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File 132497728378.png - (363.68KB , 765x720 , ffs-pyro.png )
5846 No. 5846
hi Im pleg and I draw stuff
is it ok for me to post my doodles here
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>> No. 5848
I am liking these colours.
>> No. 5850
Oh this is very nice. Keep going. The shading is good, on the hand especially.
>> No. 5851
File 132502952190.png - (94.25KB , 500x550 , fp-wip.png )
oh thank you!
I actually dont have all that many drawings besides some doodles so feel free to request anything
>> No. 5853
File 132503999014.png - (185.22KB , 500x551 , fp-wip.png )
this thread is going to be nothing but pyros
also this is me attempting to clean up that silly old doodle but failing at it
>> No. 5855

Dat shading.

Good stuff - hope to see more from you! Now fill the thread with Engies, kthx
>> No. 5859
This is all wonderful. The shading especially and the colours. gosh.
Um, draw some plague mask medic with his glorious hands yes do that okay? okay.
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