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File 133254010035.jpg - (1.01MB , 1000x1000 , kritzkremecolor2_square_tf2chan.jpg )
6122 No. 6122
I miss you guys and last night I did the first TF2 art I've done in a while, so...

I'll open this with KritzKreme because it makes a nicer icon.
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>> No. 6123
File 133254052741.jpg - (289.88KB , 996x1888 , spyscout1.jpg )
Here's what I drew last night instead of working on real things! Like work!

captcha: "outhomo James" INDEED.
>> No. 6124
Everything about your art is so lovely I want to burst into tiny little pieces.
>> No. 6125
I might kill you and devour all your internal organs in the offhanded hope that doing so will allow me to absorb some of your incredible aesthetic sense into my body. These things are sublime.
>> No. 6148
File 13331472461.jpg - (388.60KB , 1280x960 , oh_u.jpg )
Spy does seem like the kind of guy who would fuck you in the ass without the goddamn courtesy not to call you homophobic slurs in the morning.
>> No. 6150

That trollface really comes naturally to Spy...
>> No. 6155
File 133332395749.jpg - (1.23MB , 1000x1392 , raoul_smooth.jpg )
from Raoul's ask blog. also, guys, thank you for the really kind comments!
>> No. 6157
File 133334456189.jpg - (1.34MB , 1947x1704 , swimminglessontentaspy_huge.jpg )
Illustration for an upcoming fic I wrote with Cat Detective.
>> No. 6158
File 133334470853.jpg - (449.61KB , 1947x1704 , swimminglessontentaspy_dark.jpg )
Lights out version.
>> No. 6159
I feel like crying your style is just so beautiful
>> No. 6162
not to say this isn't stunning (because it really is stunning) but the first thing I thought was 'this is a photo of someone dying while having an MRI scan...'
>> No. 6164
Thank you, everyone who has commented! I wanted to bring you a link to the fic: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/10730.html

And a link to a piece by one of my favorite artists, inspired by my photophore-covered tentaspy: http://ginsengandhoney.tumblr.com/post/20523294377/inspired-by-toxos-illustration-of-a-tentaspy-and
>> No. 6362
File 134088931116.jpg - (871.39KB , 1914x2000 , snuff_slap2.jpg )
>> No. 6363
File 134088940517.png - (416.57KB , 512x512 , warpy_duo_demo_512.png )
there's been fanart of Warpy on this board before, eheheheh

this is one half of our pocket team spray. my half isn't done yet.
>> No. 6364

Dat smirk. I love it when artists remember what a smarmy little bastard Scout is... His obnoxious personality is what appeals to me.
>> No. 6365
Thank you for noticing this. I feel a little uncomfortable with the non-con Scout abuse theme; much more interesting when the little shit has some sexual agency of his own. This is an illustration from SNUFF, which is over on afanfic (somewhere......haven't updated in a whiiiile)
>> No. 6369
File 134097315278.jpg - (1.18MB , 2000x1627 , snuff_glovebite1_2000.jpg )
another SNUFF illustration
>> No. 6370
Oh yes, I haven't forgotten that one. I quite enjoyed it, I'm still wondering what was going to happen next. Spy is a real Svengali in that story...
>> No. 6375
File 134112985426.jpg - (0.99MB , 1062x1575 , pearldiving_stone.jpg )
Illustration for Pearl Diving, a fic Anne the Cat Detective and I are going to post in afanfic very shortly.
>> No. 6376

and there's the link, for those interested.
>> No. 6378
The texture kind of reminds me of what one would find in Oblivion or Skyrim, for some reason.kinda neat!
>> No. 6381
File 134148332462.png - (312.47KB , 600x600 , duo_medi.png )
step one
>> No. 6382
File 134148337538.png - (351.97KB , 512x512 , duo_demo.png )
step two
>> No. 6383
File 134148341726.jpg - (294.92KB , 1680x1050 , AC98155B054C0DBBEFDD2F3494AD10BDA92A8AD3.jpg )
>> No. 6384
>>6383 Positively majestic.
>> No. 6385
I know I've said it before, but I really love this/these.
>> No. 6415
I weep at the beauty of this art. Especially the awesome spray.
>> No. 6620
File 134707564995.jpg - (1.85MB , 1300x2960 , thefrench_tf2chan.jpg )
jesus christ the captcha for this upload is my (relatively unusual) first name
>> No. 6621
File 134707708999.jpg - (1.33MB , 1216x1712 , scout_haw.jpg )
scout from same page
>> No. 6622
File 134710462334.gif - (397.47KB , 300x126 , 9ZBiN.gif )
stop it
this is my secret otp and I feel like you're leading me on

What an annoying, buck-toothed bastard.
(Wouldn't have him any other way.)
>> No. 6623
File 134712560067.jpg - (123.92KB , 757x599 , tf2-delacroix-Liberte.jpg )
>>6620 Oh Soldier, you're such an activist. Clearly he remembers the old revolutionary days, when the Americans and the French were buddies and they hired a French guy to design their capital.
>> No. 6728
File 135327883478.jpg - (841.93KB , 800x1071 , IMG_2602 Kopie.jpg )
captcha: itCmme homophonic

here is a little spy oil painting.
>> No. 6729
So much unbelievable unf. Oh, Spy...
>> No. 6777
File 135875331929.jpg - (1.25MB , 989x1280 , projectionspy1B.jpg )
i was loaned a book called Rockwell by Rockwell which is basically a Rockwell illustration course in how to illustrate like Rockwell. so here is some practice of his method of using carefully-coached reference photos. my consort looks eerily like a young Spy so i'm rolling in reference. this is just a sketchy test; i'm hoping to refine this method for serious work!
>> No. 6778
Looking very solid!

If there's any artist that goes well with the look of TF2, it'd be Rockwell. Were any of his methods hard to adapt?
>> No. 6779
I oooed and aaahed, and then I loled.
>> No. 6824
I want to lick Spy's glove... which I suppose is not a surprise to anyone. But his expression is priceless.

I'll refrain from carrying on about my thoughts/feelings on the photo Spy is holding there...
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