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File 131900896024.jpg - (562.41KB , 552x900 , BURDS.jpg )
5171 No. 5171
FFF k so im new to the game, well the last two weeks and its pretty much a huge ball of awesome, so Heres my fanart thread! I love Medic guhuhu
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>> No. 5172
File 131900915282.jpg - (1.26MB , 1200x872 , TF2DOKTORdoodles.jpg )
Medic and Heavy, oh god why do i like them so much
>> No. 5173
File 131900926828.png - (139.46KB , 256x256 , medicspray.png )
Mah spray :B
>> No. 5174
I don't have a reaction pic convenient to express my love.
Do you have a link for that spray? I need it in my life
>> No. 5175
... Gemma? Fancy stumbling across your Tumble page AND seeing you post here in the same 24 hours...

You certainly wouldn't remember me - I don't think I personally ever said much to you before, just enjoyed your art - but I remember you from way back on dA. Like waaaaay back, when you were drawing mostly HP stuff.

So, hi there. Have you been in this fandom very long? (I'm relatively new myself, so no worries either way.)
>> No. 5176
Oh, lol, I just reread your OP here where you said you got into this like two weeks ago. Headdesk. Ah'm a dumbass, sorry.
>> No. 5177
Only thing I'd have to critze is the lack of jaw, especially on Heavy. Stylization is dandy and all, but the TF2 characters all have very prominent jawlines, epecially Heavy, Soldier and Engineer. So when you draw Heavy, keep in mind that he DOES have one massive manry chin!

Generally, this is some really neat stuff. I do hope to see more!
>> No. 5181
That is adorable. I just... flailing incoherently at the cuteness of that Medic.
>> No. 5183
File 131903261039.jpg - (264.41KB , 1920x1080 , heads_render.jpg )

Gonna second the anon here, all the classes besides Scout (who is a prepubescent babby anyway) have some impressive jaws going on. Also, even though Medic's lower jaw isn't as pronounced as Heavy's or Engineer's, it's still a long and solid looking jaw. This also applies to Sniper, and Spy to an extent. Here's a reference on the left which I've found very helpful, because drawing the classes faces the first time around can be a pain in the arse.

That being said! Your colour in the first picture is lovely, and you have a nice style, very fluid and cute. Looking forward to seeing more work from you!
>> No. 5184
thankya for the ref :D I don't think my jaws will become super big like the TF2 style but I'll def try to apply more manliness ;D
>> No. 5185
'sup gemma.

I was super excited to see these on the Y. I love your style and the Medic and the Heavy are an otp of mine. I'd like to see you tackle them in a more TF2-true sense, too- plenty of room for both. In other news, your archimedes is adorable.
>> No. 5187
Since you are new here, I'm just gonna recommend reading the rules on the frontpage of the site under the rules tab since you're breaking a couple right now: http://tf2chan.net/news.php?p=rules
>> No. 5188
could you please clarify what rules I am breaking?
>> No. 5189

> k so im
> so Heres

So from your first posts, I'm not sure if you have a handle on decent grammar and you don't specify that you're not a native English speaker (which then it wouldn't be a problem). Disregard for grammar is one of those things we mods use to figure out who here is under 18, which isn't allowed on this site. I'm not going to ask your age, but it comes on the condition you adhere to the rules and behave maturely.

> guhuhu

I would call this another warning flag that borders on excessive fangirling, which is another thing we use to determine if someone is underage.

There's also a bit of emote usage. Smilies are okay in moderation, but along with the poor grammar, it's suspect.

We love to have new artists on the chan, but we try to conduct ourselves differently than Sparkledog Central and Hipstr. Understand?
>> No. 5190

That'd be the Dee-Ey and Tumbler minus the e.
>> No. 5191
Butting in for a sec, don't mind me.

She may have written like a kid for a moment, but I'm pretty certain she's legal.
I started watching her stuff on devA way back when I was only 15 years old and that was 5 years ago and she was older than me. I'm 21 now, so heck knows how old she may be.
>> No. 5192
It's still expected that people even of legal age act maturely. It won't stop me from banning folks who don't.
>> No. 5194
ok, sorry.
>> No. 5195
File 131907046164.jpg - (365.44KB , 800x3585 , HEALTHY-SANDVICH.jpg )
I won't be able to submit anything for a week, So have a silly comic strip! I'm yet to finish it, but by the end of the week, It will be done. Enjoy!
>> No. 5196
ah, welcome to the chan. i'm really liking your style so far
>> No. 5197
I love how this is coloured, what program do you use?
>> No. 5198
Photoshop cs2!
>> No. 5199
The blood makes it even more delicious!

I absolutely love your art style, we don't get very many "cartoonish" artists when it comes to tf2, as far as I've seen. I really like your Heavy, though mainly because of the eyebrows. Thick and bushy-looking, instead of little pencil lines.
>> No. 5201
File 131908231620.png - (8.16KB , 400x400 , snoipah.png )
why thankyou! Heavy's eyebrows confuse me, I'm not sure if they're thick or whatever haha.

anyway, Sniper doodle from the oekaki board.
>> No. 5202
File 131908305925.jpg - (48.32KB , 410x350 , Shilpa-Shetty-kissing-act-with-Richard-Gere.jpg )
Ahhhhh, that made me squeal, not gonna lie.

I absolutely love your style and your grasp of emotions. I can't wait to see more! Also, you have a new stalker.
>> No. 5203
File 131908456321.png - (92.96KB , 800x800 , Engie Approves.png )
Goodness, your Heavy. I love him. And the Medic in that last panel is lulzy in the cutest way.

This was supposed to be a reaction image since I couldn't be assed to find an already-existing one, but it got a little elaborate? Oops.
>> No. 5207
That comic made me smile. Kind of digging on the style, definitely loving the massive eyebrows of Heavy. I look forward to seeing more whenever you can get around to it.
>> No. 5208
Hey, well lemme tell yah, I'm definitely going to be following this thread quite closely. I'm REALLY loving your style, and the fact that you like Heavy and Medic, too? WELL! That just doubles the fun!
You have a very unique style and I love to see something so fresh and different! Keep doing what you're doing, and posting your work. I'd love to see much more from you.

Ah, and >>5195 especially is just. Oh man, so adorable. The facial expressions are great, along with the body language. I just love your style, and especially how you drew Medic!
Keep posting!
>> No. 5210
File 131911415481.jpg - (629.88KB , 900x900 , Medic-Death.jpg )
Nobody to save the doctor...

I always get a bit sad when I see a medic die in the game, even if its the oposing team, haha.

Poor medics...
>> No. 5211
haaaa. Oh medic. You do love your heavy. Enough to eat bleached white bread soaked in blood.
>> No. 5218
Very nicely done! I like the coloring and everything. Hah I know what you mean, too. It's always a bit sad to kill a Medic, but especially at the end of a match with that free-for-all on the team that loses!
>> No. 5225
File 131920796440.png - (190.39KB , 600x409 , ponymedic.png )
Oh look, A medic pony.
>> No. 5226
I dig the over all style, but you should think about incorporating stronger and longer jaws and chins into your work. You'll have more face variations to work with, and I find character's like Sniper never look quite right with a short face. Also I think your heavy's a bit too baby faced, he needs a thicker neck, at least.

Just my thoughts, keep on keeping on!
>> No. 5231
You are a wonderful person and you should feel wonderful.
>> No. 5232
File 131924918164.jpg - (412.71KB , 700x863 , glasses.jpg )
I'll keep trying! haha.

Have some Sniper/Medic. Theres a few anatomical mistakes but I had fun drawing it!
>> No. 5233
Damn I forgot his scar! All the time I was drawing it I was telling myself "Don't forget snipers scar" and...I did.
>> No. 5234
File 131925202730.jpg - (69.84KB , 700x863 , 131924918164.jpg )

The anatomical mistakes that really stood out to me with this were ones that could have been quickly fixed- foremost, the fold in Sniper's arm. The curve on the underside of his bicep would be on the inside of his arm, facing away from the screen, while the muscles of his forearm should be defining the outline of his folded arm from this direction. I've attached a redline to better illustrate what I'm saying. The other thing that bugged me to a lesser extent was the position of his thumb, which appears to be folded against Medic's shoulder, rather than gripping it.

If you find things bugging you about a picture you're working on, (and I know I often do) you can always take a look at anatomical references or post it in /workshop/ to get a second opinion.
>> No. 5235
Dude, I totally know how you feel. But I gotta say, I don't like this picture much. The problem isn't really anything in the drawing itself as much as it is... the mood. The mood is waaay off.

For some reason, when I look at this picture, I almost feel giddy and silly, and then I'm all, "Oh, wait... This is a sad picture. Medic is dying." But it makes me think of the carnival.

I don't know shit! We gotta keep movin'. anything about art, really, but I'm certain the problem is the color scheme. It's way too bright and colorful and saturated and fucking FUN for a subject so serious. Seriously - it makes me crave cotton candy and balloons and shit. Try duller, muddier, GRITTIER colors. It'd probably help.

Another problem is probably Medic's facial expression. He don't look particularly... concerned that he's dying. Which, I mean, he probably shouldn't - especially since respawn is (probably) on, but the aim of the picture is to make us feel BAD for him.

But when he's just kind of looking at his bloodied chest like, "Well, damn. THAT happened. :/" it kind of takes away from the feel you're trying to establish. Try "OH MY GOD I'M DYING IT HURTS SO MUCH" despair or "And to think... I never got to tell Heavy that... That I..." sorrow, THAT'D really reel us in. His "... Damn, this sucks. Meh," face isn't doing anything for me, is all.

I HOPE THIS HELPED. Can't help you with anatomy and stuff but on the basis of >>5232, I have to say that I think the hand and the way it's grasping Medic's shoulder is fine. (That's just me.) Yang is definitely right about the arm, but I like the thumb placement, actually.

I'm not sure how I feel about the picture itself, though. Maybe it's just because I've seen WAY too many "KAWII DESUUUUU" Medics in my day, but that "uguuuu~" face he's giving Sniper really irks me. The scar on Sniper's back is a nice touch, though. Dat wily Spah.

Rest assured, I'll be keeping my eye on you. Continue doing what you do best.
>> No. 5236
thank you for the concrit. I really wasn't trying to make the expression kawaii, just not snarly, kind of seductive and soft.

I'm feeling a bit embarrased for attempting to draw these characters now, hahaha.
>> No. 5237

Don't feel embarrassed. Never feel embarrassed. Unless you're actually drawing something that's intended to be embarrassing but yeah

No artist here is perfect, but we draw these characters regardless because we like to. And if you like to, you know what to do.
>> No. 5238
Oh man, don't even feel embarrassed. There's stuff in my workshop thread here that... I mean, just... yeah. I've got stuff to be embarrassed over, you, not so much. All you have to do is keep working, you know? Clearly you've got talent, and you've got a very fun style, so, no embarrassment. It's an ever-evolving process.
>> No. 5239
You have a very nice style going on here. It's cartoony, and the classes are /full of emotion/ which makes them appear very lively.

I am also going to have to second former posts, build upon the jawlines and go from there. I'd love to see more of what you're capable of.
>> No. 5240
File 131932362667.jpg - (104.87KB , 1000x1000 , dasdfasdgf.jpg )
I really love the profile drawings of medic and sniper in the opening post and your latest post, Fluro. they have a really strong style and interesting proportions.

your anatomy, as stated before, could use a few refs. it also seems that your bodies are sometimes too small for the heads, or heads too large for the body, despite the stylisation. I think your opening post is the strongest in terms of proportions, but even this one looks as though it'd benefit from more mass in the shoulders/upper body to even out the large hands/head.

even if you don't prefer the larger jaws, and I don't think you have to go super on-model to be able to achieve a look that fits the characters, and I really feel as though Heavy in particular suffers from lack of jaw and mass in the neck. to me, the round shapes you're using in his cheeks and some jaws end up making him look like and overgrown child. the strongest face for him I think happens in the fourth panel in the blue lined comic. this is because of the wider angle you applied to the jaw (flaring outwards from the ears instead of down or under like in some of the other panels) and the corners in his jawline and eye sockets really help to achieve that chiseled "manly" look without having to go too far into the realm of on-model drawing. you also have more space between the eyes and more width to his neck. the weakest part of the comic, to me, is how much mass is lost on the back of his head when drawn from the side. according to the posted model ref, there's actually more mass moving back on his head than to the sides.

with the medic, you might want to see what would happen if you actually made his face a little wider and the eyes further apart. like I mentioned before, the profile looks fantastic imo so I think you have a nice set of vertical proportions that work on the medic and on the sniper. I'll see if I can illustrate what I'm trying to say by drawing your sniper from what I think a 3/4 would look like with wider set eyes and a bit of a more angular profile than the heavy.

I like where this style is going, please continue posting!
>> No. 5246
Thank you for the crit and encourgament! I'm practicing drawing the more rugged jaw lines and stuff, So I'll def be posting more soon!
>> No. 5250
File 13193850109.jpg - (641.19KB , 600x804 , moistmedic.jpg )
Tried to draw more manly medics, enjoy!
>> No. 5252
Definately an improvement, keep it up!
>> No. 5259
File 131942416195.png - (265.08KB , 492x444 , heavy cheer.png )

Looking more chin-ly! I love how expressive and cartoony your style is. As a minor crit, and I understand this is a matter of style, I notice you using the same shape for your characters' noses- one of the things that adds to their unique appearance is their individually-shaped noses. The hooked shape you're using is perfect for Heavy and Spy, but Sniper's nose has a very straight bridge and is a little upturned, and Medic's nose has a rounded bulb and prominent nostrils. This is more a matter of taste, but you might consider playing with different shapes while you sketch. Just a thought.
>> No. 5260
File 131942703699.jpg - (186.64KB , 570x340 , dfvasdfasf.jpg )
these look nice! I was trying to see what exactly you changed to make these look better, especially the one in the lower left, because I thought that one was starting to look a little more on-character. so I overlayed it in Photoshop with the last post, and actually found that the proportions are exactly the same. I know this wasn't intentional lol but I thought I'd go ahead and redline over it and see what I could come up with that way.

I also got a little curious and looked through your dA gallery. your characters are really strong, especially your original ones. what I'm seeing here, though, is that you're not bringing enough of the features of the established TF2 characters into these particular pieces, so they end up looking more like your other characters instead of TF2. if these are some of your first drawings of them then that makes complete sense and I know it took every artist here a long time to find that balance with such exaggerated, manly features.

anyway, some of the major things I did (while reffing that same character sheet anon posted earlier in the thread) was move the eyes a little further apart and up, brought the mouth up and the chin down, and add a little more height to the back of the head (for the hair lump), which allowed me to give him a bit more of a receding hairline. bringing the features a little higher up on the face like this gives him an older appearance. I think that's the main thing I'm seeing here really, because doing that also makes the chin appear larger without having to change the shape of the face too much. I also did a few other things but those are probably more like style preferences haha

I hope this helps! sorry my redline looks like shit lol
>> No. 5263
Good lord, I just love your style. Please draw TF2 forever. Those are some fantastic looking Medics.
>> No. 5265
File 131947323349.png - (135.16KB , 500x564 , tumblr_llgorr48v81qc8evuo1_500.png )
>fluro likes medicxheavy
Why am I not surprised?
>> No. 5267
Meaning... ? That you wish artists drew less of what they liked to draw more of what you like?
>> No. 5268
>>That you wish artists drew less of what they liked to draw more of what you like?
No, I just said that knowing Fluro and her old fandoms, it isn't kinda surprising that she draws HeavyxMedic mostly.

And you took my comment out of the context, unbelievable.
>> No. 5269

That's what happens when you make comments that sound all passive aggressive.

They get interpreted that way.
>> No. 5271

Eh, most of us have drawn all kinds of crazy crap in the past, I don't see a point in worrying about it.
>> No. 5272
I can assure you I didn't meant it that way.

I didn't say that's bad either, I just said I know it.
>> No. 5274
I'm more into the sappy friendship between heavy and medic (sappy or insane, whichever is fun). I'm not sure who I prefer to ship yet, haha.
>> No. 5276
Oh wow, Snapesnogger found a new interest

(Don't even start, maggot)
>> No. 5277
Do you mind not calling me that please?
>> No. 5279
Oh heavens.
>> No. 5282
Anyone who tries to drudge up old shit will be banned from this point on. I will not tolerate it. Fluro has done nothing on this site that warrants bringing up old, irrelevant drama from years ago on DA of all places. So do not even go there, maggots.
>> No. 5283
Welp, that didn't take very long, did it?
>> No. 5284
Really, guys? Way to go - and I was just bragging to my friend how well this was going over, too. Fluro is doing just fine and being really good about crit, and I'm liking everything she has to offer thus far. So don't even. We all did stupid things on teh interwebs at one time or the other, so leave it be.

With that said, any new content, Fluro?
>> No. 5286
File 131951541047.jpg - (684.69KB , 599x800 , vat-is-doctor-doing.jpg )
It's all cool, The past is the Past, not the present haha. I'm really enjoying doing this TF2 fanart, anyone else who enjoys it is a bonus! so thanks, guys!

A sketch I might clean up and colour.
>> No. 5288
At least in my book, you get heaps of bonus points for maturing and being so awesome about crit and stuff now. You are a good example that people can in fact learn and improve both their work and themselves. Bravo, lady, bravo!

Ontopic: I see you tried to incorperate more of the manry chins in this sketch, nice! You're on the right route, keep going. The posing is really neat as well, though I do wonder where Heavy's shoulder is because his (from the viewer's point) right hand seems to be floating.
>> No. 5289
"Fluro is doing just fine and being really good about crit"

More like being fantastic - I mean, just compare >>5195 and >>5286 !

Love your style, Fluro. I usually get confused when hands are drawn with four fingers in cartoon styles, but you pull it off so well.
>> No. 5290
medic definitely looks better, but heavy still has a baby-face like quality to him.
I like that you gave heavy cheekbones, but it doesn't draw the eyes away from the fact that heavy still looks like he lacks chin.

otherwise i do see the improvement and you should keep drawing and practicing.
>> No. 5291
Oh man, Heavy's huge fingers compared to Medic's.
The expressions are, once again, fantastic. I love your style. Please, keep drawing these two and posting! I'm so glad you're sharing your art with us.
>> No. 5293
You're getting better at the chin/jaw thing!

Though the 4-finger choice does irk me a bit
>> No. 5294
Ah, I love this! Hope you do clean/colour it, the pencils are really cute. I'm liking how you're incorporating more of the TF2 manliness into your more heavy-on-the-adorable-side cartooning, it combines into a really fun/interesting style, and I'm impressed by how much improving/refining you've done in a really short time!

tl;dr, please stay and enjoy the fandom, and produce more art for me to smile over.
>> No. 5295
I'm pretty sure that if I keep checking this thread, I'm going to get diabeetus.

Bring it on.

Your latest Medic looks amazing, by the way. There's a certain refined quality you've given him, especially in his expression (as annoyed as it is). Keep it up, keep it up!
>> No. 5297
please to be cleaning and coloring?
>> No. 5299

You will ship Heavy/Medic.

I will make sure of this.

>> No. 5302
Its impossible to be around you for any period of time and not develop this ship.
What have you done to me?

Fluro I'm happy to see you drawing for this fandom. I've always loved your cartoony expressions.
>> No. 5303
File 13196113333.png - (272.63KB , 800x767 , heavyandmedic.png )
hurrhurr guess you were right AUGH, why bother to fight it...
>> No. 5306

Hrrrrnnnnnggghhh~ Dat Heavy/Medic!
>> No. 5307
I don't think I've ever been happier to get the beetus. Very cute smooch there.
>> No. 5310
File 131964064139.jpg - (30.51KB , 300x195 , highfive1.jpg )
So very mushy and cute... blushy Hoovy is the best Hoovy.

>> No. 5313
your style is interesting but the four fingered hands are a real put-off
>> No. 5316
Fluroknife in the TF2 fandom. My insides are now squealing all over the place.
Honestly, seeing the Sniper and Medic in your colorful and active makes me grin so hard my face hurts.
I'm not going to bother with crit here, seeing as everyone else has already said what I've noticed, so all I'm going to do is sit here and try not to Gnee~ too loud.
>> No. 5317

oh man i really like where these two are going, especially the heavy. both of them look a lot older and on-character.

sorry I keep critting so hard, and sorry if my redlines appear as though I was trying to change your style or something. that's not the case. I just suck at mimicking your style so I hope you weren't offended or something haha.

you seem to be doing well with the faces so my biggest crit right now would be with the hands. it doesn't bother me so much that they're 4 fingers, but they do have the tendency to be parallel to each other. changing the angles of them to radiate outwards from the palm will really help to give more life to their poses. the first set of joints in medic's scalpel hand in the pencil drawing are significantly too short, and I would like to see his pinky finger curling inwards a little. the other hands all seem to have the same parallel thing happening, too. I know it's just a sketch, so take this and my other crits with a grain of salt.

I really dig your work and I hope I'm helping haha
>> No. 5318
I agree with this.

And I would suggest that you should drop cartoony style for a second and go draw real-life studies to grasp the feeling about proportions.

Not saying that you should drop your style completely, just try drawing ''something that you see, not how you think it should look like.'' (Oh my God, who would say that Tom Preston was right for once!)
>> No. 5322
I take a sort of, "do as he says, not as he does" sort of attitude towards Preston. It doesn't show very well, but I'm trying to do that (not the artist in the thread).

Fluro, I think you have a rather cute style, one that suits the vibrant colors you use, but as someone who's also stuck in a sort of permanmant stylization of every picture I draw, I do think it'd benifit you as it's (sort of) benifitting me. I'm by no means a pro, (and I can readilly give examples of my mediocre work that shows it), but I think, with your existing abilities, taking a step back and just drawing/scratching/doodling what you see in life would do nothing but greatly benifit your style. Best of luck to you in continuing and improving!
I'm sorry I have no concrit for any of your current pieces, by the way. I thought doing sofor most of them would be just too late or beating a dead horse.
Have a good day!
>> No. 5324
Just gonna drop by and say I absolutely love your Heavies. Especially this one.
>> No. 5340
I wasn't offended and I wasn't ignoring them either, sorry if it seemed that way. I've seen a few Hipstr posts this morning about people conversing about what I've been posting. I'm really just trying to have a bit of fun, that's the whole point of fanart. I really am trying to improve, everything I've learned I've learned on my own, I haven't gone to art school, cos there aren't any good ones where I live haha.
someone mentioned giving me a redline on DA of all places a few months ago, and I gotta say, I don't remember, so please don't be insulted.

As for four fingers, I could easily draw five, there isn't really anything stopping me, But alot of the things I'm not changing that you're pointing out are style preferences. I highly doubt any time in the future I'm going to approach valve and ask them to let me do concept art for them, haha!
sorry if I sounded whiney here, I just wanted to try and explain myself.

I have done some life drawing before, and it WAS fun, I need to find a local group for it, sadly, where I live, there aren't any that I have found so far.
>> No. 5341
I just noticed the four fingers thing. I'm liking the artwork.

It would be interesting to see you do 'darker' pictures. You do well with a light colour palate so I'm curious how you would do with different tones
>> No. 5342
hey yeah no problem. everyone has different goals with fanart, and it's definitely not bad to do it just for fun. likewise, I don't expect for you to take every little detail to heart, nor am I upset with whatever you produce. I critique because I like your work. it's sort of my way of making a compliment i guess haha

the last few crits were not meant to crit your style, but I guess I got a little too wordy and tried to support it with drawings that were mostly my own style. I'll try to be more concise about it from now on.

that said, I do notice improvement already in your work, and it makes me happy to see how often you produce new work. keep it up! glad you're part of the fandom~
>> No. 5347

You don't need local groups to do that. Just draw things around your house. Go outside with a sketchbook and draw people, things, streets, animals, etc. For human referencing, you can use this http://www.pixelovely.com/gesture/figuredrawing.php , I know it helped me a lot.

And it was me who gave you a redline over on dA some time ago, but don't worry, I don't feel insulted, considering the amount of comments you receive there, you probably haven't even seen it. It's just that I noticed that you still have the same problem which is pointed out in this post >>5234

The thing is, I noticed that you focus more on your style than you do on the whole concept of your work. Having a defined style isn't bad, actually, it's a great thing, but sometimes, you have to step away from it for a moment.

I would love to see you do for example, Medic, but in a realistic way. Like I've said, you'll not abandons your style, you will just do...something different for a change?
>> No. 5364
Oh my god, it is really hurting me how everyone's giving this person such a flood of shit. Even concrit hurts if given incessantly, without enough of the positive. Fuck. These are some of my favourite pictures on the board.

Do not be discouraged, noobface. I am lapping this up.

(The only one having a problem is you, maggot)
>> No. 5365
While Fluro does make a few anatomy mistakes, they colour beautifully, draw very expressive faces, and I kind of like the four-fingered hands. That good? All true by the way. I am very jealous of their colouring.
>> No. 5368
File 131988872216.jpg - (61.26KB , 374x430 , 1280437162611.jpg )
You got butthurt because of someone's opinion that wasn't even directed to you, on internet, and then we're the ones with a problem?

Most of the people here are actually really nice and willing to help her.
>> No. 5370
Just going to echo something I've said before since some people still don't get it.

Concrit is not a bad thing, even in excess (though if they all start to say the same thing after a while, then that's when you should stop because it starts being ineffective.) If people are offering criticism, usually they do so because they want to see the artist grow. People taking the time out of their day to offer advice or insight should mean that those people see great things in someone's art and want them to be even greater than they already are.

If you can't handle that, and this is directed at the VIEWERS too, then you need to not be here, sorry to say. TF2chan has never been a hugbox.
>> No. 5450
D'Aww, Fluro didn't come back.
If anyone wants, she's got her Hipstr full of tf2 fanart and her sparkledog.

>> No. 5470
File 132060299470.jpg - (20.97KB , 300x233 , 5-horz-300x233.jpg )
*new user runs a mile*
>> No. 5483
File 132068092759.png - (1.08MB , 735x900 , winter.png )
I came back, but i didn't really go anywhere, I just didn't want to spam this thread with badly drawn requests and ask medic responses, haha. Have something I put some effort into, hope you guys like it.
>> No. 5486
I really love the textured look that's coming off in the approach you made with the colors. Thanks for keeping us updated with your lovely works.
>> No. 5490
I love this. I realy like the cartoony style! I must ask are you using sai or PS? The textures are nice, The only thing I find a little off is the texture of the breath, It has a clear square of where the pattern repeats and it takes away from the smooth look you have. I'd either use the pattern but make it larger or find another pattern for that one. Either way awesome job! Don't stop drawing comerade!

Also >>>5171 this is greatness.
>> No. 5497
If I can't say "welcome back", then I'll say it's good to see an awesome new picture! It looks like poor medic needs a hat too...
I know people have been asking, but I've been wondering what program/tools you used for this? I love the way it looks (like, pencil strokes and paint). Is it traditional? Anyway, good work. If I may, though, Heavy's face does seem to be too round overall. I'm not sure if that's a stylization thing or not, and it doesn't really take away from the picture, just an observation.
>> No. 5498
File 132076311558.png - (1.03MB , 600x4000 , MEDIIIIIC.png )
I painted this one in photoshop, all my cellshaded stuff and sketches are done in sai though!

also, comic strip time
>> No. 5500
File 132076613152.jpg - (21.38KB , 576x450 , 131136046683.jpg )

I was so going to do this (exact same characters and everything!), only with Sanviches instead of Medic! Like, change the entire script and everything!


The comic itself is pretty funny, though. I'd say to spend some more time on Soldier, if I had to critique it. His head looks kinda... off, somehow.
>> No. 5501
haha, oh my god. i love you for doing this.
>> No. 5505

I love scout's expression in the second panel. "If you order now we'll throw in da nuts ABSOLUTELY FREE.
>> No. 5506
File 132077462759.gif - (349.55KB , 500x344 , tumblr_lkqkmho48j1qjwivxo1_500.gif )
First I thought "meh, should have been sandvich", but then:

>with or without nuts
>The Medic's face
>cue attached gif


Only one point of critique: Pay more attention to how Soldier looks. You didn't really include his main facial features (e.g. shape of the head and GIANT manry chin). Look more at that and it's neat!
>> No. 5509

I'm gonna steal that second-panel Medic and keep him for myself. It's derpdorable: the perfect combination of adorable and derp.
>> No. 5512
I love the way you draw Scout faces. Actually, I've always really liked your art. It's so expressive.

And anyone who makes Spongebob references out of context is okay with me.
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