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File 135433940944.png - (452.53KB , 600x748 , DapperDemoV2s.png )
6743 No. 6743
KICHI attempts to use TF2chan. First finished Demo painting.
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>> No. 6744
Welcome aboard.

Nice of you to join us.
>> No. 6745
Yes...now how do I reply to things?
>> No. 6747

You click the post number and it'll show up in the message box.

Oh you are just imageboard babby.
>> No. 6748
Yes, yes I am
The leetlest leetle baby.
>> No. 6750
Always good to see more Demo! (I really like the painting in the background... really, the background and the lighting in general, adds a nice feel to the piece.)
>> No. 6751
yep!~ I'm always trying to add more Demo to the fandom when I can! He needs love. I'm glad you like my work
>> No. 6753
File 135487154962.png - (375.06KB , 1200x671 , ArtClassScootDemoS.png )
Had fun drawing this one! Let's add more Demo!
>> No. 6755
I really enjoy the warm colours of the first picture.
I might feel the need though to criticize the parrot's anatomy in the second picture, (I'm a huge bird nerd like that), it doesn't look much like a parrot's body at all. Other than that I'm pleased, the more demoman, the better!
>> No. 6756
I agree with you on the bird body! I actually draw birds often but I guess I kinda threw my hands up in the air with his Parrot/cockatoo thank you so much for the critique!
>> No. 6758
I agree about that lovely warm color scheme! I also wish to extend birdfeet's critique, however, to human anatomy.
I'll just be general and brief. As far as I can tell, your proportions and even your perspective are pretty good. It's the structure that needs tightening up. The "how-this-part-connects-to-this-part" aspect of anatomy, basically.

Keep it up yo
>> No. 6759
Ah alright very cool! I'll be sure to practice "connecting" anatomy more, thanks very much friend
>> No. 6764
File 135639656211.png - (545.53KB , 720x741 , PyroSmissmassSmall.png )
Merry Smissmass everybody!
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