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File 132729913976.jpg - (261.66KB , 735x1000 , Sniper and Spy - Crossfraction - sm with noise.jpg )
5949 No. 5949
Some of my character neutral arts, some old some new (with the reboot I got to repost stuff anyway). For the bulk of my drawn work see this thread here: http://tf2chan.net/rpg/res/1826.html Thanks!
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>> No. 5950
File 132729920654.jpg - (468.55KB , 1560x946 , Secret Santa color from Lithe.jpg )
This was my given Secret Santa gift last year
>> No. 5951
File 132729925851.jpg - (430.68KB , 1568x1108 , Secret-Santa-2011_LitheFider_MissPauling.jpg )
And this was my given gift this year
>> No. 5952
File 132729940794.jpg - (113.64KB , 881x924 , TF2 - You Need da HEALZ Y.jpg )
Only you can prevent Spy ubers
>> No. 5954
oh my, this reminds me of all the times I've blown a fellow spy's cover by healing him or putting out his flames. oh the shame...
>> No. 5955
how does the lightbulbs shine if the cord isn't plugged in?
>> No. 5956
Elementary, my dear Watson. They're Australium based light bulbs.

Magic also helps.
>> No. 5957
With a little Christmas magic.
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