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File 13180461997.png - (183.43KB , 833x620 , dickseverywhere.png )
5022 No. 5022
I'm probably not remembered... It's been a while since I posted here, but the place has seemed to have calmed down and I have kinda been in the mood for fanart.

Here's an old one that I fixed up and threw some flats on to start it off.
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>> No. 5023
With a name like that, I can't imagine that people could forget you.

Also, Scout's expression here is excellent.
>> No. 5024
I don't remember you or your art from anywhere but I like you already.
>> No. 5025
File 131807477912.jpg - (70.18KB , 500x589 , Happeh Sniper.jpg )
How could we forget you?
Also that picture. PRICELESS.
>> No. 5026
That picture is amazing. I just have to wonder the context of the conversation.

“Son, in the promised land...”
“Sun Tsu said...”
“Now to sum up the birds and the bees...”
“There is a website with porn of us on it..."
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