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File 132366142745.jpg - (136.82KB , 965x1186 , tf-demomignola.jpg )
5777 No. 5777
My old thread seems to be sailing off into the great beyond, so here's a new one.

I drew this for Demoman December, then realized that I really hated the way his boots looked, so I touched it up and here it is again. Dice!
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>> No. 5792
File 132392565146.jpg - (270.12KB , 1025x1280 , yang- tf- heavymedifight.jpg )
Why Heavy and Medic don't fight.

Yeah, my sense of humour is as lame as ever.
>> No. 5793
I really dig that Demo drawing.
>> No. 5796

I could have done better, but it was the first time I've tried emulating the style, so I'm happy. I so wanted to give him a BPRD shoulder patch.
>> No. 5802
Oh my god his shoe came off and everything! Haha I laughed at this one.
>> No. 5813
File 132408247093.jpg - (96.70KB , 775x593 , tf-heavybullying.jpg )
He just doesn't give a fuck.
>> No. 5825
File 132453965065.jpg - (173.46KB , 1158x1072 , tf-heavymedisad.jpg )
Was feeling depressed as hell, so the obvious solution was to draw a sulky-looking Medic and Heavy sitting together.
>> No. 5838
File 132476552689.jpg - (147.10KB , 1201x912 , tf-heavyslut.jpg )
It seemed funny at the time...
>> No. 5843
Oh geez now I want to use that insult on someone.
>> No. 5884
File 132548521837.jpg - (110.93KB , 1255x734 , tf-champagne.jpg )
Clearly, Soldier and Heavy should be my new comic duo; Medic and Scout are so last year.
>> No. 5885
File 132550187032.jpg - (71.66KB , 645x835 , yang- tf- medirat.jpg )
There's nothing to say about this except that I loved drawing that teeny little hand.
>> No. 5983
File 132836844172.jpg - (139.42KB , 803x913 , yang- arashi.jpg )
I drew this for Cat Bountry, then she said that Spy would have been more appropriate as the wolf character. :(

I am not going to draw a wolf in a balaclava. Also, Spy is a douchebag.
>> No. 5985


I didn't know it was specifically for me. I thought you just drew it and you thought I would like it AND I DO.
>> No. 5986

Heh, don't sweat it. I figured you liked it, and I really do think you're awesome. By the way, this picture wasn't the punishment I threatened you with a while back, I still haven't figured that out yet.
>> No. 6006
File 132906286097.jpg - (240.22KB , 1502x1020 , tf-valentine.jpg )
The obligatory Valentine's picture. I wanted this one to look like it could be something non-slashy.
>> No. 6038
File 132953407222.jpg - (137.13KB , 1215x744 , merheavy.jpg )
I can't remember why I drew this.
>> No. 6039
I really like it when Heavy rubs his breasts.
>> No. 6041
Goddamn it, Yang, your mind is amazing.
>> No. 6042
File 132961560773.jpg - (167.17KB , 1056x982 , tf-merhoovy2.jpg )
The other merman Heavy picture. I might have drawn these because I kept seeing lurid, unhappy-looking fantasy pictures of Heavy and wanted to counterbalance things, I dunno.


I wanted him to look like he was posing like a singer, but I kind of felt like he just looked like he was playing with his man-boobs. I should draw a lactating Heavy just to make you regret that comment.


I never knew that amazing and deranged were synonymsthank you!
>> No. 6043
Whoa, have you practiced? Sudden improvement!
>> No. 6044

No, I just suck at being consistent when I draw things in a simpler style. I realized after drawing the second one that it looked less simplistic, but didn't feel like trying to reduce it.
>> No. 6045
File 132970064575.jpg - (133.25KB , 935x1142 , heavynipples.jpg )
When I started going here about a year ago, I remember there was an anonymous poster who repeatedly asked for someone to draw this.

I finally drew it. It was going to be punishment for Fowlie for her "Heavy tit-play" comments, but I think it's really punishment for all of us.
>> No. 6046
File 132971029055.png - (110.18KB , 268x329 , chef_face.png )
His fucking face...oh my sides...
>> No. 6047
File 132972699913.jpg - (6.10KB , 190x265 , ebilspai.jpg )
Excellent...now all we need now are some delicious cookies
>> No. 6052
File 133007735246.png - (202.09KB , 576x559 , 13102156911.png )
>> No. 6054
File 133009699024.jpg - (127.14KB , 843x999 , tf-medinap.jpg )
I want to draw more Medic and fat pigeons fanart.


I'd apologize for the lactating Heavy... but no one will ever forgive me. (dramatic music)
>> No. 6057

Jfc, I dont normally comment, but I just want to say that you've come such a long way as an artist. Looking at some of your older pieces versus this... it's pretty crazy.
>> No. 6058
I think my heart just swelled a little.
>> No. 6074
File 133054209554.jpg - (134.62KB , 809x873 , tf-griefbacon.jpg )
Apparently, the Germans have a word to describe the act of overeating because of depression, stress or heartbreak- Kummerspeck, which translates to 'grief bacon'.


Thanks! I'm glad to have made any progress as an artist in the last year, though I think the biggest differences are the small ones- things like figuring out what sort of line weight and refining my understanding of the way the body takes up space makes a lot of difference in the finished product.
>> No. 6075
Can I just take the time to say dear god, I love the German language?
>> No. 6165
File 133390804195.jpg - (94.80KB , 875x780 , rats.jpg )
I don't know if this is cute or just creepy, but rats.
>> No. 6166
>>6165 I'm going to have to go with "creepy," but if you think of them as Pinky and The Brain they get a lot better.
>> No. 6167
File 133391502655.png - (8.91KB , 74x63 , This.png )
>>6166 But then I looked again and I saw this, so now it's cute.
>> No. 6170
File 133425561736.jpg - (139.89KB , 1171x908 , tf-spybaldy2.jpg )
There will be time, there will be time
To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;
There will be time to murder and create,
And time for all the works and days of hands
That lift and drop a question on your plate


I did find the eeny teeny little hands cute, even if I'm ambivalent about the look of the human-y faces and white fur.
>> No. 6175
oh shit--
>> No. 6185

Two very tiny nits, they don't take away from the picture, but you know how I am about picking nits:
1. Spy's mouth looks too wide. Expressionless, the corner of the mouth should line up with the center of the iris, and his overall body language doesn't look like he has any emotion other than boredom.
2. His hands are too big. Spy's the only character who has tiny womanly realistically proportioned hands and dainty wrists, probably so that Valve could hide the animation of his hand turning under his suit jacket sleeve. Plus having such huge palms gives his fingers an inelegant stubby look, which in my opinion is most un-Spy like.
>> No. 6188
I'm a big fag, I know. ilu TSE, please have my modernist lit babies Also, I still like baldy!Spy the most.

This one was a quick sketch that I decided I liked and threw colour on- I didn't want it to become too finished looking, which usually results in even more wonkiness than normal. It frustrates me that my sketches always feel more lively and interesting than my finished pictures, to me, but I hate having technical mistakes in my finished stuff. His hands are definitely too big, in retrospect, though the bored and pensive look was quite intentional.
>> No. 6214
File 133539209842.jpg - (224.59KB , 903x1431 , tf-mediwow.jpg )
Crossover TF2/WoW art. I should never have decided to colour this.
>> No. 6215

this is so sexy. I just don't even...
>> No. 6216

Funnily enough, I've been considering doing this exact thing myself, except with all the classes from both teams (representative of both factions in the game). I'm still trying to iron out who'd be what race and class, though.

The detail on this is gorgeous.
>> No. 6217
Buhuhuhu... thanks!

If it's any help, this is my class/race list, as follows:

Heavy - Feral Druid - Tauren/Night Elf
Soldier - Retribution Paladin - Blood Elf/Human
Scout - Fire Mage - Goblin/Human or Gnome
Engineer - Restoration? Shaman - Tauren/Dwarf
Sniper - Marksman Hunter - Troll/Worgen
Spy - Subtlety Rogue - Forsaken/Worgen
Demoman - Arms Warrior - Orc/Human or Draenei
Pyro - Destruction Warlock - Forsaken or Goblin/Gnome
Medic - Discipline Priest - Forsaken or Tauren/Human
>> No. 6264
File 133696990385.jpg - (259.68KB , 1362x1084 , tf-pyroscoutwow.jpg )
More crossover crap.

Also, ow my hand.
>> No. 6282
>> No. 6316
File 133895291924.jpg - (120.11KB , 640x1177 , tf-engietanuki.jpg )
Tanuki Engineer. As everyone already knows that he's got a big pair, I decided to forego the kintama.
>> No. 6317

If Engi's the tanuki, does that make Spy a kitsune?

(Also, I support you drawing an anatomically correct Tanuki Engineer for your /afanart/ thrad.)
>> No. 6318

Spy has a fox face, (kitsunegao) and he's quite malicious, so he's definitely a kitsune. I'd love to draw him wearing a serpent scale-pattern hakama.
>> No. 6321

Nine tails or less? And I guess the Medic, with his "Blighted Beak" mask, would be a tengu. And Heavy an... Oni?
>> No. 6322
File 133904780544.jpg - (199.77KB , 1262x1021 , tf-scouttengu.jpg )

Actually.... And I'll admit right now that I don't really intend to make this a full series like the zodiac pictures were.
>> No. 6326

Yeah, I figured that, seeing as how there aren't that many uniquely Japanese monster/animal hybrids in Japanese myths. Tengu and Oni were the only other two I could think of of the top of my head. A Kappa, maybe, and then I'd have to run to my copy of Oriental Adventures for 2e AD&D to come up with more.
>> No. 6352
File 134074341178.jpg - (66.66KB , 729x820 , tf-pyrowitch.jpg )
I wanted to draw Pyro in the gingham witch dress again.
>> No. 6353
>> No. 6354

He looks like he needs a hug!
>> No. 6398
File 134205153455.jpg - (205.03KB , 684x1527 , tf-sollyanime.jpg )
Soldier in a more cartoon/anime style than usual.
>> No. 6400
WOW, draw like in this style more often! It's very fun!
>> No. 6404
Ooh yes, I really like the cartoony style. The lines look great.
>> No. 6416
File 134267448658.jpg - (150.65KB , 620x1195 , tf-medianime.jpg )
A more cartoony Medic.


Thanks! I'm always a bit hesitant to try different things, but I've been doing a lot of cartoony art lately and wanted to bring it into my TF2 stuff.
>> No. 6417
Well, I like it a lot! Can it be your official style from now on? Please?
>> No. 6418
Reminds me a bit of Trevor Goodchild from Aeon Flux, which, now that I think of it, is perfect for Medic. Your comic/cartoon styled art is really gorgeous.
>> No. 6420
The way Medic's mouth sticks out looks weird. But otherwise I love the style and the coloring of this!
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