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File 133953284734.jpg - (1.20MB , 1700x2338 , scan0003.jpg )
6331 No. 6331
'Lo all, I do drawings in biro when I'm bored (I'm a law student, so that happens a lot).

Thought I'd dump some of my drawings in case someone was interested.
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>> No. 6332
File 133953288080.jpg - (1.32MB , 1499x1720 , scan0007.jpg )
>> No. 6333
File 133953293115.jpg - (750.37KB , 1402x1684 , scan0001.jpg )
>> No. 6334
File 133953295640.jpg - (1.75MB , 1643x1643 , scan0002.jpg )
Last one for now.
>> No. 6335
And can I say, that combination of "Dicks everywhere" and that picture made me laugh much harder than I should have.
>> No. 6336
May I be the first to say your drawings are amazing? Wow. I am almost wondering why you didn't choose to become an artist. But I won't ask, because it's none of my f'ing business...
>> No. 6339
File 133962024033.jpg - (1.52MB , 1432x1672 , scan0003.jpg )
Thank you!

I didn't become an artist because my parents wouldn't let me. Said they wouldn't help me out financially and would pretty much cut me off from the family. A sordid tale, but oh well.

Here's another one I just finished up.
>> No. 6340
Awesome work!
>> No. 6341

Something seems off about Solly's face/chin here, and I can't exactly say what it is, but it bothers me. (Pondering) He looks like he has no neck, and it probably needs some more shading to show where his neck is below his chin. Because he kind of looks bullet-headed and almost like an alien because of it. Like a conehead, if you get my drift, And I think his body needs to be a little larger, since his waist looks a little off, like his belt is incredibly thick. You can probably get better concrit from an actual artist. Me, I'm just a writer.
>> No. 6343
Yeah, I know. But trust me, the pictures look a lot better on my wall than they do as scans. :P

I appreciate any criticism, though.
>> No. 6344

Yeah, I know how scanners can be when it comes to drawn art. I loved them all- you do amazing work!
>> No. 6347
File 13402277769.jpg - (1.70MB , 1637x1960 , scan0004.jpg )
Thank you :3

Have a demoman.
>> No. 6348

Don't mind if I do!
>> No. 6357
Whoa nelly, these are awesome. Keep going!
>> No. 8219
These drawings are amazing, it's so nice to see biro being used as a medium, and so successfully too!!

Very well done!
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