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File 132102470528.jpg - (432.62KB , 1045x818 , sniperlarva.jpg )
5536 No. 5536
Hey I'm pretty much new here so...I need to learn how things go down in this place so please excuse my accidental rule breaking in the beginning.

About 90% of my drawings are barely referenced from anything (noticeable especially with anatomy.) But this one I decided to do something new with, using SDK for facial reference, and going for a lineless painting style.
Might do more if people are interested in these kind of things (not usually the style I go for, I usually rely on cartoony styles)

I don't know how many people that tend to go for a disney/pixar like TF2 style.

>> No. 5541
I love this, actually!
>> No. 5543
I think I put you on my DA watch list just last night! I love that face expression and the colors.
>> No. 5544
oh derp, I even commented on something you made. My memory is horrible. I'm Darkelf Mairead there.
>> No. 5546
Adorable. (I am a big fan of the Disney-esque style, so I'd love to see more of that)
>> No. 5547
It looks fantastic on expansion, but from the thumbnail I thought his face was a little lopsided due to the shading.
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