love the "Vhat?" Medic, though all the expressions are great. Your Medics are lovely! Also dawww to those fat doves.
>> No. 5146
Suddenly, Monday isn't so bad. Yes.
>> No. 5147

God, those expressive body postures. I love 'em.
>> No. 5152

Aww! So cute! (I petted a baby crocodile once, the reptile lover in me is just squealing over this)


Yes. All these Medics are beautiful.
>> No. 5153
D'aww... hoovy love medic. Those sketches are beautiful, you're a great artist.
>> No. 5154
Bloody, psychotic medic is best medic. Also, I love me some fat bords.
>> No. 5158

Out of interest where do you get inspiration for expressions? Do you look up photo reference or just make it up? I'm having difficulty with expressions atm but it's one of my favourite things in all art; and you draw awesome ones!
>> No. 5159
Can't speak for Lintu of course but most artists usually just spend a lot of time observing their own face in the mirror when drawing realistic expressions. There's no better reference than the real thing and it's much easier to experiment with different facial expressions when you yourself is the model.
>> No. 5160

Oh God, childhood memory commencing in 3...2...1... So apparently, when I was 2 or 3 years old, my parents took me to a county fair because I was spending too much time in front of the television. There was a guy at one booth showing off his baby crocodile and was allowing kids to pet it.

Naturally being a curious toddler, I went up to pet it. Apparently, I ended up poking the poor thing in the eye. The guy wasn't mad though; he just gave me a stuffed alligator.

The funny thing is this: The owner of the alligator was Australian. And he looked a bit like Sniper.

Now I have this mental image of Sniper showing off various baby reptiles and amphibians to kids and letting them pet said creatures.


Jesus Christ, your Medics...

I love them.

Especially the naked Medic with a needle. You're feeding the needle fetishist in me.
>> No. 5161
File 131896966196.jpg - (25.19KB , 212x297 , medicc.jpg )
Thanks everyone!

All of these expressions and poses I made up myself without any references. But like Inkybooo said in >>5159, it helps to look at yourself in the mirror and study various expressions. Same thing goes for drawing different head angles, hands, poses etc. if you can't find a good enough photo reference. Sometimes I even take random pictures with my webcam, making goofy expressions until my face hurts, hahah.
>> No. 5162
oh god that is one adorable mental image. can't unsee.
>> No. 5212
Lentuuu, post more!
>> No. 5214
File 131913542831.jpg - (182.33KB , 778x773 , cowboyyss.jpg )
wish granted!

solly's new cowboy hat just screams for more helmet party to be drawn.
>> No. 5229
Scuse me while I babble like a moron take a nice, long, cold shower.
>> No. 5242
>>1560 I wanna pet some sniper crocodiles
>>5214 Oh god, your Engies are so adorable! I accidentally got the beetus.
>> No. 5258
File 131940577286.jpg - (1.22MB , 1147x1927 , hoovybody.jpg )
stop. hoovy time.

oh man I haven't drawn heavy in a long time, so I decided to practice drawing his anatomy for a change and ended up with this awkward pose. His tiny legs are incredibly hard to draw.
>> No. 5261
Legs are so tiny! And yet, you make them look so good in your style!
>> No. 5262
>> No. 5264
I realy like how you make them tough, strong, manly but still they looks so cute and adorable.
>> No. 5266
File 131948022166.jpg - (723.10KB , 1000x1000 , 342840 - KoroKuro Sasha heavy_weapons_guy team_for.jpg )
Yesss. YESSS.
>> No. 5270
Off topic, but I've never seen that picture before and it might be the funniest thing I've seen all week.

This is an awesome picture; helmet party is now my favorite thing. and I don't even care for slash.

Seriously, I'm so envious of the fluidity in your pictures whether the characters are chilling or whether they're active. As well as your ability to do emotions.

Keep up the good work and have a good day!
>> No. 5372
File 131991809993.jpg - (295.15KB , 814x829 , pyrohalloween.jpg )
looking quite hot there, pyro.
>> No. 5376

Oi luv it, especially the underlighting. Very spooky.

I just love seeing /afanart/ and /fanart/ respond to these events.
>> No. 5377

Holy crap, Lintu. That's AWESOME. The lighting effect that you put on Pyro's lines really makes him pop. It's freaking beautiful.
>> No. 5430
urg i don't know why but Spy looks so sincere and tender here! Am I looking at it wrong?
>> No. 5471
File 132061466710.jpg - (485.04KB , 1092x1170 , scooty.jpg )
i was asked to draw a "fanservice scout".
not sure why's he trying to eat things that aren't edible.
>> No. 5472
Why are you the best at literally everything?

I mean, seriously. My god.
>> No. 5473
Scout looks really pale here... and this coming from someone who can't go outside for five minutes without getting sunburnt.
>> No. 5478
I've got a pair of dogtags that I wear all the time, and I tend to chew on them like that when I'm thinking. It's sort of like gnawing on a pencil, minus the paint flakes and plus a metallic taste. Cathartic. ...my nonsense aside: good lord, the way you draw Scout is lovely. He doesn't look 12, yet he's still got his youthful look. Definitely would not mind seeing more of this!
>> No. 5480
>> 5372

As much as I love this, I am a bit confused with the horns. At the angle it looks like the horns are coming out of Pyro's eye holes.
>> No. 5481

That's because they are. It's how they look in-game.
>> No. 5502
File 132077175738.jpg - (53.31KB , 385x527 , sjkfk.jpg )
oh thank you! i should make an effort to try to draw him more often. i just lack of any good ideas for him.
>> No. 5503
File 132077193259.jpg - (195.19KB , 592x784 , smokekritzeveryday.jpg )
a doodle i might or might not finish someday.
>> No. 5515

I love you never stop.

I can only suppose it's a compliment for you to hear that I very occasionally use your bunch of sketchmedics for reference.
>> No. 5535
File 132099993867.jpg - (80.43KB , 323x347 , 1294753305993.jpg )

oh my.
>> No. 5538
File 132103089884.jpg - (202.92KB , 617x883 , bluengie.jpg )
cuddly engies and shirtless snipers belong to my favorite things to draw
>> No. 5553
File 132114207332.jpg - (1.21MB , 1135x1601 , heavystudies.jpg )
more hoovies yeeah
>> No. 5554
File 132114664072.jpg - (89.10KB , 500x334 , 127715088363.jpg )
>> No. 5555

Draw more Heavy forever please.
>> No. 5557

Hnngh... dat Hoovy. I love you for drawing him as ridiculously proportioned as he is in the game. (Those hands... so much love.)
>> No. 5719
File 13229461873.jpg - (1.18MB , 1400x853 , helmetssad2.jpg )
soldier found out his son has become a hippie
>> No. 5720
File 132294676867.jpg - (117.97KB , 648x652 , dumb1.jpg )
where's sandvich??
>> No. 5721
File 132294684695.jpg - (89.42KB , 596x612 , dumb2.jpg )
oh nein
>> No. 5722
File 132294689517.jpg - (106.52KB , 658x549 , dumb3.jpg )
sandvich in medic's mouth??
>> No. 5723
File 132294697286.jpg - (98.66KB , 648x635 , dumb4.jpg )
get sandvich back
>> No. 5724
File 132294708790.jpg - (123.64KB , 652x738 , dumb5.jpg )
no more sandvich for archimedes.

my apologies for the 4am doodle quality.
>> No. 5725
File 132294743686.jpg - (54.96KB , 298x437 , dumb6.jpg )
a sniper cried.
>> No. 5736
That was incredibly adorable! Why aren't there more comments on this.

I like your expressions, they're so expressive...derp. Oh you probably know what I mean. Also, you draw cute chubby birds
>> No. 5739

And so did I. He looks so sad!
>> No. 5743
It's all fun and games until Sniper starts crying in his van.
>> No. 5757

oh sweet heaven on earth. this is magic!! It's simple, but probably one of my fav TF2 fan arts so far.
>> No. 5759
File 132346966138.jpg - (309.47KB , 904x657 , kees3.jpg )
Thank you guys! Yeah, I do like to draw expressive expressions and chubby birds. Glad to hear you like them!

Here's a request doodle:
"Really god damn drunk Demoman giving Medic a bambi kiss. You know… licking on the cheek".The term bambi kiss sounded downright hilarious to me, hence the sillyness of this.
>> No. 5760

This is my fetish. Demo/Medic is almost as glorious as Heavy/Medic, especially when drawn by someone who makes the team look so painfully cute.
>> No. 5761

you need to draw more demoman. i mean, i already love your style, but seeing such an under-appreciated character drawn so awesomely just makes me so happy. and medic's 'that's nice, dear' face is also the best thing i've seen today.
>> No. 5767
File 132363243648.jpg - (275.92KB , 652x758 , kees6.jpg )
another request:
"Sniper/Demoman hug/kiss on the forehead."
now with sleepy demo!
>> No. 5768
Now that is just precious.
>> No. 5774
File 132365240539.jpg - (10.44KB , 480x360 , 131500241073.jpg )


No, wait. Do EVERYTHING forever.
>> No. 5785


Lintu, everything you do is made of gold. *clings*
>> No. 5840
File 132483190730.jpg - (305.37KB , 733x759 , kees7.jpg )
crossfaction smooches~

happy holidays!
>> No. 5906
I'm crying
>> No. 5918
holy crap

I did not know that I like Sniper/Demoman

I apparently really like Sniper/Demoman
>> No. 5920

It's one of my favorite, under-appreciated pairings.

There really should be more of it.
>> No. 5925
I dunno, the only TF2 pairing that really works with me is Medic X Heavy. All the others feel like crack parings.

Great drawings btw, I like your style.
>> No. 5927
Anything with Soldier, Sniper, Demoman and Engineer. :)
>> No. 5933
File 132700556233.jpg - (289.48KB , 704x790 , sollyglomps.jpg )
oh no i haven't posted anything here in a while, mostly due to personal problems during the month. anyways, here's some helmet party to begin the new year in this thread.
>> No. 5941
File 132716368818.jpg - (367.35KB , 800x621 , engiecowboy.jpg )
cowboy up!
>> No. 5942
Who are you, glorious, mysterious stranger?

Just kidding. This is really nice. YOU SHOULD REALLY DO SMUT SOME TIME JUST SAYIN
>> No. 5943
I HAVE DONE SMUT but I never posted them. They're based on roleplays I've had with my friend, so if I was to post them I'm not even sure if they should go to /rpg/ because they're OCs, or /afanart/ because dicks.
If I was to draw smut with canon characters, I'd need a good reason to do so. I can't draw it without any meaning behind it.
>> No. 5944
Wow I just noticed I forgot to put my name on these.
>> No. 5948
could you possibly draw the spy looking BEEFY AS FUCK because everyone draws him all bishonen like
>> No. 5977
File 132795906166.jpg - (1.08MB , 1300x1181 , hoobster.jpg )
haven't drawn hoovy in a while.
>> No. 5979

His right arm doesn't line up with the rest of the angles in the picture- it looks more like it would be positioned if he were side view. Other than that, though, it's an awesome picture, and I can't complain about more Hoovy.
>> No. 5995
Wonderful Hoovy! I can't get enough of your art style.
>> No. 6008
You. Are. AMAZING.
Your TF2 style... just... GAH.
I want to kidnap them and take them home with me.
Where I can hide them in my closet.
And invite you over so you can draw them.
I've forgotten where I was going with this.
>> No. 6050
File 133003414921.jpg - (519.37KB , 1198x987 , mediiics.jpg )
Here, have some medics.
>> No. 6051
I love you and adore you. Forgive me by not watching your delightful streams that mcuh anymore. Here comes the cart. I die of gooing feeling all in me.
>> No. 6055
>> No. 6064
Oh my GOD, I just LOVE your style.
Solider is just HRRRRRRRNG.
Also, do you have a dumblr?
>> No. 6084
>>6051 Thanks! That's alright. I wish I had more time for drawing and streaming anyways, but work takes most of my time.

>>6064 Yes I do have a dumblr. I post most of my drawings and doodles there nowadays. lintufriikki.tumblr.com
>> No. 6085
Followed. dcftumblr.tumblr.com is my URL. Plan on getting a tablet sometime soon so I can pracice drawing bara and TF2 men, since you and a couple other artists here inspited me.
>> No. 6111
File 133158186061.jpg - (785.09KB , 957x992 , helmetswtf.jpg )
I wonder what or who interrupted their party
>> No. 6113
Whoever it was, I can tell from the look on Soldier's face, they are a dead man.
>> No. 6118
Those faces are goddamn priceless!
>> No. 6176
File 133449067573.jpg - (1.52MB , 1342x906 , snipahspoo.jpg )
sniper and spy playing guess who. just a silly idea from a friend. it might be fun to draw a series of these two playing all sorts of random games.
>> No. 6177
File 13345057882.jpg - (224.15KB , 614x798 , helmetsssss.jpg )
i forgot to post this here earlier
>> No. 6178
File 133450597025.gif - (38.79KB , 391x346 , scoutkiss.gif )
no scout that's not how to use tongue
>> No. 6182
yes scout that's how to use tongue

Also, this entire thread will be the end of my trousers hygiene. You make it look effortless.
>> No. 6253
File 133686562628.jpg - (1.32MB , 968x1200 , medicburd.jpg )
Whispering sweet things to burds.
I've become very fond of this watercolor style lately. It's a lot more relaxing than the other coloring methods I've been using.
>> No. 6254

Gah! That's so cute... Medic may be a crazy old bird-man, but him and his birds are happy. He's not in prison, although living in close quarters with eight other dudes is the same no matter where you are, right? Perhaps he keeps pigeons so he'll have some sane company
>> No. 6255
DKJFNDS too cute, aaaa!

I love all your drawings forever never stop
>> No. 6366
File 134091989387.jpg - (812.57KB , 1088x748 , hebymedichats.jpg )
obligatory drawing because heavy and medic have a matching wardrobe.

>> No. 6367
>>6366 Oh tits I need that hat worse than I need life.

And you're still a brilliant artist. Not big surprise.
>> No. 6368

So fuckin' cute holy hell.
>> No. 6371

Gah, so cute! I love how you draw all the guys...
Even people who aren't shippers can't deny that the bromance is canon. ♥
>> No. 6374
Jesus Christ, this is adorable.
I wonder if Valve is just trolling the community, or are actually serious with this.
>> No. 6377
You're soo good Lintu, so very good.

The hat was a happy inclusion, maybe soon Valve will give Medic a russian line / Heavy a german line! I imagine they spend enough time together for some language learning to happen.
>> No. 6379
I wouldn't be very surprised if that happened someday. After all, Valve just loves to shiptease and troll the fandom. Oh well, I guess that's what I like about Valve so much...
>> No. 6380
Actually posting for once, just to say I love how you draw these guys :D It may just be me, but I'm fascinated at how you can draw so many different angles, scenarios and emotions, but still manage to make it actually look like the character you're drawing and not just someone who vaguely looks like them :P

Much love, mate - Keep up the good work :D
>> No. 6387
File 134158871920.jpg - (26.79KB , 305x307 , linthanks.jpg )
Thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments! They really made me smile. I'm glad to hear you enjoy my stuff.
>> No. 6388
I love your birds!! My gosh!!
>> No. 6413
Oh man your art is so cash! You don't take requests, do you?
>> No. 6426
I went through your entire thread again because I kinda missed you and I'm an assfag like that.

It was JUST AS GOOD the second time. Gotta say, you really do have a gift! idk I just wanted to tell you that to let you know you haven't been forgotten - you're still fucking amazing, Lintu.
>> No. 6439
File 134384839642.jpg - (1.30MB , 1200x1563 , cbs.jpg )
>>6413 Thanks! I unfortunately don't take requests since I never seem to have time and/or inspiration for them.
>>6426 oh gosh thank you so much, making me blush here. Again, it's nice to hear you enjoy my stuff.

Also here's a CBS I drew a while ago.
>> No. 6445
Ah, his beard, ah, his mane, ah, HIS INSANITY. You don't even have to be familiar with the old gmod videos to know this guy is a few arrows short of a quiver. You will always have my undying support, Lintu! Can't wait to see what you give us next!
>> No. 6484
File 134495973537.jpg - (269.63KB , 559x514 , mvmhoovy.jpg )
a little rushed doodle due to the MvM update. I just love the way heavy puffs his nose in the movie.
>> No. 6493

I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I seriously played those parts over and over where they were just blowing out jets of steam all angry-like. I don't know why - it was just awesome!
>> No. 6507
File 134514060146.jpg - (1.25MB , 1000x1332 , hoobymedic.jpg )
A bit of fluff is always nice. This is actually a birthday gift for a dear friend.
>> No. 6509
I like Heavy's giddy expression!
>> No. 6511

Oh my gosh are heavy and medic ever not perfect

I can't get over how perfectly you draw these characters. Seriously, they look valve quality to me.
>> No. 6515

So friggin' adorable aaaaaaaaaaa.
>> No. 6608
File 134667857588.jpg - (1.67MB , 1045x1280 , bluh.jpg )
Trying to get myself back into drawing after having a painful art block for weeks.

Someone wrote a wonderful short story for this on tumblr: http://tinyurl.com/bnv2wrr
>> No. 6610
>>6608 I know I'm a sap, but that's heartstring-tuggingly sad. Weh.

>>6484 Hoovy is an unstoppable force. My clone beat through Fallout 2 with a character she 'played' like Heavy. At one point he had to choose his boxing champion name off a list, and the one she went with was "Bald Bull".
>> No. 6640
File 134797814969.jpg - (1.18MB , 952x1100 , engiecat.jpg )
engineer with a kitten is the cutest thing
>> No. 6641
You make the cutest TF2 drawing I know!
>> No. 6654
Kittens and Angies are an unstoppable pair, but I'm incredibly concerned about the way he's holding the poor thing.
>> No. 6657
The Corvine is pleased. Continue.
>> No. 6712
Just wanted to drop by and tell you how amazing you are. I especially love your Sniper and Helmet Party stuff.

I thank you for making these unbelievably awesome art.
>> No. 6733
File 135345143276.jpg - (400.92KB , 741x888 , sniperbun2.jpg )
>>6712 Thank you!
I realized I haven't been here in a while... Sorry I don't have much to post here since most of my drawings are either of my oc's and/or nsfw. I hope you like cute snipers though!
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