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File 132553936110.jpg - (200.26KB , 900x507 , sniper2.jpg )
5886 No. 5886
I used to have a thread on here I think.
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>> No. 5887
Very nice. Love the blood and his nose.
>> No. 5900
File 13260877635.jpg - (268.46KB , 900x716 , medsol.jpg )
>> No. 5901
File 132608785329.jpg - (233.39KB , 1100x348 , blus.jpg )
Are ocs allowed to be posted here? Apologies if not, but here's doodles of some of mine.
>> No. 5902
If you're going to make a habit of posting oc then you'll have to post them in the original character section.

Also just a note about your medic, from that angle the glasses shouldn't be completely covering his eyes. They're more like thin rectangles or slits. I'm assuming you're going for a profile view.
>> No. 5903

Nah, it's just a one thing. Thanks for the tip.
>> No. 5904
File 132613966156.jpg - (50.59KB , 500x313 , tumblr_lxiqzc93Zg1qdsiemo1_500.jpg )
fluff fluff
>> No. 5911
I love the fluff, but I can't help but feel like the Sniper's head is just a tad bit too big.
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