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File 133663950162.png - (500.02KB , 636x900 , toomuchkritz.png )
6247 No. 6247
Ahhh I've been scared of posting here again, I don't even know why! But I love everything I see here in the fanart section, and I'd like to contribute.

Warning there will be stupidly style shit.
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>> No. 6248
File 133663961953.png - (369.15KB , 636x900 , too much smoke.png )
I must be blind, I have to keep reloading these bloody captchas to understand what the hell they're saying.
>> No. 6249
File 133663970413.png - (0.98MB , 600x1282 , boink.png )
>> No. 6251
Acid Trip Nightmare Fortress 2
>> No. 6252
These look really cool. I feel bad for the spy though. He looks like he should be in one of those anti smoking commercials.
>> No. 6256
I kind of wondered where you'd gone off to! Welcome back! I see your Medic addiction (c wot i did thar?) hasn't gone away. This pleases me.
>> No. 6258
File 133688171069.png - (1.16MB , 900x875 , not entirely sure.png )
>> No. 6259

Aww, it's Sollycat! And... dat Medic smirk.
>> No. 6260
Please never stop drawing Medics you talented person you.
>> No. 6263
Oh man. Your art makes my day. Don't ever stop Owly, your Medics are amazing.
>> No. 6267
Gem, I am a big fan of your artwork, so while you haven't posted any yet, I beg of you, bring back your noses. I cannot stand the noseless art and it's a step backwards in my opinion. You are more than capable of making an adorable "Chibi" drawing WITH noses.
>> No. 6268
Gem, I am a big fan of your artwork, so while you haven't posted any yet, I beg of you, bring back your noses. I cannot stand the noseless art and it's a step backwards in my opinion. You are more than capable of making an adorable "Chibi" drawing WITH noses.
>> No. 6269
File 133714921361.png - (474.80KB , 749x1100 , medicatedangelic.png )
I Like to draw both styles when I feel like it, I can agree it would be a step back if it was all I did, and for the commissions which people are paying for, I haven't got much choice but to keep drawing them that way.

But if you balance out the time frames, I have equal ammounts of both kinds of styles.

Heres a chibi thing with a nose.
>> No. 6270
File 133714960675.png - (1.33MB , 1200x872 , tentameds.png )
Ohh this is kind of old now! I feel like I only joined the tf2 fandom a few weeks ago but it's been 6 months!
>> No. 6271
Lovely, lovely tentacle violence. Is it strange at all if I say that the area around Tentamedic's near shoulder is the most interesting bit of two-dimensional stuff I've seen in a while? Is it strange at all if I say that it inspires me?
>> No. 6272
>"bring back your noses"
> Only one figure in a drawing featuring 7 characters has no nose
> What?

But moving on, I really dig the first three images with the limited color palettes and effects. They look like they could be neat weird screenprints or something.
>> No. 6274
Read it again, sweetie, it clearly says the noseless ones hadn't been posted here.

Gem I was merely suggesting exploring a chibi style WITH noses because they honestly look as though they're missing something.

The only reason I post here is because you don't allow anonymous asks on your tumblr and I don't want to come under fire if your fans disagree with me.
>> No. 6275
dat passive-aggressive 'sweetie'
>> No. 6276
>>6275 Actually, it's the condescending 'sweetie.' Passive-aggression by definition requires insults that are not immediately apparent.
>>6275 Please, good sir, show me where in this thread Owly "clearly says the noseless ones hadn't been posted here." I've read it over and over again and I can't seem to find it.

>>6258 I do have to agree, though, that the noses add something. They balance out the face, and without them, they look quite 'generic animu,' which I would consider to be a bad thing. But I also understand that generic animu sells, and money is nice for things like groceries and oil paints. Do what you've got to do.
>> No. 6277
Great work, I like the psychedelic ones. I don't see that very often at all.
>> No. 6278
I ddin't actually mean to sound rude in response to your suggestion. Sorry If I came across that way, I was just trying to explain why I've been drawing them that way previously.
>> No. 6279
File 133749244197.png - (438.22KB , 636x900 , tentaspynomnom.png )
Tasty fish
>> No. 6285
You draw liquids and gasses so beautifully.
>> No. 6291
You have successfully courted me with your impressive display of bold shapes and colours. As soon as I've figured out how to lay eggs, you will be allowed to fertilise them.
>> No. 6329
File 133946784556.png - (908.05KB , 679x900 , cross fraction.png )
FOr a contest on DA. Theres alot in this that's bothering me, but it was still fun to do :)
>> No. 6330
okay so I might have a nose fetish or some shit because for some reason, that is the FIRST thing I'm drawn to in TF2 art (not even any other fandom wtf), and those noses you drew are just great. Just GREAT. Medic's especially.

I can't help you with coloring or anything because I'm shit at that stuff due to not being an artist, but I do like the whole picture overall.


I just noticed this was crossfaction.

What the shit is wrong with me how could i not tell that right away. I'm going to meditate in a cave for a few days and reflect upon my life.
>> No. 6338

Oh, snap, this is beautiful. I love it, Gemma.
>> No. 6350
File 134045296050.png - (432.95KB , 876x759 , tumblr_lzbsyuSXEs1r5rc6zo1_1280.png )
I love your art to pieces, Owly! I checked your tumblr out from a link on 4chan and I fell in love with your artstyle. I'm a big Heavy X Medic fan too so keep up the good work! Draw much more of those two having fun times if you know what I'm saying ;)

Also this made me lol.
>> No. 6389
File 134183096358.png - (1.14MB , 738x800 , sparks.png )
Thank you everyone for your nice comments :') Have some gay robots
>> No. 6390
>> No. 6405
amazing as always~
>> No. 6461
Hey I just found you. And this is crazy. But--You fill my Medic!Love with so much Oktoberfestiveness...so share you DA /maybe/?
>> No. 6464

You aught to be ashamed of yourself.
>> No. 6473




I'll have you know that song is certified legally jamming cat.
>> No. 6489
File 134498699349.png - (6.62KB , 311x323 , stfu.png )
>> No. 6498

it iiiissss

The whole world wants me to hate call em maybe and I can't
>> No. 8681
your art is shit

>> No. 8682
1. They haven't posted here in ages.
2. Go fuck yourself and your baseless hate. If you don't like someone's art, don't reply unless you can help them get better.
>> No. 8694
Can I say that your art is bloody amazing?
because it is
God damn if it is
Could you draw a trippy version of the heavy munching his sandwich?
>> No. 8695
Again, go ask them on their blog. They haven't posted here in ages. I also believe they only take commissions.
>> No. 8697
Here's the link to that for anyone looking, since it's not in this thread yet.
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