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File 133091130656.jpg - (245.15KB , 862x620 , kickback copy.jpg )
6086 No. 6086
At last I have enough offerings to justify starting my own thread.

I'm a bit lost with the TF2 art style (and anatomy and coloring and linework and...), so all concrit is extremely welcome.
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>> No. 6087
File 133091146670.jpg - (108.36KB , 484x471 , New Canvas copy.jpg )
>> No. 6088
File 133091158065.jpg - (217.01KB , 700x700 , goatherding copy.jpg )
I think I should write something here since that 'DICKS EVERYWHERE' is cruel false advertising.

This one was based on Heavy's Poker Night quote about having to herd goats as a kid.
>> No. 6089
File 133091175319.jpg - (296.03KB , 895x500 , raaandom copy.jpg )
And speaking of false advertising...
>> No. 6090
File 133091189587.jpg - (145.72KB , 718x550 , hoovycest.jpg )
Is my love for the Heavy showing yet?
>> No. 6091

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being madly in love with a giant man. I love how you draw him all cute'n'manly, too.
>> No. 6092
There is definitely not enough of this. Thank you, good sir.
>> No. 6093
Goodness, you are amazing.
>> No. 6094
I think this is the most precious thing I've ever seen on this website. My heart is melting.
>> No. 6095
I approve of it all.
>> No. 6096
Good thread yes...

We require more.
>> No. 6106

bookworm!Heavy is the best Heavy.
>> No. 6112
File 133158612061.jpg - (218.47KB , 375x590 , brokeback fortress copy.jpg )
WAR! in a nutshell.

Yup, cute and manly, that's Heavy alright. (Ok I admit I think he regularly goes from cute to holyshitgorgeous but I digress.)

Thanks! I was initially a bit worried it's too close to original artwork since it's not very recognizable as Heavy.

There will be more. Lots, even.

Thank you for all the comments! All concrit is once again very much appreciated.
>> No. 6320

Dat Times New Roman
>> No. 6563
File 134550792185.png - (261.82KB , 465x550 , demosollypiggyback.png )
I strongly suspect those WAR! domination lines broke something in my brain and now I'm uanble to stop drawing Demo and Solly.
>> No. 6564
File 134550809211.png - (546.20KB , 728x1000 , frieeeeends.png )
Parody of Patrick Alexander's comic strip.
>> No. 6565
File 134550816377.png - (200.72KB , 447x650 , nekkiddemo.png )
>> No. 6566
File 13455082575.png - (187.08KB , 591x350 , demosollyyay.png )
And that's all for now folks. Concrit would be very much adored and loved, as always.
>> No. 6567
Best comic. The backgrounds were as entertaining as the foregrounds. I'll keep the burning Scout in my heart forever.

>> No. 6590

There needs to be more of this in the world. Mmmm, Demoman.
>> No. 6625
File 134730567377.png - (243.81KB , 492x600 , eyelander gift.png )
More things.

Words of truth, my friend. Words of truth.
>> No. 6626
File 134730579387.png - (190.01KB , 452x441 , homeless.png )
>> No. 6627
File 13473059175.png - (249.11KB , 407x572 , demosollykiss.png )
There's nothing friskier than some bare skin going on here so I'm assuming it's okay to put this here instead of /afanart.
>> No. 6628
File 134730604525.png - (503.96KB , 794x450 , 30_themes_01.png )
30 days OTP challenge day 1, holding hands.
>> No. 6629
File 134730612785.png - (924.20KB , 792x1000 , 30_themes_02_v3 copy.png )
30 days OTP challenge day two, cuddling somewhere.

Okay spam over now.
>> No. 6630
Demo/Solly and Heavy/Medic are my OTP's. This thread is the best.
>> No. 6635
Oh, my! I'm loving these.
I feel like the head shape and leg bending anatomy on the goats is slightly off here, but I haven't been able to find a goat being quite that adorable to double check it. (The bitey goat on the right.) Nevertheless, this is heartwarmingly cute and I love it so, so much.

That Soldier! This one gave me a big ol' grin--especially after I noticed his spelling correction and frown emote. A nod to my favorite part of the Decoy map? I'll take it!

The sense of environment, depth, mood, and lighting in these is spectacular! I'm drooling. (Just remember to watch out what order your sky layers are in--those stars would look a little less stark if they were behind your cloud layer.)

I look forward to seeing more of your work!

(And here's where I apologize if I referenced these posts in the wrong way. This is my first attempt at commenting around here.)
>> No. 6693
File 135083918598.jpg - (202.16KB , 563x600 , 30_themes_03_fin.jpg )
30 days otp challenge day three - gaming/watching a movie

First of all, I'm sorry for responding so late - I didn't want to come empty-handed but for various reasons it has taken me ages to come up with something worth posting.

Second - thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply so in depth. The sky layers were indeed accidentally out of order when I started merging my layers and I noticed it too late to do much about it without having to redo major parts of the sky, so I left it as is. (I know, I'm lazy.)
>> No. 8121
heavyxmedics are my FAVORITE! this is no doubt the cutest one. good work and amazing detail!
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