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File 13386769742.png - (957.78KB , 885x1188 , revoviva.png )
6305 No. 6305
Remember how eons ago I made a 10th class, the Revolutionary?

I finished him, finally. Viva la revolución!
(If this is posted in the wrong area, I apologize profusely!)
>> No. 6306
Interesting concept and nice, practical attire! Curious to know what his role is within the team, if you've gotten that far in fleshing him out?

And lovely art as always!
>> No. 6308
I stared at the picture for a long time, trying to figure out why Sniper was wearing Medic's trousers and an unAustralian moustache. Then I read the comment and I still think it's Sniper. Probably because TF2 has spoiled us with a cast of incredibly distinct snowflakes.

As Anon above me said, though; interesting concept and nice, practical attire. The designer in me wants to bitch about his visual composition and how he doesn't guide the eye in a way that is conductive to gameplay, but... well, he's not in the game, anyway. It's probably an OCD sort of thing.

Anyway, yeah, this is the wrong area. See that board over there labelled "Roleplay & Original Characters?"
>> No. 6310

No, you are damn right. I am kicking myself for all those tangents right now! (That AK-47 was very last minute and I think I might just chuck it in favor of a pistol or something else.) At least he looks practical and has an okay concept. I'm probably gonna have to run him through a few more times to give him a more distinct look.

Also, damn it. I had a feeling I was posting this in the wrong area.
>> No. 6311
Like most OC's of new classes, I'm curious what his use would be in battle.
Other than the fact that he uses an automatic, his importance is pretty vague.
>> No. 6312
Hey. I said interesting concept. I'm not going as far as to call it "good" until I know how he's supposed to work.
The banner, title, and unspectacular weapon [at least by comparison to other classes] makes me want to guess that he's some sort of moral support class. Perhaps taking the Soldier's buff horns to new levels?
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