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File 133853116948.jpg - (928.63KB , 1804x2404 , Ello there!.jpg )
6298 No. 6298
I'm Amanda, I'm new to the fandom, I've been lurking tf2chan for awhile now, but I was waaaaaay to shy to post anything. But, I'm over it and I'd really like to contribute to the site.

I really do appreciate criticism, and just art discussion in general, so go ahead and critique me. I'm an art student so I can take it. Also, I'm generally new to photoshop, so it would certainly be helpful! My art in photoshop is relatively simple right now, so it would be nice to improve.

I'm just gonna upload a ton of fanart I've been working on lately.
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>> No. 6299
File 133853130291.jpg - (240.16KB , 2058x2784 , sniper koala baby .jpg )
some more koala sniper. This was part of a series I'm making of the mercs as animals, because I can. Also baby koala sniper.
>> No. 6300
File 133853150696.jpg - (190.17KB , 1011x977 , FAMILY!.jpg )
>> No. 6301
File 133853176329.png - (315.31KB , 762x747 , OH! Mr mundy!.png )
Oh my god I totally understand "dicks everywhere" now.

I was fucking around on the tf2 wiki with goggles, Then I used it as the basis for the picture above. To be honest, I really like it, i like it a lot. I actually like it more than the final piece.
>> No. 6313
These are pretty unique.
>> No. 6315

Ahhhh! Thank you! That means a lot to me! I'll upload some more soon, yes.
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