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File 13429013287.png - (648.39KB , 2317x1200 , Scoot.png )
6419 No. 6419
I'm sorry, I have no clue what I'm doing. First time on a Chan, so... yeah.

It seems Indigo_X is already doing this, so I hope I'm not being rude or nuthin'.

I'll draw basically whatever, as long as it's
1.) TF2 related (duh,)
2.) Not porn.

Here's a sample of my terrible art.
Expand all images
>> No. 6427
How about a Spy creeping on a Sniper? I don't have that many ideas but I like your art.
>> No. 6428
Lets see some more!
>> No. 6429
Very sorry fer the late response, The day after I posted the thread I got whisked away on a surprise trip to summer camp and then a 2-day trip to Florida with a bunch of friends right after. SO HERE YA GO ENJOY.
I should probably also mention that my style of drawing likes to bounce around, usually depending on what I've last seen, so you should probably also specify style in the request :P
>> No. 6430
File 134364538551.png - (407.47KB , 894x748 , Creepin.png )
Aaaaand I forgot to actually attach the picture |:(
>> No. 6432
Thank you! It looks great! By the way, do you have a place where you upload more of your art? I'd love to see more of it.
>> No. 6433
File 134365425349.png - (866.79KB , 895x819 , sketchdumpdos.png )
I just recently in the last 2-3 months decided that my stuff was worth putting up on the internet. I have a Sparkledog Central which I on-off use and a Tumblr, were I post most of my stuff, but beware: you'll have to sort thru a metric butt-ton of crap to find them :P
Both my Tumblr and Sparkledog Central are HoloSnipe.
>> No. 6434
Also have a sketchdump.
>> No. 6438
Not a request (sorry, I have no idea what to ask for), but how is it that you color? It looks like everything is pencil/ink, but the colors are really crisp,and the little doodle of the girl (?) hologram looks really neat.
>> No. 6440
I was actually just coloring something in when I checked and saw you posted that, so I took some screenshots and made you a small tutorial :)

The file size is too big for TF2chan's limit, though, so here's a link to it :

http://holosnipe.Sparkledog Central.com/art/HOW-I-COLOUR-318400013
>> No. 6441
What the hell is a sparkledog central? I typed Sparkledog Central!
>> No. 6442
>> No. 6443
Okay, here's a link to the link -_-;


(Tempban:Social Rule 4)
>> No. 6444
I guiltily chuckled an OP's imminent frustration.
You can be so cruel sometimes tf2chan.

If you decide to continue taking requests HoloSnipe, can I ask for a soldier with evil red eyes under his helmet?
>> No. 6450
File 13440285146.png - (770.00KB , 1236x1290 , Solly.png )

Evil red eyes being interpreted as "I didn't get coffee this morning, don't f*ck with me, maggot", which is exactly how I've felt all day.

Also, lesson learned. Read the rules.

>> No. 6451
>Also, lesson learned. Read the rules.

I like you already.

Can you demo it up in here?
>> No. 6452
As soon as I get a new scanner, because GUESS WHAT.
My dumbass dog knocked it off it's shelf and broke the glass.
You know, until I can afford to get another effing scanner.
>> No. 6454

Is it not under warranty?
>> No. 6455

Like almost everything I own, I got it at either a thrift store or a garage sale. I don't make much money. It's served me well these past two years.

I usually see a scanner or a scanner/printer about once or twice a week whenever I'm shopping or garage salein for pretty cheap , so it shouldn't be too long until I can put more stuff up.

Besides, I still have that thread in /fanfic/ I haven't actually posted on yet.

This writer's block is kicking my ass.
>> No. 6471
When you get your scanner back, can you do little android Sentries?
>> No. 6485
File 13449767292.png - (898.08KB , 1375x1534 , Demoman.png )

GUESS WHO GOT A NEW (kind of cheap) SCANNER!

Also, trying out shading for the first time in FOREVER. How does it look?
>> No. 6494
Thank you so much for taking my request! And that's good news about your scanner. what do you draw things with?

Wow I thought I had more Demoman reaction pics wtf i spent like ten minutes searching
>> No. 6500

I draw the picture on white paper w/ a ballpoint pen, then enhance the lines and color it in GIMP (a lot like Photoshop, but free.)
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