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File 132192345772.gif - (487.38KB , 400x386 , 769081503_2071385.gif )
5632 No. 5632
So, I just recently found out that I am GLORIOUSLY talented at the rigorous art of Blingeeing shit up. While I am not the best Blingee Artist out there, I am MOST DEDICATED to honing my talents, and hopefully with many years of studying this thrilling art, I might be blessed enough to have my name put in the Blingee Books of Fame and Glitter.

So, I ask you, my fellow Channers, to send me your requests so that I may beautify it with sparkles and Snoop Doggs as FAR as the eye can see!

Because this thread is too retarded to warrant its own thread in /afanart/, I'm willing to accept nsfw requests, too, as long as they have the spoiler image on!

Mods, if this is too retarded to belong here, feel free to lock it, but I just thought it would be a funny idea.

The image above was my first ever work! It could be improved, but for a first try, I think I did pretty dang swell for myself!
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>> No. 5633
File 132192353930.gif - (161.35KB , 256x256 , donny spray 2_0.gif )
My second work! Critique welcome.

To Donny: You're welcome.
>> No. 5634
File 132192480616.jpg - (38.40KB , 400x370 , oh demo.jpg )
Do what you will.
>> No. 5635
needs more snoop!
>> No. 5636
File 132192718628.gif - (172.14KB , 280x259 , 748483099_713515.gif )

Dude, I totally agree. That's why I put five in this one.
>> No. 5637
File 132192818694.jpg - (37.46KB , 462x590 , 1235511373168.jpg )
My god, these are so wonderful. I can't stop laughing for the life of me.
>> No. 5640
File 132193260442.gif - (209.10KB , 313x400 , Love Kaboom.gif )
Filled. I messed up on something, but hopefully no one can see it!

"Guess whose body is ready?
>> No. 5641
File 132193682546.gif - (730.52KB , 640x360 , 1319555836604.gif )
Do it doc, DO IT.
>> No. 5643
File 132193776474.gif - (149.51KB , 400x288 , Spoiler Picture.gif )
Is that a request?

Here is another image requested by a friend. Spoiler tagged because it's not TF2 related. (But this dude is really awesome - if you don't know who he is, Youtube Buster Keaton.)
>> No. 5644
I am loving everything this thread stands for.
>> No. 5645
File 13219493009.jpg - (69.49KB , 881x573 , HOT DERP Soldier.jpg )
Please go nuts.
>> No. 5647
File 132196533753.png - (235.15KB , 518x599 , 1313253941852.png )
not yet, I'm actually trying to find something tf2 related that isn't already from here or not a screenshot. I'm amazed I'm lacking these.

This can work, actually.
>> No. 5650
File 132203691593.gif - (246.78KB , 400x260 , 748640745_799606 ruined solly.gif )
A tragedy happened today.

While making this blingee, Firefox crashed for no reason other to be a douche-nozzle (oh, and I probably had too many tabs open, too, or something, idk).

When I restarted it, luckily, my Blingee was still in the works (I was going to the "make a description" page when it happened.) Most of my work was saved, but, alas, I was shocked to see its beauty defiled with two ugly, huge Gangsta necklaces looming out of nowhere! I saved it so that I could still show it, but it will likely be redone. Such a beautiful raw photo showuld not go to waste. RIP, BEAUTIFUL SOLLY

Hopefully I can get that one to you tomorrow. Sleep time is now, and I am too emotionally strained to attempt another blingee for tonight. Fairwell, all who love true art and beauty!
>> No. 5651
File 132207084674.gif - (633.81KB , 400x224 , 694710609_981257.gif )

(Sorry for bombin' your thread, Two. I just remembered I had Blingee'd a screenshot of Sniper, Soldier, and Engie and felt it would be appropriate here.)
>> No. 5653
File 132208660079.jpg - (297.30KB , 1920x1080 , 31.jpg )
(captcha: worlanti 10 sub-8 HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO SUBSCRIPTS?!)

God, these are so wonderful. Never stop. Please.
>> No. 5668

>> No. 5686
so u guyz Blingee no longer works on my computer, and I think the site gave me a virus, too (my computer blue-screened days after going there for the first time and my browser always crashes when I go on). Thus, for now, no more Blingees. I'm sorry, I never wanted things to happen this way, but they did! Fate is so cruel!
>> No. 5689
Today is a sad day for /fanart/.

Your endless stream if sparkling, blinged-up GIFs shall be missed
>> No. 6661
File 134889365327.gif - (555.03KB , 346x400 , a good job.gif )
Guess who's back

>> No. 6667
File 134889437582.gif - (245.29KB , 400x225 , sleepover!.gif )
Tried to make this one a little more tasteful. What do you guys think?
>> No. 6674
I'm so delighted, I can't. Ah!
>> No. 6675
Dude, that tiara. That. Bird.
Welcome back.
>> No. 6676
Thank you for the enthusiastic response! Got any requests, anyone?

Keep in mind, the smaller the file, the better the Blingee comes out. (Compare the Sniper one with the Vagineers).
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