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File 134196508925.jpg - (857.69KB , 900x2048 , medicplush.jpg )
6393 No. 6393
I used to come here a while back. I started sewing a lot back then and I'm doing nothing but sewing now. Well, I said I would make a medic plush and here it is.
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>> No. 6394
Excuse me, I'm about to gush.

Holy free holy batman thats amazing! I seriously gasped out loud at my computer when I saw it, then I gasped even louder when I saw how well made it was.

Do you have a website? Because I would seriously buy this. Hell, if you did commissions, I would commission a sniper and a heavy out of you no joke. I would tell my friends about this thats how good it is.

Seriously, as a plush nerd, I'm gasming at the craftsmanship and how everything is just so, ya know? I'm sorry I can't put it into words exactly, but to me this is one of those rare plushies where everything is perfect.
>> No. 6395

haha well thank you. I have a Sparkledog Central http://smellenjr.Sparkledog Central.com/ and an art tumblr http://sewbro.tumblr.com/ aaaand an etsy but it's on vacation right now until the 19th http://www.etsy.com/shop/Smellestine

But I'm not doing commissions at the moment because I'm bad at setting aside enough time for them unless it's something simple like stuff I've already produce for my etsy.

This i might sell in the future, I'm not sure. But he's going to get a medipack when I have time. (Maybe make his arms longer.)
>> No. 6554
File 134543676384.jpg - (37.51KB , 461x480 , Image157.jpg )
working on upgrading this plush. I just made his arms a little longer and fixed the coat tails so they're also long enough. I plan on making a medigun and an archimedes to go with it. maybe a tiny bonesaw to complete the set.
>> No. 6571
File 134559724876.jpg - (263.21KB , 1000x1179 , IMG_1987.jpg )
here's the attached medipack. Just a heads up, contrary to my earlier post, I do have commissions open if anyone is interested. If you're looking for something like this though, be prepared for a high quote.
>> No. 6579
It's adorable! I love it, I'd buy one off ya if I could.. Thinking about doing more classes?
>> No. 6584

I actually have commissions open right now if you're interested. As for the rest of the classes, I'm thinking either pyro or heavy. I want to make them all special specific patterns so they would indeed take a lot of time. There's a link to my devfart in the second post. Note me there or tumblr if you're interested.
>> No. 6660
File 134879887562.jpg - (625.67KB , 1527x2211 , IMG_2011.jpg )
I did another one as a commission. Took less time than the medic due to detail plus I used the same head and leg pattern.
>> No. 6760
Great work ! It's truly amazing !

Hope to see more ;)
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