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File 131872622123.png - (1.02MB , 678x972 , leetledoktor.png )
5119 No. 5119
I think it's been about what.. 2 years since i last made a thread here. Haven't been able to draw much lately and it makes me rage. I usually smoke a bunch of pot, chill and draw when this problem occurs, but nowadays i just find myself smoking a bunch of pot and not producing anything. This must be stopped!

You nigs got any ideas for me?
Heck, if you have some uncoloured pictures or something i'd be glad to practice my digital painting on them/colour them for you. I just need something to focus on.

All i can draw at the moment are small faggot block-head people. Picture related. Should i post my old stuff from way back or just keep it all new?
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>> No. 5120
Inkybooooo I remember you!

I wouldn't mind seeing your old stuff again.
>> No. 5121
Welcome back, Inky! There's a lot of new folks around these parts now, so I'm sure they wouldn't mind seeing your old stuff. You got a great style.
>> No. 5123
Good to have you back, Inky!

How's things?
>> No. 5130
File 131879515622.png - (1.36MB , 900x900 , Lollipops_and_faggotry_by_inkylinkyboooo.png )
Aw man i didn't expect anyone to remember me!
I'll post some of my old stuff then, even though it makes me cringe a bit when i look at it now.

I did this in 2009, still learning how to use the tablet. I can't remember if this ever made any sense, but the description on my dA says one wouldn't want to know.. So I'll just leave it at that. Spy in the corner looks like a spray painted sausage.

Thanks Cat! Been pretty good, just moved out with a friend. Makes me feel adult and old, but at least i can play some of dat Tf2 without having to pause and go outside when i need to smoke. This apartments smells like a goddamn ashtray now though.. sort of a downside. Congrats on being a mod and all!
>> No. 5131
I just now realize that Medic in the new and old picture have the exact same expression. MY PROGRESS HAS BEEN GREAT I SEE!
>> No. 5139
File 131884507568.jpg - (183.29KB , 866x772 , hudda.jpg )
Fat Pyro from 2010
>> No. 5140
File 131885560831.png - (1.56MB , 913x1252 , Ladybug-fuck-up.png )
Um.. This is were things got really weird. At some point back in time the Demno-fro was very popular and EVERYONE drew him with hilarious results. I had such a good laugh over the pictures that i wanted to draw something too..
I dont.. know what the fuck i was on. The purple ladybug is sort of my signature "thing", but i don't know why Demo-fro wants Pyro to eat it and why they're riding it. It's a mystery.
>> No. 5163
Damn, Inky, I just love your Pyro-pudge.
>> No. 5193
I want to buy these as postcards or something, I like the Demo/Pyro one and the Medic in the op is super adorable!
>> No. 5200
Seconding the postcard idea!
>> No. 5309
File 131963840332.png - (470.13KB , 883x737 , cupcake.png )
Aww I'd love to make real postcards designs sometime, it seems that that's all i can really do at the moment.

I realized yesterday that i never draw Soldier, which is a shame since his character brings me many laughs. I don't know why he's taking delight in stepping on Archie, but just pretend Medic'll come along quickly and heal his dove-bro and everyone will eat Soldier's homemade "I'm-very-sorry-for-squashing-your-dove-cupcakes" and be happy ever after.
>> No. 5323
File 131966705180.png - (371.38KB , 483x760 , tentaspy in disress.png )
Some sort of tentaspy. Is tentaspy even still a thing?
>> No. 5336
>> No. 5337
Tentaspy is absolutely still a thing, and I want to make high-pitched noises and cuddle this one. So cute!
>> No. 5339
You meant cupcake... b-but you drew a muffin......
>> No. 5346
Wow.. You're right.. What the hell.
>> No. 5415
File 13202806266.png - (1.56MB , 1426x1044 , medicisnotamused.png )
Poor Medic, he ain't got no proper winter hats. Lucky for him his bro Heavy has plenty to share.
>> No. 5417

I'm dead.

You've killed me.
>> No. 5418
What Cat Bountry said.

>> No. 5422
You draw the cutest, most huggable Pyro I've ever seen. Hell, all of this is just dripping with cuteness and wonderful, vibrant colours.
>> No. 5441
File 132042185372.png - (861.81KB , 901x542 , hotdogspyhotdogspyhotdogspy.png )
For some unholy reason i can only draw these characters looking sickeningly cute. It's my guilty pleasure.

A dump of stuff i did two winters ago. Hotdog-spy is probably my favorite.
>> No. 5443
I love that you draw the characters sickeningly cute. It's kind of a nice break from all the MANNLINESS and bloody, gory shenanigans that are all over the fandom. (For the record, I adore the manliness and the guro as well. I'm just saying it's nice to see, in the words of Monty Python's Flying Circus, "Something completely different.")

Also, I find your Pyros especially adorable. I might be prejudiced, since he(?)'s my favorite character, but seriously. It's like he's made of d'aww and squee.
>> No. 5445
File 132044211014.jpg - (22.13KB , 250x470 , 250px-Cremator_model.jpg )

weeeh... I love squishy Pyros, but with the mask head-on, all I can think of is this guy.

Demoman and Solly are adorable!
>> No. 5461
File 132050700526.png - (626.31KB , 801x804 , Atentaspee.png )
Socially retarded Tentaspy from 2009. He really needs some friends, but he ain't got no social skills. Bohoo I'll just go back to drawing squishy Pyros now.

It's funny though, because i think Pyro has the potential to be really creepy, but all i can think of when i see dat pear-shaped body is cute and d'aww. Glad people enjoy it though c:

Brothers(freaks) from another mother?
>> No. 5464
oh gosh wow i love the colours on that tentaspy! just oh man that whole piece is really something!
>> No. 5465
File 132055085428.jpg - (127.02KB , 727x702 , 131908186042.jpg )
May I adopt him?

>> No. 5466
I love him so hard.
>> No. 5468
Oh, wow, your stuff is amazing. It's really inspiritng, I have a go drawing in your style.

What program do you use to colour your work?
>> No. 5469
*I think I might have a go
>> No. 5474
File 132063036071.png - (596.16KB , 591x814 , nopenopenopenope.png )
Yeah Spy, stop smelling Engie.. That just ain't right.

I'm sure he'd make a horrible companion. Eats children and has horrible breath. Also lacks any sense of humor. Terrible timing when making a pun. Poor socially retarded Tentaspy.

Really? That's very flattering, I wasn't even aware of my style being very... nice.. hum..
I usually do everything in OpenCanvas v1. I'm much more of a traditional artist than a digital one so i like to keep it as simple as possible when i try shit on the computer. Only picture not drawn/coloured with OC in this thread is the Medic/Heavy one, which i painted in ArtRage.
>> No. 5477
File 132063684694.png - (55.21KB , 400x400 , 131861711580.png )
I meant, like, for a fanfiction or some shit?

>> No. 5479
no keep smelling engie

also I am in love with that hotdog spy
>> No. 5489
File 132071757729.png - (0.98MB , 1040x832 , bff.png )
And now for something completely different. When I'm bored I sometimes make remakes of old pictures I've done. Last time i posted on the chan i drew a bunch of children-book-look-alike pictures concerning retard-Tentaspy and his sewer friends. Found one of them floating around with some text attached.

"Tentaspy has many friends though. They all live together with him in the sewer. The RED doctor is very good at listening, Tentaspy can talk to him about anything. Medic doesn't say much, but Tentaspy's a gentleman, so he doesn't ask about it. Come to think of it.. Medic never does much of anything.. "

Medic's feeling sort of down today so Tentaspy brought him a festive hat from his wonderful collection. The doctor doesn't seem to appreciate the gift though.. Maybe he's angry he didn't get the fez?

My internet lingo sucks dicks. You take him and you you do whatever you want with him. I've always enjoyed your stuff man.
>> No. 5491

Kind of disturbed... and reminded of the part in Red Dwarf where Kryton is caring for and attending to a crew of long-deceased astronauts on his ship.
>> No. 5493
Hah at least this guy still has flesh. Poor spy...
>> No. 5514
Sweet jaeusus that is incredibly disturbing, heartbreaking and upsetting all in one. Probably because I have a thing about this sort of situation. But still. Eauh.
>> No. 5540
File 132103177695.png - (322.56KB , 567x793 , Fuckingumbrellas.png )
yeahh.. It was supposed to be sort of funny when i first started drawing, but now it's just sort of sad and disturbing.

Here's a derpy fat Pyro in raincoat to make up for my horribleness.
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