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File 13433257201.png - (1.90MB , 1319x1064 , soldier sure why not.png )
6425 No. 6425
i guess i will post this
probably will be banhammer'd sooner or later gotta art it while i can

have i mentioned how much i love soldier because i really love him
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>> No. 6431
that body hair *drools*

(Tempban:Fanbrat behavior)
>> No. 6435
Why would you get banhammer'd for posting testosterone-dripping sketches like this?
>> No. 6436
This Anon is the same anon who pointed out a potential tracer in another thread. Don't worry, we're not gonna ban you for that.That would be counterproductive to what the chan needs.
>> No. 6437
This is a community based around negativity. Someone was just tempbanned for "Fanbrat behaviour" for posting "that body hair *drools*" under a shirtless drawing of Soldier in the Fanart section. Think about that.

Usually there is, at most, one update per Fanart and Adult Fanart section. Voices echo in the emptiness, banning and moderating a dwindling community whose bulk has long since left for other pastures, where those who want critique will ask for it and receive it, where amateur creatives can express their love for a fandom without being ripped apart, where people aren't banned for using Internet shorthand to express excitement and affection, or even expressing what is apparently undue happiness over a fan-made image in a fan board.
>> No. 6447
If you hate the site so much,then leave. as far as I know, Tumblr or DevArt don't give the critiques the chan does. We ban for fanbrat behavior because that is a sign of Fanfiction.net and Devart hugboxery that make them shit for crits.
>> No. 6448
to clarify, tf2chan has a rule against using these ---> ** for actions.
People don't like the chan because it's not nice all the time. People are accustomed to having people suck their dick and layer them with praise. I never expect that here. If people like my work, I'm glad, because I had to earn it, and not because it's the same empty praise that they give to every person who can draw a 5-minute pencil sketch.

If you want people to like your work here you have to work hard for it (just like every art class... and every art competition... and every real-world application for art EVER...)
>> No. 6456
You've got a nice-looking dude there, but it doesn't parse as Soldier to me. Unfortunately, I can't point out one specific thing that is incorrect; it's more of a collection of small details that builds up to it.

The placement of his neck on his body seems a bit off-center, too. The way he's sitting, his right (our left) should be wider, but it's the other way around.

The placement of his nipples look weird to me, even if they may be technically correct. (Then again, I'm not a fan of the overly sculpted muscular look, of which the "wall-eyed" manboobage is a part.)

Redlines to come later, maybe.
>> No. 6457
Yeah I haven't drawn the tf2 dudes in a while. I really need to work on individual features and practice a bit.

Necks are something I consistently have problems with so if you redlined it for me I would GREATLY appreciate it.

More art to come, I just need to get off my ass and draw more.
>> No. 6458
ACTUALLY how about about requests. That would be grand.
(Ideas are hard to come up with)
>> No. 6459
File 134435559396.png - (640.33KB , 660x532 , datchesthair.png )
Here's a very simple redline. Included is a side view of Solly's head.

As far as ideas go, here's some stuff that have been percolating in my head but I am too lazy haven't got around to drawing:
- golf day
- classes as a baseball team
- the travails of being Medic
>> No. 6486
I dunno shit about redlining - sorry, bro
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