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File 132583020757.jpg - (202.88KB , 523x2357 , weh.jpg )
5892 No. 5892
here, have a comic
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>> No. 5893
File 132583086294.png - (617.32KB , 680x880 , angry.png )
>> No. 5894
haha awww... Those babies are so cute!

Also, really awesome looking Sniper.
>> No. 5899
Ohmygod I laughed. That little "Ja" was just way too cute.
>> No. 5905

Thank you!
>> No. 5916
D'oh man. Bebeh sniper made my day.
>> No. 5989
File 13285831709.jpg - (462.75KB , 700x4800 , strip12.jpg )
Originally, the fic is “Fall Behind” by Lady Shockbox
can be found in the Secret Santa 2011 Bag of Fics under Adult Fanfiction
>> No. 5990
Wow, this is incredibly touching. I am definitely reading that fic later. Your work is nice, and I'd love it if you posted more around here.
>> No. 5991
thank you. Though it may not be your cup of tea, I have a thread in Straight/Genderbending
>> No. 5992
That fic was my favorite from the Secret Santa. Now this picture is my favorite on this whole site.
>> No. 5994
File 132874514995.jpg - (213.13KB , 1000x1112 , img003small.jpg )
Captcha "fast ishipsit"
Oh really? Well, my attempt at drawing a dog. And chest hair. Any critique?
>> No. 6179
File 133452042159.png - (1.75MB , 1500x1500 , sollymediccolor.png )
have some sollyXmedic
>> No. 6180
I think that if I weren't looking at fanart, I'd really like your art. You've got your basics down, and you're really onto something with your use of line. But you're really not capturing the the unique likeness of each of the classes. I can see an effort in the centre features of the face; eyes, nose, mouth. The bone structure, however, is not there. Medic, who I'm singling out because you've drawn him twice, has quite a narrow face, widest at the cheeks and edges of the mandible; his cranium is quite small compared to the rest of his head. His jaw is quite long and deep, concave, with a big ol' chin. Soldier has a rounded, oblong face, in profile is somewhat prognathic. His jaw is heavy, low-slung, quite rounded. This is not what you've drawn. Soldier also has a very robust, barrel-chested figure, not portrayed here.

Anyway, your chest hair looks fine, for a sketch. Strangely neat, but then, Medic is a strangely neat person. Your dog isn't masterful, but for a first try, assuming that you don't draw a lot of other sorts of animals, it's really quite impressive. The face is a very cartoony, and I can tell that you're not comfortable yet with canine anatomy, but there's plenty of good observation there. It's an excellent start. My guess is that if you do it a few more times you'll have them down pat.
>> No. 6181

Medic's jaw could be a little squarer, but his face does look nice, and the angle is interesting. I love that arm and hand scratching the dog's head. And seeing someone draw Medic with a grown man's, uh... levels of furriness.
>> No. 6183
Thank you for the critique. I agree, I was looking over the soldier and I thought, wow, he looks tiny compared to the medic. As for the soldier's chin, I redrew his face a couple of times and I tried to portray his likeness in my style. I appreciate the detailed descriptions of their features by the way, very helpful.
>> No. 6229
File 133576998378.png - (133.22KB , 1000x1000 , cbs.png )
>> No. 6230
Adding facial hair on Medic just works too well. Nice job on the varying of their facial structure, by the way.
>> No. 6238
I almost choked on the food I was eating. The medic looks like my dad when he was younger.
>> No. 6239
File 133627113812.png - (120.38KB , 855x872 , cbs2.png )
part 2
>> No. 6240

But how could Heavy get any more violent than he already is? Is the beard just to terrify people?
>> No. 6241
>>6250 But how could Heavy get any more terrifying than he already is?
>> No. 6261
File 133694640342.png - (1.63MB , 1920x1080 , friendsclean2.png )
first full bg digital painting.
Critique on lighting, painting techniques, tips and tricks, etc.
based on this gif: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/65864636/reaction/tumblr_lu8cdo5c0X1r55vz7o1_250.gif
>> No. 6262

Bros forever! The shading on the red material makes it look a little more wrinkly than it should, I think, but it doesn't detract much from the rest of the image. I had to take a second look at the background before I realized you'd done that, too. Awesome!
>> No. 6266
I have two bits of critique for this pic. First, that Pyro's lower suit seems a tad too wrinkly looking; they're wearing a heavy rubber suit, so their wouldn't be so many small, fine wrinkles, if that makes sense. The suit could also use smoother shading as the suit type doesn't seem to have much texture.
Secondly, the overall shading isn't done in such a way that suggests light is coming from the bonfire/fire crackers. For example, the wall to the Pyro's left seems to be cast in shadow where the firecracker should be casting light on it, while seeming to be lit up just around the corner. A similar problem with shading is also present in Demoman and Pyro themselves; the sides of them that are facing us should be shaded, as the light source is behind them in respect to us.
All and all, though, I think this picture's very good, especially in the lineart and overall texturing. Honestly, until I looked more closely, I thought you had lifted the background from the game itself, haha. Keep up the good work, man! Just remember to keep an eye on where light and shadows should fall.
>> No. 6288
File 133775203376.png - (1.81MB , 1920x1080 , friendsclean.png )
Thanks for the critique. Realized what a big difference adding shadows made haha.
>> No. 6295
File 133808767770.jpg - (111.41KB , 1054x656 , snoipah222.jpg )
sniper speedpaint
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