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File 133029493953.jpg - (1.04MB , 1680x1043 , kuhzka_secretsantacolored.jpg )
6059 No. 6059
So I am a big baby and I am going to make myself post what I have done here. Hi.

First one's from the Secret Santa- for PerryJ!
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>> No. 6060
File 133029522497.jpg - (752.82KB , 1000x1500 , storm.jpg )
And this is one I just finished today.

Oh, forgot to mention, comments/critiques are always welcome. For these I am most likely not going to go back and mess with them; however, I will definitely take the advice to heart for the next ones.
>> No. 6061
oh god I need new briefs..again.

Make love, not war dudes!

I'm your fan already
>> No. 6062
I like your use of textures. Yes, I do.

Demo does kinda disappear into the mud in the WAR pic, but that tends to happen... Lightening it up too much would make it lose that dark mood. Always a bit of a conundrum.
>> No. 6063
I am so glad to hear from you guys. It really means a lot coming from you!

Haha, once I gather up the courage, I will draw Helmet Party in your honor!

And to Kilo trying hard not to squeal too loud ohgodiloveyou: I know exactly what you mean. I had an idea on how to try and bring more attention to him, but...urgh. Needless to say, I got intimidated/exhausted.

One day, composition... One day, I will understand you. I WILL.
>> No. 6071
I will have your Secret Santa picture printed so I can put it on my magnet wall.

Just sayin'.

It's still THE BEST!
>> No. 6072
File 133048929138.gif - (70.42KB , 210x191 , HPx2-063.gif )
>> No. 6319
Demo always getting in the way messing shit up.
>> No. 6327
I meant this in the nicest way possible, by the way. I love the art :)
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