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File 132161415360.jpg - (80.89KB , 640x480 , L&O_BLU_title.jpg )
5586 No. 5586
If you ever stop over in /afanfic/, you may be familiar with me or Anne the Cat Detective, my writing partner on a currently-running fic called Law & Order: BLU. This is the official art thread for L&O:BLU. We hope you enjoy these terrible images from a universe that was never meant to be.
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>> No. 5587
File 132161433148.jpg - (628.25KB , 1500x924 , L&OBLU3.jpg )
>> No. 5589
Don't we still have the general fanfic art thread somewhere? Why don't you use that?
>> No. 5590

Oh my god. Whoever did that image needs to do SO MUCH MORE. There's so much from the newest chapter I'd love to see get done. Toxo, if that's yours, please do more. Please? :)
>> No. 5592

Me gusta. Me gusta mucho. I can't wait to see how Conagher looks in this style, if you intend to draw him.
>> No. 5596
Apologies, I had no idea there was one.
>> No. 5610

Guys, there is already a thread for art for fanfics. Look through the art boards before making a usless thread.
>> No. 5612
File 132173892837.jpg - (116.77KB , 640x488 , MOAR.jpg )
Sniper face
Sniper face
My ovaries
>> No. 5613
Aren't dumps threads for people's collections of former art, not art being currently produced?
>> No. 5614
yeah, /dumps/ is for collecting art that was already produced. This thread is in the correct place.
>> No. 5652
yeah i did some fan art for you two but i don't think its good enough so ill post a link to a place you can find it. would that be alright?


just remove the periods in between the letters in tum blr
>> No. 5654
Oh oh, you guys should be able to post links to other websites now. Observe:

>> No. 5656
I love it. I think I had the same reaction as Spy...

Now if only I wasn't allergic to honey...
>> No. 5657
oh my god. please post this in the actual thread. PLEASE. i love you
>> No. 5658
Thanks for this, by the way.
>> No. 5660
I laughed and made myself cough. Great pic hehe
>> No. 5674
File 132234176615.jpg - (223.79KB , 576x1152 , comic.jpg )
ok...NOW i think i got this.
>> No. 5677

This belongs in /afanart/, not /fanart/.
>> No. 5961
File 132740407182.jpg - (132.85KB , 1366x768 , CoffeeAndCigarettes.jpg )
For Toxo, Detectives Sniper and Spy, reviving the art thread.
>> No. 5963
I'm sorry but- penis leg.
>> No. 5964
yeah I uhm. the effort is a appreciated but... that leg placement... that weird perspective on the faces... It actually feels a bit Starsky and Hutch to me.
>> No. 5965
File 13275471284.gif - (1.77MB , 400x225 , 1326522468104.gif )

Oh god... it's beautiful in a funny way.
Please don't take it the wrong way, Anne.
But it's just... oh my god, hahaha.
>> No. 5966
File 132757343260.jpg - (22.38KB , 455x355 , 35bd0ds.jpg )
This is what I initially thought Sniper was doing. I was sorely disappointed.

Either way, I'm not much of an artist, so I can't tell you exactly WHAT to fix... just that it's really... off. Sorry if people use that as an excuse to go anon and jump on you, but thems the breaks.

Captcha: "unpopularity". NO, CAPTCHA. MEAN.
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