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File 135331983275.jpg - (380.73KB , 1390x900 , MerasNick or Skull party.jpg )
6730 No. 6730
Someone on Y!Gallery said I should post it here..so here it is.

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>> No. 6732
File 135337379951.jpg - (687.60KB , 1764x1343 , skulls.jpg )
It's...cute, I guess?

1) Composition: The cropping is very odd, since you're suggesting that the skulls themselves have expression. While the way you have it does suggest a very cramped, trapped feeling, you can also suggest that with a background (by, say, having the background of the picture be a closet or something).
2) Head/torso/limb proportion: Even taking into consideration your style, the proportions do not look "right" in my opinion. (And by "right" I don't necessarily mean "factually correct", but "makes sense".)
3) Face proportions: TF2's men have Manry Manjaws of Manriness. Faces should clearly, well, face forward, with the rest of it tapering off to the sides, like a box.
4) Proper shading techniques: Either keep it flat (since that is also a style) or utilize proper technique to suggest the volume of the object. Even today's super low-budget animated series has at least 3 shades: the base color, the highlight, and the shadow. But for better definition, I suggest a 5+ shade coloring method: dark/black outline, base color, a medium shadow, a deep shadow, and one or two levels of highlighting.
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