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File 134538038077.jpg - (282.97KB , 621x1101 , 2012-08-18_22-02-12_283.jpg )
6530 No. 6530
Ok apparently, last time, the title "Messy Scoot Doodle" and "Don't Draw in the Dark" wasn't a good enough hint for someone as to why these are grainy pictures. Sorry, I don't own a $400 tablet or a scanner. I enhanced them a little in a photo editor, though, so hopefully I can justify putting them up here, now...?
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>> No. 6531
File 134538044974.jpg - (257.44KB , 560x987 , 2012-08-18_22-28-31_271.jpg )
Just scrap paper, a #2 pencil, no light, and a camera. Sorry!
>> No. 6536
1) This is a chan. If you're going to delete your threads whenever somebody criticises your work, you don't belong here.
2) Saying that you couldn't be arsed to take your art to some decent lighting before you photographed is hardly going to earn my sympathy.
3 You might have noticed that I said "take a decent photograph," not "go buy a scanner or remake your art digitally." You don't need a scanner to take a decent photograph. Take your artwork outside on an overcast day or indoors in a room with a lot of ambient natural light, lay it down or up against a wall with something matte black beneath and behind it, and take the highest definition shot your camera can manage. Then touch it up in image editing software. If you do it properly, the results will be just as good, if not better, than scanned work. If you do it improperly, it'll still be better than snapshots taken in the dark, and people will still be substantially less likely to complain about your lack of effort.
>> No. 6537
these drawings are nice, but anon is right. If you want people to like your work, you have to put the effort in. I know we can't all afford the fanciest equipment, but you should still try hard with what you have. And if this is really the best you can do at the moment, consider asking for a camera or scanner for your birthday. Printers with scanners aren't that expensive, and I bet you're parent would let you have one. (assuming your still at that age)

But yeah, you need to put as much effort into your presentation as your do with your drawings.
>> No. 6557
To Anonymous: Actually anonymous, the reason I deleted the first post was because I took the replier's advice and did a better cropping job and enhanced the lighting so that they were a bit more presentable. Someone said, "Fix this." So I did. Not sure how you would interpret that as 'not taking criticism'. Also, the last thing I would ever want is your sympathy. The reason they were drawn, photographed, and uploaded in the dark is because I did them at night, in bed, by the light of my laptop. They're just doodles. Simple, messy, doodles.

But thank you for the advice. Next time I'll draw and upload in the daytime.

PrettyKickingHuh, no, right now, I can't justify spending the money on a printer/scanner just for uploading doodles. Also, I'm sure my parents would let me have a scanner/printer if I were 12 and asked for one. Fortunately for me, I'm a young adult and don't live with my parents and have bills and rent and such that prevent me from splurging on fancy electronics. The free time I have to pop out a sketch is fleeting. As I'm sure you can tell, these pictures were crapped out in minutes. Not hours. They're just for fun.

Thank you for the advice. I put these up in the hopes that people would enjoy the actual sketches and not the method I uploaded them with. The best I can do is just work on enhancing them in the cheap photo editor on my computer. Thanks! I'll try again and probably fix Scout's eyebrows because they're bothering me, lol.

Thanks, guys.
>> No. 6558
File 134544160742.jpg - (378.64KB , 828x1469 , sc2.jpg )
>> No. 6559
Lighting issues aside, I'm really liking your facial expressions. Are you using reference at all?

Also, the best way to get an amazing scanner for cheap - find a Goodwill in a richer part of the city, and look for printer/scanner combos. I found mine for $16 though it was 50% off that day. I looked it up later to find out it was worth about $230.
>> No. 6560
Thanks. No references. Just kinda start with the eyes and goof off from there. Good idea about the Goodwill! I have one not too far from here (though I don't live in an expensive city). I'll go check it out. Thanks! :)
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