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File 132724450048.jpg - (600.71KB , 1800x1800 , handheart.jpg )
5945 No. 5945
First time making a thread. I have no idea how it works. So. This should be interesting.

Anyways. I think the difference in the sizes of their hands is adorable.
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>> No. 5946
File 132724508091.jpg - (614.23KB , 1800x1800 , heavymedickiss.jpg )
These two are my favorite.
>> No. 5953

Oh same.
>> No. 5959

Thirded. So thirded.
>> No. 5960
Aww. Adorable Heavy/Medic love there. I feel all warm and fuzzy.
>> No. 5962
File 13274529692.jpg - (797.39KB , 1965x1800 , heavymedic01.jpg )
There's no such thing as too much Heavy/Medic
>> No. 5967
This. So much.

Also you have some really nice work going on, here. I really enjoy it and do rather hope you continue.
>> No. 5968
Thank you so much. You've made my night.
>> No. 5970
File 132789524211.jpg - (1.15MB , 2136x1794 , heavymedic02.jpg )
Heavy comforting his very sad Medic.
I'm not sure why Medic's sad. A friend suggested he was having nightmares about Nazi Germany. I think it fits.
>> No. 5971
File 132789532460.jpg - (839.25KB , 2136x1794 , heavymedic02mono.jpg )
And I wanted to try monochromatic coloring. I'm not sure which version I prefer.
>> No. 5973
I actually really like the Monochromatic colors. It has a certain feeling to it that colors don't. Very nice.
>> No. 6082
The color one is very pretty, but the monochrome one displays the sad much, much bolder. In this case, I'd say the monochrome one is better for your portrayal of sad.
>> No. 6302
File 133861246149.jpg - (500.47KB , 1200x1200 , fghdrf copy.jpg )
Hey TF2chan. It's been a while.
Have some more Heavy/Medic.
>> No. 6303
File 133861267420.jpg - (359.39KB , 1200x1023 , asdffg copy.jpg )
I got gmod a few days ago and have only just started to figure everything out.
So now I can pose stuff to use as references.
Maybe one day I'll draw something other than Heavy and Medic cuddling.
>> No. 6304

Now why on earth would you want to do something like that?

Unless of course it's Heavy and Medic sex times?
>> No. 6307
>>6304 Oh god I would be terrible at that.
I'm just hoping my work will evolve into something other than Heavy and Medic standing next to each other being cute.
I have some ideas but I can't seem to execute them. Hopefully posing them in gmod will help. I dunno.
>> No. 6309
File 133874105131.jpg - (221.74KB , 807x852 , asd copy.jpg )
Well, they aren't cuddling.
>> No. 6324
Heavy X Medic is the only couple that actually makes sense in my head. All the other couples seem so crack.

Fanart like this is my guiltiest of pleasures.
>> No. 6325
>>6324 It's the same for me really. Heavy/Medic is so close to being an actual canon couple. I hope Valve continues to torture us with more ship teasing.
>> No. 6346
File 134016005196.jpg - (366.54KB , 1196x622 , asdtf copy.jpg )
I got pencil brushes and like them.
10 min doodle....thing....
>> No. 6462
File 13445611065.jpg - (80.75KB , 888x738 , ertyu2 copy.jpg )
I drew Heavy's face cuz I love his face.
Oh also if anybody cares, I have a Tumblr. I'm kneemoo there.
>> No. 6487
Wow - I thought this was a screen cap at first. Good job on the structure of his face! Ah, shading!

Also I totes follow you now, but y u no add me on steam
>> No. 6662
File 134889402991.png - (275.33KB , 639x605 , serdgrdsters copy.png )
hey I'm the OP, figured I'd switch to my tumblr name though.
I have a bit to post, hope y'all don't mind.
engie/spy comin through
>> No. 6663
File 134889408616.png - (247.33KB , 609x566 , asdrgsddrgear copy.png )
I just really love spy/engie
>> No. 6666
File 134889429138.png - (0.99MB , 963x889 , waersefrfwefsd copy.png )
>> No. 6668
File 134889445854.jpg - (168.92KB , 1080x798 , awsdfghjkjgfds1 copy.jpg )
wow there's a lot I haven't posted here
>> No. 6669
File 134889457085.png - (67.51KB , 409x430 , serdthytf copy.png )
medic has a weird face man
>> No. 6670
File 134889473956.png - (122.87KB , 409x430 , serdthytf2 copy.png )
heavy is gorgeous
>> No. 6671
File 134889482822.png - (798.94KB , 888x825 , gesdrwfregsewfd copy.png )
otp forever
>> No. 6672
blargh I want that other spy/engie thing I drew in here but I accidentally put it in a new thread dammit
>> No. 6673
File 134889551667.png - (518.63KB , 1053x772 , asdrfgsrtserd copy.png )
fixed it i suppose yay
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