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File 134506962161.png - (625.35KB , 889x686 , pyrocrabsfixed.png )
6503 No. 6503
I've been lurking for the past few years, and only started drawing TF2 pretty recently. I love all the great art the fandom brings. Though I'm pretty amateur, I felt like sharing some of my stuff here. Critique is very welcome. Actually, I should start a workshop thread too...

Let's start off with my favorite piece!
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>> No. 6504
File 134509986642.png - (504.76KB , 813x731 , graything.png )
Everyone is going nuts for robots, time for pudgy party.
>> No. 6505
Who are you? Where did you come from mysterious stranger? Will you stay and draw some more please?
>> No. 6506
I like you. Please stay.
>> No. 6508
I love your engie!
>> No. 6568
File 134551937510.png - (0.96MB , 1142x878 , otp01fix.png )
I come from... is it ok to list places to find me? My t-umblr name is iveechan, and it has links to other places from there. Glad people like the stuff so far!

I'm trying out a 30 day OTP challenge. Day 1 is holding hands.
>> No. 6574


I like this. I like you. Go forth and make more arts and such.
>> No. 6575
Day 2, scribble crud.
>> No. 6576
File 13457029289.png - (359.33KB , 777x864 , day02fixmore.png )
>> No. 6577
File 134570300623.png - (566.33KB , 903x676 , day03fix.png )
Day 3's theme is gaming/watching a movie. Strip poker is gaming...
>> No. 6578
Oh gosh. That shiny, Demoman butt!
>> No. 6582
I don't know if I can handle all this adorable.
But I'm eager to test my limits.
>> No. 6583
File 134579438056.png - (713.55KB , 1283x595 , day04.png )
Day 3- On a date
Not sure if I should post all of the 30 day OTP challenge here, most of them are going to be scribbly like this. Yes/no?
>> No. 6585
Yes. Yes, a thousand times yes
>> No. 6586

I was fine until I got here. Then my heart exploded from the sheer cuteness. I need medical attention.
>> No. 6587
File 134600657847.png - (318.04KB , 666x824 , day05fix.png )
My mistake, that last one was day 4. Day 5 is kissing.
>> No. 6588
File 134600666561.png - (331.94KB , 935x850 , day06fix.png )
Day 6 is wearing eachother's clothes. I like sassy Heavy.
>> No. 6589
I used to be a man of dignity and poise.

In the winter of 2012, Ivee started a thread, and I became a squeaking, flailing, cheek-pinching wreck. Nevertheless, I was happy.
>> No. 6591
winter... Australia?
>> No. 6596
File 134612292329.jpg - (415.81KB , 500x640 , SaxtonFWHail.jpg )

Now get back to work.
>> No. 6599

Oh man, that's awesome. Teeny tiny mans are always funny. They actually look like spycrab, too.
>> No. 6600
File 134618136322.png - (832.34KB , 865x937 , medicwoundfix.png )
Aaaaah that is... Whaat. I don't deserve this! That's incredible! I love the shaved hair border! Who are YOU? Do you have a thread?

Small otp break for some Medic trembling enthusiastically over the prospect of gouging out bullets from his exposed flesh.
>> No. 6602
File 134649131540.png - (466.86KB , 779x643 , day12.png )
What was that? More pudgy party?!

Apologies for this being kind of bad, it's actually the first time I'd drawn this sort of thing. I love the gunslinger but absolutely hate drawing it.
>> No. 6605
I was going to comment on this, but then I opened up the reply page and accidentally saw >>6576 and then I had to go hug my cat and now I don't remember what I was going to say. It was probably something along the lines of "Dahgfedahghaghack<3<3<3!"
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