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File 134680295448.jpg - (564.11KB , 950x506 , TF2 keychains1.jpg )
6611 No. 6611
Haven't visited the Chan for a little while, mostly cause my writing ran dry with have ridiculous amounts of things to do lately.

One being selling at Fan Expo. Which there wasn't a lot of TF2 love going on there this year, which made me sad.
I was still in costume all Saturday though I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP

And cause of that I have lots of left over stock of these, and not enough keys for them at all so I figured I'd post them here given the audience.

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>> No. 6612
Apparently putting 'X D' in as a little smiley puts in a scary all caps caption instead...?

*head tilt* Oooookay then.
>> No. 6613
Yep, still love people tripping across that word filter. Just so ya know (and as you've been here before, like you said, you really should already know this), emoticons are heavily frowned upon here at best, and doing things like *action* is specifically against the rules.

That being said, holy crap these are adorable. I love that they're not just class icons, but bottle caps as well. Little bottle cap class keychains... Brilliant.
>> No. 6616
File 134687265471.jpg - (76.30KB , 780x498 , Showing.jpg )
Thank you, and yeeeah bad habit really, but they're both something that almost become like second nature to me these days. But trip I did. It has been a while.

I also still do the leather ones too, which I've improved a lot on since first posting and selling them. As much as I love them, I've moved them to strictly 'made to order' items though because the hand-painting is killer for how long it takes.
>> No. 6617
okay wow these are so cute... You have some talent if you don't mind me saying.
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