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File 135217771327.jpg - (116.10KB , 500x586 , TFRock.jpg )
6709 No. 6709
Can music go here? I've seen it before...

So I've been writing music for a couple years now, and TF2 has been a source of inspiration for quite a few of them. In the back of my head, I'm working all of these into some kind of concept album, but I don't have songs for all the classes yet (and some of them need to be remixed and rerecorded).

Here's the song I did inspired by the Scout:

I'll post more later, but for the rest and other songs, the Soundcloud is in the link.
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>> No. 6711

Most recent TF2 related submission, "Enlist Today". The Soldier addressing some new recruits.
>> No. 6714
The Engie's song, "Radio Days". It's a live version, but it's also the most recent where my singing is the "best":

Captcha: rtnHav offer

Ah yes, Mr. rtn. What shall you be offering me?
>> No. 6715

Demo's song.
His was a fun one to write, since I wanted to combine an Irish Drinking Song with Folk Punk.
>> No. 6722
I'm just listening to the Scout song. It's so awesome. Did you play all the instruments for it?
>> No. 6723
Thanks a bunch!

I do all the vocals, guitars and bass (which is just guitar tuned down 12 steps). Drums I used to use a separate program for, but now I use MIDI for.
>> No. 6726
File 135319221282.gif - (593.28KB , 226x169 , Sniper Guitar.gif )
Snoiper's song:

This was one about three separate ideas coming together for something beautiful:
1. The Sniper song for this album should totally sound like AC/DC because I love AC/DC and they're both Austrailian.
2. The guitar chorus/hook was something I came up with one day and didn't really have a song to put it in.
3. "BOOM, HEADSHOT!" from Pure Pwnage would make an awesome lyrical hook for an AC/DC-style song.

Glad everyone is giving these a listen!
>> No. 6735
The "Boom, Headshot" bit sounded awesome!
>> No. 6741
That part's going to sound even better now that I know more about mixing and have started using Studio One! Still need to e-mail the Pure Pwnage guys though...

So I got two more songs left, and they're the ones I'm least confident about, and the first to be rerecorded. Since I won't be able to do much in the way of song writing until this other album I'm working on is done, would anybody mind giving those a listen?

Capthca: Moslems, nhampho
I thought eating pork was against Islam?
>> No. 6754
I'm not dead, I've been finishing up a (non-TF2) album, and starting work on my Secret Santa song.

Hey, who's up for some early stuff? Pyro's song:
Back when I was still using Audacity and Fruity Loops, and not as good at singing. Not very good, but a look at what I'm going for.

So, this is a song not so much about the character him/her/it/potatosackself, but like the Sniper's song, a tribute to band I love: Electric 6. One of my favorite albums is "Fire", and guess who so happens to LOOOVE fire?
>> No. 6763
Between moving to Florida and work on a different album, I'm in a mad rush to finish up my Secret Santa.

Since it's been two weeks, here's the last of the songs for the album: the Medic's song:

Needs some work, I know.

One of my favorite bits of songwriting advice comes from MC Lars, who says to look at song writing like a thesis statement: The chorus is the thesis, while the verses are your defending paraghaphs.

Then I thought, why not the verses be like the different acts of a play?
>> No. 6765
Aww. Will you be finishing up the rest of the classes? I really, really would love to hear a Heavy song.
>> No. 6766
I did a song for the Secret Santa. You can see it and the fic to go with it in the Adult Fanfiction Thread, or here in one post on my site: http://rbexperiment.blogspot.com/2012/12/secrets-out.html

Yes, I do have plans for all the classes! I've yet to lay anything down in a while, but my plan for Heavy's song is somewhere at the intersection of punk and metal, like Anthrax or Rollins Band.
>> No. 6805

HEY! NEW SONG! Rap song about Scout that came from the idea of combining one of the boombox taunts and the riff to "Dirty Water".

At first I was like "OK, this is the only rap song I'm doing ever," but as I started doing a couple more takes, I was like, yeah? I'm digging this.
>> No. 6806

Really digging this one, too! My only crit is that it's a bit repetitive, so maybe throw in a little break-down?

Do keep it up!
>> No. 6837
Sorry about the lack of updates, I just got a new job, and that's been cutting into my time. Also, I've got a song called "Hell Yeah" on Rock Band. You should totally buy it.

1.I've got a Tumblr now, it's rhythmbastard.t u m b l r.com

2.I'm doing 2, MAYBE 3 more rap songs, and then I'll get to work on the album I had planned. All this news about the 40-page TF2 comic and the 15 minute movie have set off the little light under my ass.

3. If anyone wants to give anything I'm working on a beta-listen, or to bounce ideas off of, let me know.
>> No. 6838
Just a tip: tumblr doesn't seem to word filter anymore.

I'm absolutely rubbish at giving critique on music (every term I use and think I have right turns out to not make sense at all, weh). But I look forward to your new work, oh yis.
>> No. 6858
NEW TRACK EVERYBODY! I call it "Gang Of Nine", all links are in the description:

So obviously I used the TF2 theme as the beat, but I mashed it up a little with Akira The Don's remix of "Clones" (originally by Alice Cooper), because in a way, all the mercs are clones (to whatever canonical extent), and plus I really love Akira The Don.

This took me forever to finish, but here it is. I might have one more rap under my belt, but I'd like to go ahead with the concept album I've been working on. If you have any questions on that, feel free to ask, because it might give me new ideas in the process, lol.
>> No. 6874
Long time, no update?


This is the first song of the TF2-inspired album called "Status Quo Radio"

In honor of the Robotic Boogaloo Update, I'm posting up all my TF2-related songs on my hipstr http://rhythmbastard.hipstr.com/ every hour on the hour, so check that out as well.
>> No. 8480

This is (what I plan to be) the song based off Heavy. It could use a little reworking, but it's one of my favorite riffs I've written.
>> No. 8482
I'm liking these so far. Just a little feedback:

* Work on your singing a bit. Enunciation and volume mostly.
* Lyrics might be nice.
* "Bad Doctor" is fun, but sounds more like an Engie song to me.

Otherwise, I'm loving the hell out of them. Not enough filk in this fandom.
>> No. 8484

Thanks! I'm going to be doing a lot of rerecording before I send it off to be mixed/mastered.

As far as "Lyrics might be nice" you mean post them with the page? I can do that.

If you're interested, send me an e-mail and I'll send you the first "act".
>> No. 8487
Thanks, bud.

And don't worry about the enunciation, a lot of my favorite singers (Michael Stipe and Thom Yorke, for instance) mumbled for several years in their early stuff. Didn't stop it from being fantastic stuff, just like yours.
>> No. 8513
I can now confirm after Omni Expo that the voice of Sniper and the voice of Glados now have an early copy of "Status Quo Radio"
>> No. 8679
Just a heads up, "Status Quo Radio", the TF2 concept album I've been working on, is finished. This month is securing the last little bits, it'll be Kickstarted in May, and I plan to have it out sometime over the summer.

Any suggestions for rewards?
>> No. 8736

Prolly a bit late for this, but different album covers for different backers would be a cool thing to do, I think. I wanna track this down and listen to it!
>> No. 8813
is where you can find most of my music, but you can listen to a track HERE AND ONLY HERE:

That'd be a good idea, but as of right now, backers can get:
Stickers, digital/physical copies of the album, poster (design by eroticpastry), t-shirts, playmats and a private concert.

There were a couple other things, like a TF2 match with me and a special guest, or an item based off the album, but those were scrapped.

I need feedback on the T-shirt designs, so I think I'll take that to off-topic.

Any other feedback and ideas would be appreciated!
>> No. 8863

>> No. 8865
Ooh, I'll check it out.
>> No. 8923
>> No. 8932
Ah crud, it didn't make it! Shoot. Is there anywhere to buy the album just by itself?
>> No. 8934
The album comes out Oct 9th. Everything is still complete, but it does mean I'm holding off on a couple things, mostly the printing actual CDs.
You can get my previous album here:

My music as it comes out here:

And my main site here:
>> No. 8935
The album comes out Oct 9th. Everything is still complete, but it does mean I'm holding off on a couple things, mostly the printing actual CDs.
You can get my previous album here:

My music as it comes out here:

And my main site here:
>> No. 8936
I'm sorry I didn't have the money to help back. I'm currently dealing with a lot of financial problems myself.
>> No. 8937
It's OK. I was expecting it to catch on and have a lot of people chip in, but twas not to be.

Still, the album drops Friday, and I'm SUPER PSYCHED to finally finish it after 5 years, on TF2's 8th Birthday.
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